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6/18/2020 c49 R reyes
also dude almost 50 chapters on this story got to be a great achievement for that man try something fun or omake for funny moments in the story or a small preview of the cross over you say you would of mass effect for it to celebrate of 50 of chapters you did stay safe out there man
6/17/2020 c49 R reyes
a little r&r for everyone for a few days so the moor brotherhood get to meet the white base crew and the others maybe join them so will ghiren use the colony laser will revil and his fleet will die along with some of the other admirals please no
6/17/2020 c49 11Moonreaper666
Something that feels odd about your story are the numbers. For instance having 70-80 Zeon MS attack Jaburo is small compared to the 300 Zeon MS that canonically fought at Odessa. Another instance is the number of Zeon and Federation ships at the start of the OYW, hundreds vs over 1 thousand. I feel it should have been tens of thousands of ships on both sides and the indiscriminate use of nukes wiping out more than half of both fleets

Um, Kycilla just suicided the Granada fleet against the Federation. She is deluded to think her fleet has even a sliver of a chance of surviving. Her fleet would last 20 minutes tops and then some of those merchant ships would be mercilesy slaughtered

I think members of the Moore Brotherhood and those that would later become hardcore Titans should use the EXAAM system at A Baou Qu and slaughter Zeon soldiers and civilians. Find it strange the MB did not execute Zeon soldiers surrendering at the Thunderbolt sector

A Baou Qu should have over a hundred million Zeon refugees running away from the EF as they commit 'minor' war crimes (Like blowing up a mining asteroid with Zeon miners in it. Zeon civilian ships gunned down without remorse which you haven't shown or mention. Thanks to AI and the massive and quick shift in the balance of power, the EF shoukd commit much more war crimes against Side 3 as they are clearly winning)

(And the war crimes escalate once in Stardust and twice when Axis shows its ugly head)

I really can't see the Federation not going full-blown blood rage frenzy at A Baou Qu. Between Solar Ray and the cowardice of Delaz the EF is going to turn that asteroid into a mass grave for tens of millions of Zeon soldiers and civilians

Future Gundams, including the new one Amuro is going to use at A Baou Qu, shouldn't use the Core Booster to save cost and time. They should be a little smaller with more powerful nuclear cores, a small step progressing to the Miniature MS of F91. Maybe Amuro's new Gundam should have the I-field of the Big Zam and have reloadable Beam Rifles that can hit targets much farther away in addition to better speed and agility

When was the first batch of AI deployed onto the battlefield and how many on Earth or in space? How much would an AI increase the kill ratio and number of battles the basic GM and its pilot survive?

If you answer a lot to both questions then you understand my confusion. Let's say hypothetically a GM survives its first battle thanks to its AI and gets two more Zaku kills in addition to the first kill the pilot gets without AI. This GM with AI now participates in 50 more battles, mostly skirmishes, on Earth and claims 450 Zeon MS kills as well as hundreds of Zeon tanks and jets. The pilot and AI also destroys 6 Zeon ships and an additional 220 MS. Just one AI killed more than a hundred thousand Zeon soldiers and over SIX HUNDRED Mobile Suits!

Will every AI from the first batch survive the OYW? No, but the majority will and even with a standard GM starting with an inexperience pilot each of them will inflict more destruction than Char (Red Comet killed 400 Federation MS in Canon) and there is no way Zeon would be able to replace that many losses just to make it to Odessa!

And that is just the first batch of AI. Zeon would have run out of veteran pilots within a week and would be forced to have 12 year olds pilot Zakus in two! Char and Ramba Ral struggled against AI and the vast majority of Zeon veterans are below their level. It gets worse when AIs are given to EF veterans that pilot Guncannons, GM Commands or Sniper IIs as they would outright slaughter entire groups of veteran Gelgoogs with very minimal casualties. Zeon would be losing 6/7ths of its population by the time of Jaburo!

Oh, a Salamis cruiser piloted only by AI and having anti-beam coating should be able to take out two Gwazines. Surprised that anti-beam coating on Salamis cruisers have only been used once in your story by Wakkien. A single AI-controlled Salamis with the coating would have crippled Char's group in their first convoy raid

Finding it very hard to picture Zeon Remnants as anything else but frightened depopulated children. Side 3 teenagers piloting Zaku-Is slaughtered en masse by a few GM Command IIs with upgraded AIs and those GMs go to Side 3 and then gassed a colony for support the remnants
6/16/2020 c49 6AccelBreaker
Oh boy...if one full armor gundam was bad in the thunderbolt sector...now there's two...

Yup, the Living Dead Division is now screwed.
6/16/2020 c49 R reyes
well its your choice dude so i understand. but why dont you also give seed a try or wing like i say. and also damn char is piss will he become very dangerous in the future. i mean kacillia was the one who forced him and her to fight to the death its her fault she die. will sayla snap him out of it or lala will please let so if he wasn't so focused on revenge just like zeta he would have been a great leader of the earth instead he become char once more on the 92 its sad and all of jimba ral fault for putting the zabis the one who kill his father
6/16/2020 c49 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter. The 13th can take care of the remaining Moore Brotherhood under there command if they what it. Some may even like Io may even volunteer to join them. If Io was able to survive without a AI until now then he maybe even better with one.

How does those Zeon feel when they have to fight against regular even elite veteran forces instead of unequipped conscripts. Not as easy is it when they able to fight back is it?

With how Kai is fighting I'm starting to think is has become an Ace in universe here. Maybe when Amuro and Vega upgrade to the 7th Gundam Kai and Merc get the FA Gundam. I can think of anything Zeon can throw at them that would damage the FA enough that it wouldn't still be there when they upgrade.

With the second part of Thunderbolt not being a thing now, why not have Io and the Spartan help out during Stardust. This would allow you to make use of the characters.
6/16/2020 c49 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Good chapter the Thunder blot sector has been taken also Char going a dark path also it's interesting how Amuro become the Pargon without realizing it also my two sense do the grips war and the First Neo Zeon war only
6/16/2020 c49 2TheEmeraldMage
Well the good news is Amuro was able to stop Io from further going to a dark path, he now has clarity after killing Daryl and Coliny is being sent to a brig due to what he did to Io's men by Tianem which is all good. However unfortunately the bad news now is Char is back and now he is hungry for revenge and to kill the Gundam pilot who took his Lalah. A lot of things are now slowly but surely starting to develop a lot more as now because one character was able to stop another character from going down a dark path, an established character from the main series is immediately going down a dark path and is seriously going to kill the pilot of the Gundam AKA Amuro. I definitely enjoyed the turn of events that is going on right now especially the brief conversation between Amuro and Io, with one warning the other to not do this. Which thankfully it was able to save the other gundam pilots life, although I don't think Char will be easy to cooperate with. We will see once we get to the inevitable rematch between the 2 aces. Very impressive fight within the thunderbolt sector as well as using everyone to their fullest within the fight. It's a very big contrast between how the white base was at the beginning of the series to how they are now and it's really impressive. All in all very good chapter and can't wait to read the next one. Stay healthy and safe!
6/16/2020 c49 8RedRat8
Wow this was an awesome chapter to read, so much power, and this is what happens when the Federation have competent leaders leading the charge, completely destroying the turn the Zeon Forces have with their experience, skills, AI, better Mobile Suits, and more. And now Io is free of his demons, yeah! I want to see a scene in which Io and Bianca are having a music jam and pilots like Amuro, Kai, Hayato, along with the 4th Immortal, Guinea Pig Team, and the Core Booster Pilots listening in, would be amazing to read them bonding over music actually. Also Salah in the last paragraph is Sayla.
6/16/2020 c49 justinq719
And Fleming took down Lornez, damn.. About time something went right in the Thunderbolt Sector.
6/16/2020 c49 justinq719
Shit, Char's out for blood...
6/14/2020 c48 R reyes
ok moon , you really need to take a chill pill here dude, i get ya you want your input on the story but dude seriously take it easy man, let 6-4 here do his thing with out you going on like have you been doing on other chapters man its his story dude if you feel different or dont feel it the way you want then write your own again like that one so please settle down man just enjoy the story then do what you want just keep it simple dude.
6/14/2020 c48 11Moonreaper666
Once again, it's not my fault YOU made Amuro very powerful in your story, like almost-CCA level of power. He defeated Char without Magnetic Coating and without Newtype powers multiple times. Amuro quickly destroyed 55-70 Zeon MS, a few ships and decimate the defenses of an asteroid. The Living Dead, even with the Psycho Zaku, do not have the numbers or equipment to survive against Amuro, let alone the White Base, or Bright Noa's entire fleet as well as the Moore Brotherhood

I am surprised that a dying Zeon, having lost so much more people and military equipment/resources than in Canon, is able to make more of the Psycho Zakus. I mean something else has to be cut/decrease severely to make more of them.

I think there should be a brief mention or POV in which a Zeon grunt or civilian discuss how the the Federation is kicking their ass. The fear and damage AI has done to Zeon's military. I am surprise that the Federation hasn't made better AI and upgrade the ones on the field so that they can fight and maybe surpass Newtypes

The Butterfly Effect means that all of the Federation forces suffer less casualties, even those that don't use AI, while all Zeon forces take more casualties and have less military equipment

The Federation introduces the first batch of AIs, they inflict great damage to Zeon and save a lot of lives and resources on the EF side so Revil has more forces to use in offensives. Zeon is forced to redeploy troops from other fronts and conscript more soldiers and MS to fight the first group of AI only to lose them. Rinse and repeat

Each batch of AI is a steroid-inducing feedback loop to the EF. By the time of Odessa, Revil would have another 500k soldiers and extra 100 GMs to use in the operation alone. Hundreds of thousands more soldiers and hundreds of extra GMs to support other operation retaking the Earth and Federation space. By the time of AU Solomon, the AU Federation has thrice as many soldiers and five times as many GMs and Balls throughout its forces
6/14/2020 c48 Chris the Metis
What a manipulating prick, Gihren deserves what coming to him in a body bag.
6/14/2020 c48 R reyes
no matter what universe ghiren never will stop being a master manipulator thats one of the reasons i hated the guy along with coliny, jamitov and bask i hope these 4 suffer. anyway cant wait for them dude also the crossover was amuro and gundam ends up in the star fox universe when he try to escape the base on his final battle against char on his way out one of the ship along with a special equipment cause to open a portal that send him there, or the wing universe were doctor j founds it and fix it and ask him to help in the operation and duo is a girl on that one so he and her get together on star fox another cerinian girl rhat escapes the destroction of the planet and meets up with krystal or miyu lynx both her personality can try to make amuro loosens up a bit . the gundam still heavy damage with the loss of the head and a leg, and vega still online to help out doctor j study vegas code and makes one for the wing and its portable using a small haro just like the ones from seed. its your choice dude but i really like to see it even a pilot of it but its your choice also will amuro be send to house arrest like the series please dont do it
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