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6/30 c52 1TheEmeraldMage
Man those 2 scenes which end up having Sayla and Lalah each telling Amuro and Char to not kill each other in their final battle, but the two are willing to go through with this. It definitely proves the resolve that both of these guys have and actually going through with what they need to go through. Although I did chuckle a bit when Amuro mentioned something that is a little bit foreshadowing for something Char will do in the future...damn you Char's Counterattack. Chan was being a very good girlfriend, supporting her boyfriend in a difficult situation along with promising to be there for him no matter what. Really does make me wish that she was at this point in Canon and then leading up to the movie it would make it feel a lot more believable. Other than here she is in the movie in a relationship with Amuro that we will not explain. Here it makes more logical sense and the two fit each other very well. As for Char being very angry and pissed off it is very strange yet welcoming to see the red comet being angry and embracing his inner Rau Le Creusent from gundam SEED, minus the crazy and he being frustrated. It's a side of him that I've never seen in Canon but I'm very welcome for it in this. Was really happy to see my boy Shiro Amada back with his crew and I knew that Amuro was going to have an nostalgia trip once he saw the RX78 - 7 gundam. I took a look at it myself and I agree it definitely looks like a bulkier RX78 - 2 but a bit more stronger and it looks really good and a definite fit for the white devil. This chapter was very nice and with the exception of some small minor hiccups in the letter S being put in places where it should not be in it was still very nice to finally get some of the other characters specifically certain ones to know about Sayla and Char's real identities as well as how is Char's development going. Definitely getting excited to see how this will all end and lastly a friend and I watched the final battle from gundam narrative and I was like what the h*** am I watching and my friend was like what the h*** is this? We were both very confused and kind of angry or more so because of what was going on on screen. But regardless about our confusion stay safe and healthy!
6/30 c52 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter. Will the 7th Gundam be the Heavy Armor version and as the fight drag on Amuro have to purge the add on as they get damage? You know it would different if Char have too much trouble and focus with Amuro and couldn't assassinate Kycilia in the fighting.

Is the the FA still operational? Then why not have Kai pilot it. He is an ace in his own rights and why waste a perfectly good MS by not using it?

Also will Amuro's career be more then canon? He was only a Lieutenant by the time of Char's Counterattack more then a decade later where he should had been at least a Captain. Maybe with the help of the those more reasonable officers that survived here he would at least have normal military career or even fast promotions.

Also was it Lalash the one that send Sayla those versions or did she became a Newtype herself.
6/30 c52 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Well Char going to still be his canon self I feel bad for Sayla Zeon royalty doomed Amuro got new suit and things are heading into the finality
6/30 c52 7RedRat8
Well now we're reaching the climax soon enough, I can only hope that the Thoroughbred will make it, to make up for the crime of accidentally escalating the One Year War, I can only imagine that the ship and her crew are willing to give up their life to stop the Solar Ray. It's a shame that Char refused Lalah's wish, but the fact that Char's gone this far means he may be at the point of no return, I could only hope that Char could be brought back from that brink. Also I look forward to the RX-78-7 Gundam's Full Armor and Heavy Armor brought in soon for Amuro to use, that would surely be a worthy match against Char and his Zeong High Mobility Type, wonder what you're going to do with the Full Armor MK II, would be a waste to leave it lying around.
6/27 c51 Guest
Another Gundam? At least Amuro treats his rides well.

And boy ABAQ is going to be a bloodbath, Char is going to need the Zeong or better to survive Amuro and Vega in the RX-78-7, it's only a few steps removed from the Alex.
6/27 c51 R reyes
sigh, moom dude. i say it once i will say it again TAKE. .PILL MAN, you hate zeon we get it but the way you ask pilot here to write what you want is to much so write your own man. also will char be to deep on his darkness or sayla will snap him out of it also will revil die please no with him in charge the federation will become better and let him deal with the corrupts ones in the army
6/27 c51 4Dragon lord Syed 101
And the final stage of the war beings also the Alex is coming which is interesting also The Zabis just made their own grave
6/27 c51 nliochristou
if Amuro leaves the military will Vega stay with him;
6/27 c51 11Moonreaper666
Oh boy, ignoring the facts of your own story again! Making stuff up like a fairy tale religion!

Let me remind you again since you have Alzheimers. Two regular GMs with inexperienced pilots were able to FUCKING KILL FIVE VETERAN ZAKUS AND A MUSAI AT THE COST OF THEIR MOTHERFUCKING LIVES! THAT IS THE MOTHERFUCKING STANDARD!


(A GM Sniper II with EXAAM should beat Char in the Zeong)

Fucking stupid that Connily didn't give the EXAAM systems to the Moore Brotherhood, it would have allowed them to wipe out the Living Dead and any reinforcements they have a dozen times over.

Somehow Zeon, unrealistically, still has hundreds of veterans post-Solomon. It is as if these veterans were not among the hundreds of thousands of MS pilots killed by AIs!

Kycilla mostly has inexperienced pilots in poorly made Zaku-IIs facing off against veterans in well-maintained Sniper IIs with dozens of them having either AIs or EXAAMs. Outgunned, outmanned and going on the offensive, the vast majority of Kycilla's fleet should have been butchered by Kowen's fleet

A GM Command or Sniper II with an EXAAM system is a deadlier opponent that Newtype Char. Char was able to kill 6-8 GM Aquas with one of them having an AI. Each GM with EXAAM should be reaping AT FUCKING LEAST TWENTY ZAKUS EACH AT THE BATTLE OF GRANADA!

Oh boy, Amuro's new Gundam lacks the weaponry of the Full Armor MK-II! Unless the RX-72-7 is a dozen times faster AND has four times the weapon range than the Full Armor, I call BS!

I fully expect Amuro to get over 400 MS kills at A Baou Qu! Kai should get over 100! Lydo Wolf 200!

I also expect Solar Flare to be fired TWICE. The first shot should wipe out 80% of A Baou Qu's defenders! (Increase of 10% from Solomon)

99% of A Baou Qu defenders should be old people and teenagers, piloting either Zakus or Gattle fighters with no training. Tens of thousands of Zeon Mobile Suits but the vast majority are of horrible condition and performance

No Fucking quarter given at A Baou Qu. Solar Ray, EF hate for Side, cowardice of the Delaz fleet and the continuing violation of the treaty by Zeon are going to be paid in full in the final battle. Many EF pilots should be overcome with angry, insanity and bloodlust. Revil won't be able to fully control his men

Still no war crimes committed by the Federation despite you promising them. How fucking unrealistic. Both the Soviet Union and America committed various war crimes against the Axis Powers during WW2 and they DID NOT WIPE OUT HALF OF HUMANITY!

The Federation should have used poison gas in retaking California Base. Pin all the blame on Zeon, claiming that the deadly chemicals belong to them and that they leaked out during the assault

(That is partially true. Zeon stored weapons which violated the treaty in that base. The bioweapon in Australia came from CB)

These things should happen in your fucking story otherwise you are a charlatan:

-Jamitov, Connily and Yazan commit lots of war crimes in the OYW

- Federation executes hundreds of thousands of Zeon soldiers for their war crimes. High ranking officers and those involve with the destruction of EF space colonies and the colony drop on Earth

- Side 3 people stigmatize until Reconguista

-Titans focus all of their oppression on Side 3 exclusively. Side 3 should be the only group devastated in the Gryphs Conflict

- All high-paying jobs in Side 3 are only available for Federation citizens, Side 3 people aren't, for 1,000 years (Basically until the Reconguista timeline)

-Triple taxation for 1,000 years

- Side 3 is punished harshly for Stardust, Axis and any other actions done by the Zeon Remnants

- Post-war, a EF citizen that has lost all of his/her loved ones to Zeon becomes a suicide bomber AND DETONATES A NUKE IN A SIDE 3 COLONY KILLING EVERYONE!

Ignore me at your own peril. You don't deserve the gift of writing since clearly you make thing up without caution, care for the lore or consistency. You are fucking lucky your mind isn't damaged
6/26 c51 RoyalTwinFangs
A buildup chapter, so not that bad. Will you be doing "War in the Pocket"? Also will the Alex Gundam every be made? Maybe just as a test bed for after the war.
6/26 c51 1TheEmeraldMage
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy, Kycilia was very angry by the end. I know what's gonna happen to A certain anime Hitler and it will be either glorious or she will fuck Zeon over because of this, you'll be the judge. Revil definitely sounds like the perfect man for the job with his new promotion as he seems to mostly have everything under control and he is a damn fantastic leader. It's just a shame that by the time unicorn comes out and he gets not only a really cool battle ship named after him but an entire fleet of mobile suits that are also under that ship's command but then for some stupid reason they get destroyed by some prissy pretty boy like a total joke. God, I was mad when I found that out, but really Revil is cool and thank God some of the higher ups also realized that the Federation has a bunch of corrupt officers so hopefully some of that corruption will be dealt with. Plus at the very least they're not gonna have Minerva a baby pay the dues for what her father did. Speaking of awesome captains, at first I thought that since Bright never slapped Amuro in this version, it meant that he will not be a cool captain like we all know him as. Thankfully I was wrong because while he doesn't slap the main character in this version he still is properly developed and much like the main pilot for the white base he is able to develop a very good close bond with everyone including the main pilot. And because of that it transforms into a very nice friendship that I can definitely see happen especially considering all the things that this crew have been through together. Sayla FINALY told some people that she is related to Char, which is fantastic! I honestly thought that she wasn't gonna mention it at all until the halfway near very end like in the show but no, she decided to tell them. Shows character growth and so Amuro will get the R X 78-7. NICE! And finally about Erika, I mean don't get me wrong gundam for the most part has always had a good fair share of waifus, case in point Mirida Cruz from Unicorn. It just depends on whether or not they are used properly or are just used to sell model kits of their specific mobile suits. And considering that it sounds like that's all this character did in the actual movie then I'm glad I never saw the movie and I'm definitely taking your version of her as a more interesting character. Long story short very solid chapter good construction on what will happen and nice build-up to what I think is probably going to be the final battle. Can't wait for the next chapter and stay healthy and safe!
6/26 c51 R reyes
you crafty bastard nice so who will get the full armor then kai or Io or sayla or Bianca... i think she is a good choice for it and have her transferred to the white base. now that the last battle is coming will Revil die please no. also will shiro and the other will see our favorite crew
6/26 c51 7RedRat8
Yeah, the RX-78-7 Gundam is coming soon! I always liked that Mobile Suit, I thought it was basically a souped up RX-78-2 Gundam, and with its familiar looks it would be nostalgic for Amuro and Vega to be back in. Also one thing you could theoretically do is that Zeon must hand over all of their Mobile Suit Research and Production Facilities so that way the Earth Federation can get access to all of the Mobile Suits that Zeon has developed over the years and use the data and research to create better and enhanced Mobile Suits for the next generation.
6/26 c51 justinq719
Oh shit! It's about to real up in here!
6/24 c50 Guest
"I hate Jazz" Said Amuro

Hah, I understand that after staying with my grand dad for a week. It's nice to listen every once in a while but can get stale if its all someone plays.
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