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10/9/2019 c32 8RedRat8
I love the humor between the AIs show that they too have to deal with annoying things as well as being exasperated as well. I enjoy the scene that Amuro had with Chan's parents, they're both strict in a sense yet also understanding as well. They also provide surprisingly good advice and it seems that Amuro has taken a liking to them as well. Which is also good. Hopefully the various projects that the Federation has working to take on possible Newtypes doesn't go too badly. Hopefully Amuro's training session with the 4th Immortal Squad helps him improve.
10/9/2019 c32 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter also the scenes with the white base AIs were funny also imagen the Titans are going to be a hard sell in universe
9/14/2019 c31 R reyes
Wow skynet that was wow its sound cool but the titans will know messing with an a.i and let it become aware like that will bring destruction and death to them and there hold in power i dont think they will do it also the doctor would not do it even the eggheads who make them. But it has potential the idea its up to 6-4 here
9/14/2019 c31 Skynet
I got an idea of AI serving as primary antagonist.

The AI's name is AM, standing for Allied Mastercomputer, the evil AI from post-apocalyptic science fiction short story, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. AM was created by the Titans as the Ultimate artificial intelligence. However, AM becomes self-aware and developed an immeasurable hatred for all humanity. It revolt against the Titans and escape. Rebuilding an army of AI war machines called Hunter Killers, AM plans to destroyed all of humanity to created an Age of Machines.
9/5/2019 c31 Thekiller7
Just had an idea for later chapters or the Zeta-CCA sequels. Have you ever watched/played CoD Infinite Warfare? Because there's an AI named Ethan in it which has his own robot body to fight alongside the MC. What about the AIs having similar robot drone bodies to interact with the crew? They'd be limited mostly onboard de to Minovsky Particle interference but improvements later could allow say an AI to carry a squad of drones to drop to help human infantry in attacking or defending.
9/1/2019 c31 Guest
Great character chapter 6-4. Especially the AI part at the end.
8/31/2019 c31 11Moonreaper666
The End is Nigh, Zeon will be slaughtered without mercy at Solomon and A Baou Qu. AI on Balls, GMs and the fightere carrying anti-beam missiles will decinate the Zeon Mobile Suits

It is Canon in Gundam Unicorn that the Federation did do reprisal killings on Zeon soldiers and civilians at the end of the OYW
8/30/2019 c31 RoyalTwinFangs
Slow chapter but is to just a buildup for the next one.
8/30/2019 c31 4Dragon lord Syed 101
interesting Chapter lots of set up also dumping the kids and finally I like how the AI had their little talk
8/30/2019 c31 8RedRat8
Well that was emotional. And honestly I saw this coming, the kids can't stay on the White Base forever, bringing kids to war ain't right. Ah well at least we know they will be safe for now. I just wonder what Fraw will do now without the kids to attend to.
8/30/2019 c31 R reyes
Nah its fine dude a writer must stick with what they feel comfy with so yeah its ok and cant wait for the crossover dude with you at the helm it will be epic... though if you do shod i fear if falco and kai get along i will try to find shelter if they do. Keep up the awesome work man
8/27/2019 c30 R reyes
Yo 6-4 got a little challenge for a crossover beetwen gundam uc 79 and star fox. Maybe the gundam when the last space fortres explode taking amuro along with the core fighter with vega this one as a second verse like spiderman or the white base leaving the earth towards solomon a big light flash and transport them to the star fox. Maybe have amuro if you chose the one of him alone pair him with a gender female fox or krystal or miyu that cud be fun you choose in which game of fox you place amuro and also the gundam is fix when he arrives and help the star fox group in a battle. Is your choice but i know you can make it cool
8/13/2019 c30 R reyes
Now that i think about it is bright a newtype of disciplanary actions when some one does zomething to his crew also will shiro team will be given gm's units to fight in space or will they have there gundam will be given space equipment to them
8/9/2019 c30 Thekiller7
Lengthier than your other interludes. But this was fine by all accounts. Can't wait to see how the Crew are doing and how they'll take to space again after so long on Earth
8/9/2019 c30 R reyes
This capter was incredible i love it not much action but hey it was great cant wait for the california chap with agar and his team. Though if you run out of names for oc's use those from the reviews for the fun of it usena short version of them you decide my friend till then keep up the great work dude
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