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3/29/2020 c3 8RedRat8
Using another chapter to make a suggestion, I forgot that there is another Mobile Suit that you could use besides the Alex! The RX-78-7 7th Gundam, its performance is not only said to be on par with the Alex, but also has the option to equip the Full Armor Option, which by this point due to Amuro using the Full Armor Gundam would be able to use effectively. but also the Heavy Full Armor Option, which would give Amuro some heavy firepower that Amuro can disengage all Full Armor Options to go lighter and the likes. Which would easily allow Amuro to match the Zeong or if you had different plans the Perfect Zeong or even the Zeon High Mobilty Type.
3/29/2020 c39 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Oh No the Exam is not a good thing I hope Vega can control it
3/29/2020 c39 R reyes
please donf take ryu out the story with him there the crew is complete i always wonder what would have been like with him alive also. will amuro become a berserker or the exam will damage vega please dont let it be something also will Bianca join there fleet of the white base
3/29/2020 c39 justinq719
why do I get the feeling that it's the exam system they were talking about
3/29/2020 c39 justinq719
why don't get the feeling it's the exam system
3/29/2020 c39 8RedRat8
Oh my, are they going to equip the EXAM System in Amuro's Gundam? Because while that may sound cool, I'm also worried if it will cause the Gundam to go out of control just like it did with the Blue Destiny. Will the EXAM System cause Amuro to have a more traumatic Newtype Awakening or what? And I do hope you get to the Thunderbolt Sector soon, because that's one of the things I look forward to after hearing you plan on incorporating it.
3/21/2020 c37 Guest
Suspenseful chapter. Can't wait for the next
3/20/2020 c38 11Moonreaper666
How much of an effect would Ryu have in both Jaburo and Solomon, regarding to how many Federation lives he save and more casualties on Zeon?

With the help of Ryu and Sleggar with their own AIs, Amuro could take on Lalah, Char, Chalia Bull and M'Quve together and butcher them all, resulting in less Federation deaths. This should be the point in which Amuro's skill, experience and Newtype powers equal or surpasses Char. The Gundam should receive upgrades that allow its rifle and missile to hit targets much farther away OR a shield similar to the one Dozle's Big Zam OR become the first CYBORG-Newtype (connecting him to the Gundam and Vega) allowing him to operate the MS with his mind and with much greater reflexes and finesse than Char could ever do

Char should be WIA in the same battle that captures Lalah kills Chalia and M'Quve OR lose quickly to Amuro and Vega and the Upgraded Gundam. The White Devil butchers his way to the inside of A Baou Qu and kills both Gihren and Kycilla AND THEN continues killing every Zeon MS or ship unless they surrender

How many MORE GMs and their pilots survive Jaburo thanks to the efforts of AI? Retaking of California Base? Solomon?

Wouldn't these extra GMs and Balls be used in big operations like California Base, Solomon and A Baou Qu AND have an effect?

Sleggar and Ryu should kill Johnny Ridden and keep the White Base safe. After the OYW, Sleggar and Ryu attack Axis before Operation Stardust

At some point in the 7 years between Gundam and Zeta Gundam, the Earth Federation should be using Mobile Dolls from Gundam Wing in large numbers reducing the influence and importance of the Titans, if they still exist. Vega and the other MS-AIs would be piloting mobile suits on their own allowing the EF and AEUG to be 10x more powerful and numerous than in Canon
3/20/2020 c38 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Well dam that was finish also things are getting more desperate for Zeon by the moment
3/19/2020 c38 R reyes
damn love the chapter and the battle dude keep doing awesome work man also the hole thing jamitov killing zeon was me ranting but if the creator of gundam would have put more details on the making on the story i believe jamitov would have kill him i mean he is a spymaster the most dangerous on do of his nickname devil in human skin so yeah to me he did do it along with those from who still holds the secrets of the station in unicorn after all absolute power corrupts anyone just like them like the father of the delta plus and the bitch of Anaheim when she play with the puru clone and when she thought she can get the feds do what she wants since i bet she help with the theft of full frontal shinny new red horse. and again i ranted. sorry it just make me fell call considering about the hole thing with the virus anyway. take care dude
3/19/2020 c38 justinq719
so Admiral Tianem survived and the Big Zam was captured, damn that's a big change
3/19/2020 c38 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter. So we maybe getting something like the Destroy Gundam to go along with the Pycho Gundam in Zeta? So will the Federation be fielding or testing more MA because they got a head start by capturing the Big Zam?
3/19/2020 c38 8RedRat8
Didn't care or mention about Operation Stardust, all I'm saying is that Gato got a nice dose of reality in that in canon he proclaimed that he could defeat even the White Devil when everyone else knows that Amuro would beat his ass silly. Also I love the intro that you did to bring in Bianca Carlyle, she is also another one of my favorites as well, also like that bit of philosophy about the perceptions of heroes. And yay, no need for anyone sacrificing themselves here. I do wonder though, with the Apsalus III and the Big Zam caught relatively intact, would that alter any Mobile Suit design that the Federation might do? Also when do you plan to start showing Mobile Suit Variations like GM Sniper or GM Cannon or GM Type C, or GM Command? Also will Amuro be getting one more upgrade to his Gundam and if so which one will it be?
3/15/2020 c37 11Moonreaper666
Solar Flare has only fired once which surprises me. I thought it would have been used again to destroy that group of Zeon mobile suits and ships led by the Gwazine

If Solar Flare is not used against Big Zam and used early enough to stop its rampage early I would be dissapointed. Unless Solar Flare is used against Lalah Sune, A Baou Qu OR/AND Axis

I kinda expected Solomon to be more one-sided with several GM with AIs outright slaughtering over a dozen Zakus (Zeon rookie pilots demoralized by the GM using AI to kill more Zakus than humanly possible). Dozens of Musais being destroyed by single GM with AIs (at least one Zeon ship should have tried to go AWOL or surrender to the Federation) Each GM with an AI SHOULD be a gamechanger in Jaburo, Solomon and A Baou Qu

A cruel but pragmatic way to use AI is to have it pilot a Salamis filled with explosives to ram A Baou Qu. Then use Solar Flare to blow up something volatile, causing a chain-explosion throughout the entire thing

The Delaz Fleet won't be safe at Side 5 for more than a few months. Ryu and Sleegar with their own AIs as well as a dozen GM Mobile Dolls will attack and kill Gato and the fleet long before Stardust. With AI, Salamis can fire and hit their targets 3x farther
3/14/2020 c37 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Up next the big finally of Solomon the Big Zam
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