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5/30/2020 c46 11Moonreaper666
Still don't understand how the Living Dead which was crippled by the Moore Brotherhood on its own in Canon, could hold off Coliny's entire fleet upgraded with AI. With AI the Moore Brotherhood on its own should have defeated the LD before Solomon, even if they had the Psycho Zaku

The Living Dead must have A LOT of reinforcements. Even if Coliny is incompetent and divided his forces to seek a hidden objective his forces should be more than enough to curbstomp the Living Dead IF THEY DID NOT HAVE ANY REINFORCEMENTS

(Just give the LD lots of reinforcements and maybe have a few LD members die off-screen)

How many Newtype pilots did Zeon use in Canon? I thought that aside from Lalah, Char and Chalia Zeon's Newtypes were in very insignificant numbers to be effective in Canon?

How come the Federation doesn't have its own Newtype pilots if Zeon is able to get more than two handfuls of them?

The White Base itself should get more kills in every battle thanks to Fulcrum, especially at A Baou Qu. Maybe destroy the Dolos carrier alongside Wakkien's ship

Captain Aiguille Delaz should receive an emergency promotion and command a bigger fleet at A Baou Qu, to offset the extra casualties the Delaz fleet gets before and during the retreat. Kycilla should pull all of her forces from Granada to A Baou Qu. The Invisible Knights and Mars Zeon should all die in that battle

Gihren should conscript a lot more people to defend A Baou Qu compared to Canon. Have a Zeon child around Amuro's age pilot a Dom and attack the White Archdevil with predictable result
5/29/2020 c46 6AccelBreaker
Love is in the air between Amuro and Chan~

Will we be expecting a marriage between them and some kids in the future?
5/29/2020 c46 R reyes
thanks for the 411 on marions mental health when they explain. so amuro gundam cant keep up with him huh nice to see that you put some canon of it so they will ad the magnetic coating to him. so what mister ahole did. he send soldier's again and again with there ships hope he is next never like him at all also will io get his full armor with an ai and amuro will meet him. also what new weapons the white base got please give a little spoiler of it
5/29/2020 c46 RoyalTwinFangs
I think one of the reason that the Federation is stalling at the Thunderbolt secter is because the Zeon go more desperate and roll out more Reuse "P" Device MS. The one that the pilot having be a quadruple amputee to fully interface with the mobile suit. What will the Federation think of that?
5/29/2020 c46 justinq719
Gihren, you fucker... and seriously, producing exam system, BAD IDEA. and what the hell happened in Thunderbolt sector
5/29/2020 c46 justinq719
Gihren, you fucker... And what the hell happen in the Thunderbolt sector?! Mass-producing the EXAM system, that went soooo well... I'm actually being sarcastic about the last part
5/29/2020 c46 8RedRat8
I'm more of a Federation fan myself, like seriously with the exception of the Sleeves Conflict, almost every major Zeon Operation includes using colony attacks or so, and slaughtered millions if not billions. And yes, we finally get to enter the Thunderbolt Sector, been waiting for this!
5/23/2020 c45 Guest
Boy you're on a roll with all these chapters
5/22/2020 c45 R reyes
holy shit i dint think marion would be that vicious dude i saw the manga... thought not the new one but she is never was that vicious dude are you making zeon into the complete bad guys man the only thing she wanted was to be free nothing more. i guess is your choice dude also will the generals will remove the systems now and how will you react when amuro tells him she did and also will the good professor will have his leed medicine he needs and will coliny will kick the bucket please say yes
5/21/2020 c45 11Moonreaper666
Shouldn't the Living Dead receive extra casualties from AI? Even if they had a special advantage it would not negate the extra losses they would get from AI and they should get a little bit of reinforcements to replace the dead so to speak

Now that the White Base is being sent there the Living Dead dead shouldn't be able to retreat to A Baou Qu at all unless several Zeon forces sacrifice themselves to delay the Federation. The Moore Brotherhood should fight at A Baou Qu

Solar Flare should be used twice or three times at A Baou Qu. It's not like the Federation is talking prisoners anyway because of what the Delaz fleet does

How INSANE would it be to dedicate an entire Chapter for Amuro in which he fights ON HIS OWN in one of the Fields, the one that has the most dangerous elements of the Zeon defenders such as every Gelgoog, Zanzibar and most of the Doms? Where all of the remaining Zeon Aces and veterans such as M'Quve, Johnny Ridden, Thomas Krutz, Brenev Auggs, Karius, Cima Garahau, Kelley Layzner, Haman's dark skin subordinate and that loser that is Deikun's son are in?

(Considering the insane amount of Plot Armor and Newtype hax you given to Char it's only fair that just for once Amuro actually displays how powerful his Newtype power is especially in a better Gundam and based on feats the best AI the Federation has ever built)

I find it very hard to believe Char will survive his next fight against Amuro as the latter has activate his superior Newtype powers. Could Amuro now use the EXAAM system to temporarily 'merge' with Vega, increasing his already insane perception and reflexes to new levels?

In CCA, Amuro was the better pilot and Newtype than Char even though the Sazabi is better than the Nu-Gundam. Even though Amuro was distracted, trying to destroy Axis, he beat CCA Char

Shouldn't the Federation, embolden by a greater victory, prosecute Zeon leaders and high-ranking personnel for war crimes and give them the death penalty to soothe the outright bloodlust that many Federation citizens and soldiers feel? Nuremberg Trial on steroids

(I don't get why Federation soldiers are symphatetic to the Zeon fanatics. If they heard what the prisoners are saying they should feel very angry and well hit them, maybe a few Federation soldiers go berserk and start stabbing prisoners. These Federation soldiers should be filled with hate as they are victims of genocide that not even Revil can soothe, only the blood of Side 3 can)

Having Zeon lose 1.25 Billion out of the 5.5 Billion dead is kinda fitting as that is the same casualty ratio the Axis:Allies had in WW2, one dead Axis for every four dead Allies.

If the Federation had attacked A Baou Qu a day early would Gihren's Solar Ray had been functional? I am asking this because you skipped many battles in the Anime meaning that the White Base's journey is shorter by over a week
5/21/2020 c45 RoyalTwinFangs
The Thunderbolt secter is next, nice. I can't wait for it! Will the secter be the place where the FA get wreck and Amuro need an upgrade? Also what is Amuro headcount now?

You may not know this but I'm in my country's military. I join because right or wrong will support it. The things that Zeon does later in the timeline reek of terrorism to me that is why I despise them, remind me of 9/11. The Federation may have it's problems but it doesn't kill millions plus people only to use their homes as a weapon that killed more. That colony drop on Sydney did just wipe out the city, it would had cause massive tsunamis that would wipe coastal settlements adding to the death tow. There good reason why Earthiod are paranoid about spaceniods, can you trust people that can are known to drop extinction level stuff onto your home?

Also I don't feel any form of Marion Welch now, she is sounding like Anavel Gato who that I fine one of the more hated character in Gundam UC.
5/21/2020 c45 8RedRat8
Ah yes, Tianem finally gets to the root of why there are multiple Zeon Uprisings over the Universal Century. It's not just the fact that they want revenge, they've been indoctrinated from the moment that they enter the military that Zeon is Righteous, Zeon is Good, Zeon shall bring peace, Zeon will bring forth the evolution in man. While also making their crimes look nonexistent and the Earth Federation's crimes high. Marion Whelch at this point had more than likely took a dive off the sanity slope and has basically degenerated into someone who has become a fanatic of Zeon's beliefs. And I suppose another thing to note is that Zeon Soldiers have a tendency to whitewash themselves of their own crime, something that was noted in Gundam Unicorn when Banagher Links pointed out the atrocity that Zeon had done with Operation British and pointed out to the kid that those people didn't ask to die for a Cause they didn't know or believed in. And again, I can't help but note the favoritism that is given to Zeon as well, I remember in a interview for Char's Counterattack that one of the newer voice actors questioned if Char was a bad guy, but was scolded that Char was not a bad guy, despite the fact that he was kind of insane and trying to commit an atrocity worse than any of the colony dropping that Zeon has done at that point.
5/21/2020 c45 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter also I wasn't expecting that for Marion
5/21/2020 c44 Thekiller7
Lots of whammies this chapter. I'm glad to have stuck with you all the way 6-4. This is among the few Gundam fics worth reading these days. You've vastly improved your writing talent over this 1 year

Stay Safe
5/19/2020 c44 11Moonreaper666
Still don't get how the Living Dead are doing okay unless they got reinforcements to deal with the Moore Brotherhood's new advantages in AIs, more Mobile Suits and better mobile suits

You never mention in your story that Side 3/Zeon lost half of its population too in the war

Shouldn't Terry's friend(s) from the 08th MS team survive thanks to AI?
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