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4/22/2020 c40 R reyes
hmnnn you know through the story i try to imagine vega voice but i cant just picture it i mean sure the gentleman voice but what type like from alfred from the batman the one that have the touch of anime and the different joker with the jester type hair and big teeth or Jarvis from iron man. cant decide care to tell me what kind of voice you have vega have my friend
4/19/2020 c40 Guest
Another great chapter. Stay safe during all this 6-4.
4/17/2020 c40 R reyes
ok moonreaper the thing with the dalaz fleet was way to much that is a big war crime the brake the treaty between earth forces and zeon killing the civilians is going to far and revil tianem would not like that even the white base crew though the last bit of the double z is interesting but, its best they find the box when they fight through the zz conflict then stop after the truth comes out. but its up to 6-4 thought. also dude what about the 8th team at dude when will they appear again, or the gundams from the thoroughbred pegasus ship appear too
4/14/2020 c40 11Moonreaper666
With his Newtype powers awakening, Amuro is unstoppable even without the EXAAM system. Even if Char had reinforcement (which he should have, several Doms and Gelgoogs led by Johhny Ridden and M'Quve) he would lose badly

Char is no match for Amuro at this point. Even with the Zeong at A Baou Qu, he is just a roadblock even if Amuro does not use EXAAM. Amuro should use it to outright slaughter Zeon at A Baou Qu

The only way for Char to survive his next encounter with Amuro is to have Chalia, Lalah, M'Quve, Johnny and several Doms, Zakus and Gelgoogs sacrifice themselves so Char can barely escape (6 Doms, 3 Gelgoogs, 6 Zaku-IIs and 10 Zaku-Is as well as three dozen Gattle starfighters all murdered by Amuro in a fit of Newtype Rage)

Char should not be in the Thunderbolt Sector, he should be recuperating fron his near death experience and Lalah's death. The Living Dead get A LOT of reinforcements to deal with Amuro but fail miserably

How much damage did Lalah inflict to the Federation in Canon? Shouldn't she be less effective in your AU because 1) there are more Federation ships and MS as well as 2) Federation AI (The second time she attacked in Chapter 40, the AI would have already formulated counters to her Funnels/Bits, using machineguns, missiles and grenades to reduce their effectiveness by 80%)

. ?m1

Amuro the White Archdemon, Butcher of A Baou Qu: 450 Mobile Suit Kills and 30 Ship Kills (Much higher compared to Canon)

Lido Wolf should also get more kills and survive A Baou Qu. The Federation Aces should be inflicting more damage to Zeon

Johnny Ridden: 147 MS kills and 5 Ship kills (Lower than Canon due to the Federation becoming much stronger thanks to AI)

On the other hand, Zeon Aces should struggle and get less kills in the OYW. Many of them should be gunned down (Brenev Auggs comes to mind, he definitely should die preferably at the hands of Amuro in the Thunderbolt Sector)

Here is the thing, once the Delaz Fleet starts running away the Federation will starting killing every Zeon soldier and civilian at A Baou Qu without mercy (To intimidate Side 3 as well as prevent the Zeon Remnants) This needs to hapoen because the Federation is much more powerful and wants to annex Side 3, punish them for continuing to resist. Even Revil, Tianem, Kowen and Wakkein want to show the Delaz Fleet the price of continuing their resistance. It would also solidify the Federation's annexation of Side 3 as their victory is no longer narrow but decisive (The reason there are many Zeonic Remnants in Canon is because the Federation did not get a complete victory)

The Delaz Fleet should take more losses compared to Canon when running away from A Baou Qu and the in-between years prior to Stardust. The actions of the Delaz Fleet post-OYW should result in increase repression and war crimes/crimes against humanity against Side 3

The Titans and EF should vent their frustrations all on Side 3. One of their colonies is gassed by the Titans which starts the AU Gryphs War. There should be plenty of anti-Side 3 violence post-war by Federation civilians and police. Side 3 should be more supportive of the AEUG and less supportive of the Zeon Remnants due to Zeon losing much more in your AU OYW (and the Federation abuses Side 3 much more thanks to a more decisive victory) Many of the Zeon Remnants people instead join AEUG/pro-Revil

The only way Axis survives post-war is that Revil convinces Haman to join him and aid his reformation of the EF and later aids AEUG in using Laplace Box to bring peace between Earth and the colonies (Otherwise, Amuri slaughters Axis after A Baou Qu on his own)

Both Solar Flare and the Gryphs Laser is used against Side 3 for many reasons instead of what happened in Canon. The Gundam MK-II, Hyaku Shiki and Zeta Gundam should have Funnels

Amuro, Char, Kamille and the pro-Revil faction/AEUG should inherit Laplace Box, preventing the bloodshed of Gundam ZZ and other horrors
4/14/2020 c40 13VR Commando ATA
While the EXAM system still doesn't work, it's possible that it's successor, the HADES, could. The HADES was just a program, not a trapped soul, and the Beserker state, along with the other side effects, were from the human mind being unable to keep up (for lack of a better term). An AI on the other hand could allow this system to be successful and remove the side effects.
4/13/2020 c40 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter. I think Yuu's plan wouldn't work. They just lost ships and MS right there without confirming what was attacking them. If one Newtype can do this then what about more? The EXAM system is horrible by using a the Newtype but is that more important then the lives of their own? They have to bite the bullet here if they want to win the war with less sacrifice that they would have to ask their men for. It is like the same with WW2 Japan and the nukes. If the USA invaded the main islands they would lose countless American lives or they can use a new weapon to force them to surrender. The question is the same, do you take the moral high ground and spend countless lives that you are responsible for or will you use a weapon that can prevent that loss of life? The sacrifice that you will have others make or your own moral conscience, which will you choose?
4/13/2020 c40 R reyes
sweet now amuros powers are awakening now shit got real also nice to see the ahole of professor will get the led poisoning he needs never like the shit stain. thinking he cud stop evolution just like that. its inevitable the new generation will be the one to carry on to help to bringing new change both good and bad it cant be stop also when will amuro use the system
4/13/2020 c40 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter Amuro worries about the Exam system are about to be confirmed and Lala and Char about to enter the battle field
4/13/2020 c40 8RedRat8
Sweet, I'm glad you liked my suggestion mate, so glad to have that as your approval. Also I remember something, that the EXAM System had a Limiter Device in Units 1 and 3, is there also a Limiter set on the EXAM System installed in the Full Armor Gundam as well? Because that may be the only thing preventing Amuro from losing total control and may be able to get control back.
4/4/2020 c27 11Moonreaper666
Amuro should have his Newtype powers right after Solomon at the same level as Char. That is very bad for Char as even if he pilots the Zeong AND the help of M'Quve, Johnny Ridden, Lalah and Chalia Bull HE IS NO MATCH FOR AMURO AT THIS POINT! Even if you add in TWELVE DOMS!

Even without the EXAAM system, Amuro has Vega, his Newtype Powers and a much better Gundam. With the EXAAM system, Char in the Zeong would need THIRTY DOMS just to stand a chance!
3/31/2020 c39 Guest
I smell EXAM incoming. I'm sure this won't go horribly wrong/right. No siree...
3/30/2020 c38 Guest
Great battle scenes.

I can definitely see debate rage post-war about the Solar Ray systems on how to view them as WMDs. Especially seeing as how unlike Nukes there isn't radiation fallout, but the ability to 'Snipe' targets the size of Side clusters could lead to fear and resentment from the Colonies
3/29/2020 c39 3ArifuretaForever
Really, this story just keeps getting better and better. You've kept certain characters alive that should've died by now in canon, and are continuing to diverge from the main storyline more and more. The only I don't want is Lalah to die, for she was Char's one and only true love. Not to mention I'd love to see the role she'll play in the future.

Then there's the relationship between Earth Federation and Zeon. If the Earth reforms go through, how will it work, and then no offense, but what would the Titans do then? Not to say I don't love the Gryps conflict.

One more question. Is this story just going to keep going with the same name, or are you going to do it in segments, completing this one and then starting the others under new names?

How far are you planning to take this AI gundam storyline, because I'll admit, it's one of the best UC gundam stories out there right now. Don't ever stop, and if you need some help just PM me.
3/29/2020 c39 11Moonreaper666
It is strange that Amuro doesn't get involve in Stardust or other events between Gundam and Zeta, even in the sequel he doesn't get involve until Kamille lands on Earth. Amuro should be more involve before Zeta, perhaps attacking Axis Zeon during Stardust with an upgraded Gundam (Funnel bits) to prevent the plot of Gundam ZZ

Char should lose completly at A Baou Qu, Gundam is still operational so Amuro kills Gihren and Kycilla. Char's storyline should diverge dramatically alongside Kamille. Remnants of the MFC and those who joins Second Neo-Zeon (Quess, Nanai, etc) instead join and stay with AEUG and the reformed Earth Federation. Char and Kamille stop Crossbone Vanguard from looting Axis in Twilight Axis (Neither Nadia nor Cecily exist in your AU due to the Butterfly Effect)

Vega should get an upgrade of his own before A Baou Qu. Ryu should wipe out the Afrika Rommel Korps

If Revil survives the OYW then maybe the Vist Patriach could entrust Pandora's Box to him and later AEUG. Revil's reformations of the EF should prevent the plots of Char's Counterattack, Twilight Axis, Unicorn, Narrative, F91 and Victory. The Titans should be weaker or less corrupt in your AU while the AEUG is much more stronger (The Albion crew from Stardust along with many more EF soldiers join AEUG)
3/29/2020 c39 RoyalTwinFangs
So we are getting both and EXAM system and the Thunderbolt sector? Nice.

Will the Moore Brotherhood be giving out modifications for their MS? Their GM are modified to fight it that debris field with extra sensors to search though all that static. Apogee motors and multiple thrusters added to give higher speed and maneuverability with special seals on the joints to protect them from the debris. Even the the sub-arms with shields are their for multiple good reasons. I'm seeing the Federation pilots be liking those customization and using them for the rest of the war and even beyond.

Will the EXAM system make both Amuro and Vega go berserk or will it be just Amuro? If it just Amuro then Vega can take control then.

Speaking of Federation MA down the line, will they be like the EA's MA but with Federations names unlike the almost Zeonic one use in SEED?

With the Gelgoog design being known and captured be the Federation will they develope their own more advance GM sooner like the GM Kai or Powered GM? Or maybe they will make Full Armed GMs base off of the Gundam's? Like in SEED with the Long and Duel Daggers?
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