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5/19/2020 c44 Chris the Metis
Kowen's outfit understandably worried about the whole mess that crop up last thing they want is that rights of side 6 stripped away and an uprising blown up in their faces.
5/19/2020 c44 nliochristou
it hassorry i sent without to finished it) to the federation or will be AI greated or stolen from AEUG
5/19/2020 c44 nliochristou
onse you reach the z gundam storyline will kamile have AI like Amuro has? and if so will the AEUG remove the loylaty
5/18/2020 c44 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter also man the Exam system took Amuro out Char still got Lala and see Marion things are happening
5/18/2020 c44 RoyalTwinFangs
You seem to be going out of your way to paint the Federation as being bad as Zeon, which is bull shit. At end of the day the Federation is general good for humanity compare to Zeon who kill and drop colonies like there no tomorrow. With the Federation humanity was at a time united with no major wars unit the OYW. If I have to choose between the two I would pick the Federation every time, even with the Titans.

Anyways when Amuro and Char met again will that be the last battle with the Full Armored? Char will be more focus at avenging those that gave their lives for him. It may push him far enough to damage the FA enough that Amuro will have to change MS into the 7th.
5/18/2020 c43 Thekiller7
Shouldn't the Feds have intel/Spooks do the data job rather than pilots? It's kinda their job. That's the only real issue about this chapter
5/18/2020 c44 R reyes
its was sad to see lala die like that no i bet char hatred for the zabis will be much more along against mauro too also amuro meeting marion i hope it doesn't end bad for him
5/18/2020 c44 8RedRat8
Oh wow, Lalah's dead, without getting to know Amuro and him in return. But now he has to deal with the Vengeful spirit of sorts of Marion Welch, this is going to be bad, like really bad. I can only imagine just how bad this will be for Amuro's Newtype senses, since most of the Test Pilots and the users of the EXAM System were Oldtypes, meaning Amuro could have a particularly bad mental effect, that could also be a factor for why he's lonely and by himself in Zeta Gundam. Also as for how the Living Dead Division being so effective, my current guess is that the Living Dead stay out of range for the A.I. to be truly effective and render most of their advanced prowess and sensors blind in part due to the debris and the random paths that the Living Dead takes, as well as the Thunderbolts messing with their abilities. And that's not even counting what Char plans to do to Amuro, he might prove even more dangerous and more hostile than ever before.
5/15/2020 c43 11Moonreaper666
My question is about the battles that happened in Canon regarding the White Base that you did not cover in this story. Do those still happen such as when Dren, Conscon, Icelina Esconbach (Garma's lover, she asked a Zeon officer to avenge his death at the White Base) and other Zeon groups attack the White Base? Did these Zeon attackers get reinforcements to account for AIs and the extra reinforcements the White Base itself gets?

(Due to how extra dangerous the White Base is in your story it should be attacked by Zeon much more with bigger groups)

Did Garma's fleet get reinforcements and suffered more losses in dealing with the White Base in your story?

I don't understand why Kycilla doesn't send M'Quve and Johny Ridden, both loyal to her, to aid Char as his team is the only one slowing down the Federation?

Shouldn't the Living Dead take extra casualties throughout the OYW because of AIs and Butterfly Effects? The 08th MS Team and Moore Brotherhood have reduced casualties because of AIs and the better situation the Federation is in?

I just don't get why the Federation would still use Sabrefish when they have mass-produced the Ball. The Ball-F Variant is actually good in combat, with a 40% chance of beating a Zaku-II 1 vs 1. The convoys should have never carried Sabrefish jets but Updated Balls instead as the latter is much better in scouting, hit-n-run attacks and most importantly SURVIVING COMBAT AGAINST MOBILE SUITS!

(Thousands of Balls were used to drive Zeon Space Forces out of Earth's orbit shortly after Odessa in Canon)

It is even more practical to give Balls better weaponry like a beam weapon or triple-cannons that can be fired one at a time (Based on Canon sources but taken one step further because the AU Federation has more manpower and resources) which would allow a single Ball to destroy a Gelgoog or Musai in ONE SHOT! (Or one barrage from the TRIPLE CANNON!)

With less casualties to the Sabrefish, Balls and Tanks the AU Federation should RECYCLE MORE OF THEM to make more GMs and GM Commands!

Why hasn't the Mobile Suits of the Federation receive the Magnetic Coating since the Federation has more resources and more Newtype pilots? (With a dramatic reduction in Federation casualties thanks to AI it would allow more soldiers to have the time to develop Newtype powers. With more resources the Federation can apply the coating much earlier and to more MS than in Canon)

(It was first used on the G-3 Gundam which is why you can't ignore it/write it off/erase it from history like what Holocaust Deniers do. Just have Amuro drop it off at Luna II, just like in Canon, so that the Federation would use it in space. Dozle can mention how much damage the G-3 inflicted on Zeon in his letter to Ramba Ral)

How big is Side 3's population at the start of the war? It is stated in the Anime that BOTH Zeon and the EF lost HALF of their populations by the time of Episode 1

(Considering Zeon's colonies are more densely populated they probably lost almost a Billion civilian lives in the OYW. Explains more about Revil's speech about Zeon being exhausted when he escaped imprisonment)

How many missions do you think the Midnight Fenrir Corps did in Canon, besides the ones in the game? How many of them were prevented because of the Butterfly Effect and how much better the EF situation is in because of it?
5/15/2020 c43 Chris the Metis
Bright is taking a great risk for the plan although fortunes favours the bold.
There is no doubt is that Agar going to flipped out after seeing the identity of the traitor only hope is that he don't go on a rampage because of it.
5/15/2020 c43 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter. Look like the federation is pushing back Zeon on most fronts. Seems like Amuro will be needing a upgrade soon with all the damage his MS is taking. Also it is nice that he didn’t need the EXAM system to beat regular NEWTYPE like Bull when even Yuu needing it even out, he isn’t a top ace for nothing. The Zeon is losing there more veteran pilots while the federation is starting to get theirs.
5/14/2020 c43 R reyes
you, you ,you you you YOU BASTARD THE CLIFFHANGER YOU SIR ARE A CUNT YOU HEAR ME A C.U.N.T AN EEEEEVVVVVVIIIIILLLLL ONE EVIL IF KNOW WERE YOU LIVE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU EVIL. (phil from birdman attorney at law laughing) HA,HA,HA evil. still i am mad for leaving us HANGING here jerk
5/14/2020 c43 4Dragon lord Syed 101
I wonder who the plant was also I like how Zeon is getting crushed to the point Char is really thinking things over and how it's shown that the Fed's just what the war to end
5/14/2020 c43 8RedRat8
I do wonder, has the Gundam EZ8 and the Gundam Ground Types been modified for space combat yet? I do remember that they can be modified as such as seen in the Blue Destiny Units and that in some of the games for Gundam, the EZ8 can be given optional equipment to use for Space Combat. Actually just out of curiosity, the RX-78-4 Gundam Unit 4 and RX-78-5 Gundam Unit 5 could be theoretically be deployed into combat, but who would you give them too if you are willing to deploy them? Because my top two candidates are Lydo Wolf and Tenneth A. Jung. As they, along with Amuro Ray are the Top Three Aces of the Earth Federation by the end of the One Year War.
5/9/2020 c42 R reyes
look moonreaper you cant just go and write that kind of shit yes sometimes criticism is good but you are taking it out of proportion here 6-4 here is going of what he thinks what he plan you cant just make him write the hole thing you want it doesn't work that way and because of that writers on fiction get mad or stop writing so cool if down dude i am enjoying the way the story is going and i did enjoy yours too. very action fill but anyway man please think of 6-4 perspective on his writing and why. you choose to write yours the way you did and it was good but our pal here did his his own way thats how we find storys and movies entertaining. just like those who made the sonic movie when none of us like the first design of it when the first canon came i really dint like it. so its pilot choice to go his way you cant make him like that about a year of go i read a story of naruto and the guy just have naruto, hinata and sasuke revealed there secrets just like that is in a big way no plot nothing he just flat out make them reveal what they wanted to do after meeting when naruto stop mizuki from taking the scroll they became the best of friends just like that no plot development just flat out jumping it... i dont remember the name because i just move from the story never loke it never will the writer just made for his own way his fave characters just like that. the hole thing you just ask pilot it wont give the story the feeling it has no it will lose it. so please stop and enjoy if you dont like it come up with something you like or continue the onr you wrote.
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