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6/14/2020 c48 2TheEmeraldMage
So everything is place, White Base is going to the Thunderbolt sector while Ghrain is STILL being anime Adolf Hitler and obviously responsible for his father's death and pinning it all on the Federation. Nice to see that even the main characters are calling bullshit that they did not kill the sovereign, meaning that there are smart. Amuro is sharing my thoughts on Ghrain quite well and overall, while short this chapter was pretty good, especially with Edwards now being on trail. Honestly I don't really mind the thunderbolt chapter being a little bit long especially if it's gonna have that certain battle between a way to heavy packed gundam and a psycho zaku. But now since the white base are gonna be going over to that sector maybe some things will be different in that battle or maybe we'll get some interesting interactions between lo and Amuro and the others. Just some things about the story that make me very excited about the stuff that you've added on. I will admit I did get kind of confused if the 2 sisters you added in were original characters or characters from the actual war but you confirmed to me that 1 of them is related to an actual character. Though it did made me scratch my head a little bit so some confirmation would be very appreciative. Overall, well done and can't wait to read to rest. Stay healthy and safe!
6/14/2020 c47 aa.sourav
I trust your direction for the story at your choice. Question, what of the Chimera Corps?
6/14/2020 c48 3ArifuretaForever
I'd rather have just one long chaper concerning the ThunderBolt Sector. Not to be rude, but that's just how I feel. Plus then we can get to A Baou Que and see how it all ends. Honestly this is one of the best UC gundam fanfictions on FFnet at the moment, and I want to see more of it. I want to see what you'll do with Stardust, and the Gryps Conflict. Will there still be Two Zeon Wars? What will happen to the Zabi family and the Unicorn Saga? I want to see it all. So please, lets just get through the Thunderbolt Sector so we can see the climax.
6/14/2020 c48 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter and Gihren being space Hitler yikes I like most federation doesn't believe him and sister already suspects him
6/14/2020 c48 8RedRat8
Do a long chapter, been waiting for a while for the Thunderbolt Sector. Also yeah, was well aware that Eric Yugo’s youngest daughter is from Gundam Narrative. Also have you thought about having Bianca and Io introduce Amuro to Jazz Music? That could be a nice way for Amuro to learn more about Io and his hidden depths.
6/14/2020 c48 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter. Been waiting for the Thunderbolt for about 10 chapters now but you keep pushing it back. Also that character will be in story that will paint the federation as the bad guys, I feel it.
6/9/2020 c47 Guest
Well, I can't say I saw Degwin dying like that coming. You keep managing to surprise me 6-4
6/6/2020 c47 11Moonreaper666
It seems that the introduction of AIs and their Butterfly Effects has accelerated the timetable for the introduction of GM Comand, GM Sniper II and the Gundams, the GP-4 and GP-5 only fought once in Canon and it wasn't a big fight. More Federation ships should have the Anti-beam coating that Wakkein's ship has for more ship vs ship battle at A Baou Qu

There are over Twenty Thousand AIs in the Federation Army. I am surprised that Zeon even survive past Odessa considered the extra Hundreds of Millions of casualties it is receiving outside of Canon. The first batch of AIs alone, assuming 150 AIs, would rack up 750~1500 MS kills in their first battle based on the fact 1 basic GM with AI piloted by a conscript can kill 5 Zakus piloted by veterans though the GM may not survive. 1 GM Command with AI piloted by a veteran would quickly slaughter 10 Gelgoogs piloted by conscripts

Amuro on his own would curbstomp the Living Dead at Thunderbolt assuming the latter doesn't get A LOT of reinforcements. He doesn't even need the New Gundam or his Newtype abilities (The Psycho Zaku and Char's Zeong would be nothing to Amuro at this point. Gelgoogs and Doms piloted by Veterans would be cannon fodder)

I suggest Amuro's new Gundam to be named the Lightning Armor. It lacks the Core Booster system of the other two Gundams he used, but it is superior in all aspects to the Full Armor II or any other Gundam used in the OYW. Amuro is going to need the Lightning to fight 350 of the BEST Zeon pilots and mobile suits as well as their ships at A Baou Qu on his OWN. The Lightning's special upgrade is the ability to connect with Vega throught a Helmet, bolstering Amuro's spatial awareness, reflexes and thinking to a new level

(If you don't take my suggested Gundam above then Amuro doesn't need Vega anymore. Have Vega pilot the Full Armor II while Amuro pilots the new Gundam without AI)

The Invisible Knights and other Zeon Remnant forces should be deployed at A Baou Qu to fight Amuro. The White Archdemon alone would decimate a huge chunk of A Baou Qu's original defenses. Gihren and Kycilla need to send much more reinforcements to A Baou Qu to just deal with Amuro alone. Heck, send all of Zeon to that slaughterhouse!

Every GM Command or Sniper II participating in the final battle should have AIs. (No basic GMs or Balls) I am surprise if A Baou Qu has any veteran soldier beside Char and Ridden for the battle. Plenty of 13 year old ship crews and MS pilots as well as A Baou Qu soldiers

Poor Delaz, he has no idea what his actions are going to cost Zeon/Side 3 at A Baou Qu. The moment he runs away like a coward, the Federation will be so bloodlusted and angry they will take no prisoners even Zeon civilians
6/5/2020 c47 fl0res
Nice chapter. Like the Insomniac Games reference on the names on some AIs.
Hmmm... AI Batch #130 will be nicknamed "the Bad Batch" due to their... eccentric personalities.
The 13th Autonomous Corps will be fighting in the Thunderbolt Sector to 'correct' Commander's Coliny incompetency.
6/5/2020 c47 nliochristou
Will Char have AI in the future; because even with his Newtype powers he is in a disanvange against the Federation and ther AI's. Also will you kill any of the main charecters that there are not Zeon; because as much as i like that some characters survive, i will like if you dont put bad guys to lose( and die) that easy i want at least both sides to have even odds and not always be the good guys to win all the time and many of their main characters survive.
6/5/2020 c47 4Dragon lord Syed 101
First, yet again AI show they curb stop everything second old Man Zabi is dead shit, Third we're going to Thunder Bolt sector baby
6/5/2020 c47 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter. The P-use system can evolved into something like the Alaya-Vijnana System like in BIO later on. It would be more morally better then cutting off all of one's arms and legs. Before the Post Disaster and lost of most technology it was safe and the risk of information overlord like with Augus is because they removed the limiters. Just imagine it, a Newtype with AI in a pycho-frame using a Alaya-Vijnana System. That would be a nightmare to fight.

Also can wait for the Thunderbolt secter. Will be nice to see the dark tone of the secter. Also will Io try to get Amuro and the others into jazz?

By the way the 13th Corp need a nickname or something. Such a group of veterans and aces need to be known by both friends and foes.
6/5/2020 c47 R reyes
Tianem slap him ,(HA,HA,HA Phil from harvey birdman lagh) slap.
No let bright do it he has the credentials to do it. Ask mansha he knows
And i really hope coliny kicks the bucket by the psycho zaku doing it. also what gundam will amuro get the alex if it is have it equip with the full armor weapons and color of the original gundam making it more scary for the zeon,
Also dude will you do the crossover that i mentioned a while back but is your choice dude and i dont care if you dont, because of how the story is picking up man i am hipe to see more fights here keep them coming dude also take care out there man
6/5/2020 c47 justinq719
6/5/2020 c47 8RedRat8
Oh dear, while Revil may not have died here, the fact that Degwin Zabi was killed in a attempt to make peace will no doubt rally the remaining Zeon Forces in a bloodthirst. Also with Degwin being killed by the Federation instead, that means Kycilia would suspect that Gihren had something to do with Degwin's death less and that most likely means that she won't attempt a Coup at A Baoa Qu, which would also mean that Gihren Supporters will be there from start to finish like the Delaz Fleet. And this explains so much as to why the Thunderbolt Sector was going so bad for the Earth Federation there. What Coliny is doing isn't just incompetence, but outright criminal and treason to the Earth Federation. Tianem, Revil, and Kowen can use this chance to boot Coliny out from the Earth Federation before he could work with Jamitov Hymen to allow Operation Stardust to happen.
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