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3/14/2020 c37 RoyalTwinFangs
That was a nice battle scene. So we see some side characters with Gato and Bianca who both experience opposite sides of the White Devil. Seems like the Federation are a bit faster getting into Solomon here the OTL. Still surprise the White Base team are still using the Guncannons. Also hope the next part isn't to long of a wait.
3/13/2020 c37 R reyes
sorry read your respond first and skip the chap to write my own. so anyway this chapter was awesome and amuro showing why the gundam is something not to mess with cant wait for more of it dude also take care out there man. this hole thing with the coronavirus is getting worse
3/13/2020 c37 R reyes
C,mon man i mean on unicorn the laplaze station was destroy by the feds dude they dint want to lose there power so they decided to get rid of daikun i mean he speeches of newtypes being the next tep of evolution so they decided to shut him up before he declared independence for the colonys so they decided to get the devil in human skin aka jamitov he did kill blex from zeta gundam to cause chaos in the process and stop them seeing doing that and seeing how far the feds wanted to keep the box close yeah i know he did it he is cruel enough to do it and he wonr care
3/13/2020 c37 8RedRat8
Wow the Battle of Solomon was awesome! I like all the actions and the fighting that went on. And so Gato encountered Amuro and barely escaped with his life, that'll teach him to not be so cocky and state that he could defeat the White Devil. Also speaking of Gato, and stuff related to Stardust Memory, got any plans for Cima? She was definitely one of my favorite characters in Stardust Memory.
3/1/2020 c36 11Moonreaper666
I am glad that the Federation is altering their plan thanks to the use of AI. The Federation's new plan should be successful while Zeon's only makes a small dent on the Federation

I am surprised that Kycilla thinks the Federation isn't going to win or at least take Solomon. I thought that even in Canon she would be worried. Now that the Federation has AI and is using it to bleed Zeon faster and increase the life expentancy, Kycilla should be paranoid

The Federation should be pulling no expense in putting and upgrading AI into as many Mobile Suits. A veteran Zeon pilot in a Rick Dom should lose most of the time against a Ball with AI, piloted by a Federation rookie. The only veterans that should be better than AI are Char, Ridden, Ramba and Gato, even then they would eventually die if they face too many of them
2/15/2020 c36 R reyes
Poor sayla must be hard for her to see her brother on the path of revange like that and char seeing her in pain too you show there feelings quite well . Still char never discover jamitov was the one who kill his father will he will discover it now or later in the future, Since amuro and chan are a couple how will amuro and char will react if she dies on the battle feild
2/13/2020 c36 RoyalTwinFangs
Very good chapter.
2/13/2020 c36 8RedRat8
I thought the idea about Newtypes is that each Newtype have abilities that are more reflection of themselves when I think about important moments that define each of the Newtypes we've seen so far. Also nice to see Sayla and Char finally interact here and talk to each other about the choices that lead them to where they ended up and become. It's a shame that we don't get to see more Sayla in the subsequent Gundam Animes, but then again it can't be helped considering that her voice actress wasn't available for most of them, hope you can involve Sayla here in a stronger fashion.
2/1/2020 c35 11Moonreaper666
Mobile Dolls from Gundam Wing should be implemented in your story by the Federation shortly after the OYW. Gato can't steal a Gundam that doesn't have a cockpit
1/17/2020 c1 Moonreaper666
Hypothetically, even if Zeon's countermeasures in Solomon disable every Federation AI for the duration of the battle it is still not going to even the odds for several reasons:

1. Costs

-Any time, resources or manpower used on this project will takeaway from other things (So Zeon will have fewer Mobile Suits and more of them will be Zakus instead of Rick Doms)

-Keep in mind that Zeon's resources are very limited at this point in the war

2. Reduced effectiveness due to how late it is in the war

-Ryu Jose and many other pilots are alive thanks to AI. Having more pilots and mobile suits at Solomon means that even without AI their losses will be less while Zeon will take more casualties
(Even without AI, Ryu and Sleggar can wound Gato and force him to retreat early. And kill many Zakus that beling to the Delaz Fleet)

-Zeon has suffered more losses prior to Solomon, especially the Midnight Fenrir Corps. Just like the Axis in the Second-half of WW2, Zeon is having difficulties training new pilots to replace dead veterans (how many veteran pilots from MFC has Amuro killed? How many MFC Mobile Suits destroyed?) Even if they still have the same number of pilots and mobile suits at Solomon the replacements are ill-trained conscripts while the replaced Mobile Suits are either Zaku-IIs or Zaku-Is, both rushed out and of poorer quality

-Since AI usually offers the more pratical solutions and help reduce reaction time by spotting enemies much quicker, pilots who use AI even for a short time are much more battle-ready

3. It only works once

-Zeon's countermeasures will not be effective by A Baou Qu. Which is very bad since the Federation is gonna have A LOT MORE MOBILE SUITS by then piloted by veterans assisted by AI. While Zeon would have to rely more on conscripts using poorly maintained Zaku-Is

Let's say that the countermeasures turn off 50% of Federation Mobile Suit AI but not the Federation ships

-With AI, Salamis ships have more accurate shots at longer ranges. They are going to destroy the Musais much faster, support Federation mobile suits against their Zeon counterparts much better and then crack Solomon like an egg, perhaps killing Dozle or destroying Big Zam before it can be used

-Federation Mobile Suits with their AIs still on would start prioritizing Zeon veterans as the first to kill

Lalah might not be able to perform her sneak attack on the Federation as upgraded AI might detect her which would result in her death, even if Char, M'Quve, Johhny and Gato escort her

Amuro should perform a Deus Ex and merge with Vega the same way Denton did with Helios, becoming even more powerful

With Zeon taking more losses than in Canon, the only two Neo-Zeon forces that would still exist are the Delaz Fleet and Axis. What is preventong the much richer and much more-powerful-than-in-Canon Federation from focusing on them and using nukes to kill them?

Other things:

-AI can be used to detect enemies at longer ranges. Lalah is going to get herself and Char killed if she still tries her psychic sneak attack the first time

-Have several Original Characters with Newtype powers (Thanks to the Butterfly Effect they didn't die in your Story compared to Canon)

-Zeon's morale should be MUCH Worse compared to Canon. Not only are they EVEN MOAR outnumbered but the fear of AI is going to affect their performance

-A single AI can easily deduce Big Zam's weakness and exploit it

-AI is overpowered in Real Life, it should be more overpowered in the Gundam Multiverse (Just like in Wing)

-Amuro should merge with Vega (Just like JC Denton and Helios in Deus Ex) and curbstomp Zeon, Axis and the Delaz Fleet

-Kamille's AI partner should be more overpowered

-Cybernetics should play a bigger role in this Alternate Gundam UC
1/6/2020 c35 Thekiller7
Great chapter, well worth the wait
1/6/2020 c35 R reyes
Well they choose one of the 2 evil at least they dont hove to worry about ghiren trying to take all of there assets on them. And last and not least i wonder how amuro and chan will act around char now they have meet him also will char know amuro is the gundam pilot. Merry x mass dude and a happy new year, well here on my home contry is still xmass but meh
1/5/2020 c35 justinq719
1/5/2020 c35 RoyalTwinFangs
So Amuro is starting to awaken his Newtype powers. Wouldn't it grow faster because of him fighting Char who is has awaken his powers earlier and stronger? Also I believe that Edward guy is going to do something stupid like try to do a coup with Zeon support.
1/5/2020 c35 8RedRat8
Eh it was just a suggestion, but I can see your point, though I am curious though, would Amuro's power begin to develop differently due to a later awakening within his Latent powers as a Newtype? Because we all know that Newtypes have different powers and the likes that vary over time. Kamille was able to channel the emotional pressure of his dead friends to drastically boost his Mobile Suit's abilities. Judah was able to able to create a barrier that could protect him or his Mobile Suit when pushed to the extreme. As far as I remember that while Newtypes have similar abilities and the likes, some of them have their own unique characteristics that reflect them in some way, at least that's what I think. Like Kamille channeling the spirits of the dead since he started his serious fight against the Titans to avenge his mom. And Judah creating said barrier which I believe is a reflection of his desire to protect his sister. Banagher had the ability to call upon the dead and hears them from time to time, which I believe is a reflection of his desire to hold onto bonds.
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