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5/8/2020 c42 11Moonreaper666
Bullshit! Amuro in Canon was able to beat Char at this point since they both had Newtype powers! Why are you making the same mistakes found in Star Wars Rebels!

It would have been okay if Char was helped by Chalia Bull as well as Johnny Ridden and Brenev Auggs with one of the two using the Zeong! (Only if Chalia and one of the other two died against Amuro otherwise its crap)

Amuro has a MUCH BETTER GUNDAM THAN IN CANON! He has more training and experience than in Canon! He should be doing BETTER IN YOUR STORY THAN IN CANON!

That isn't the only mistake that you keep on making. If Char's unit had time to take out 10 Federation Convoys then why hasn't the White Base destroyed TWENTY-FIVE Zeon Convoys that had more ships and Mobile Suits! (Instead of sitting around doing NOTHING! At least the White Base and its escorts should be INFLICTING THREE TIMES AS MUCH DAMAGE COMPARED TO CHAR'S PUNY TEAM!)

Another mistake is the downgrading of AIs performance in the war! Two GMs with AIs took out Five Zakus and a Musai early on and did a phenomal job in both Odessa and Jaburo yet at space THEY SUCK! They should be doing BETTER since they are MORE of them and are paired with better Mobile Suits and better pilots! (Char's team should have lost way too many Mobile Suits and ships after destroying the Second Convoy!) In fact its like they are barely present after Jaburo and don't make a fucking difference!

It seems you are giving Zeon advantages they never had in Canon! Kai should be taking on and defeating Char using the G-3 Gundam, his own AI, the EXAAM System AND HIS OWN NEWTYPE POWERS! (If Char can get his Newtype Powers earlier in Canon then WTFN can Kai!?)

Oh where is the Rx-72-3 "G-3" Gundam!? What about the Rx-72-1 Prototype Gundam?

I am hard on you but because that is what it takes for you to see your mistakes and improve on them. Not everyone can write even fanfiction is hard to freaking write! I also call out the mistakes because you keep making them
5/8/2020 c42 R reyes
holy shit now that was one hell of a battle you my good sir are one hell of a battle maker more of this dude and nice to know shiro and agar still alive and kicking. also dint know the gm sniper armor cud handle the zaku rounds the only gm that cud tank those were gm ground type also will shiro and agar will have the exam system
5/8/2020 c42 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter. Do you know about the Superior Gundam and it's ALICE system? I can see MS AI become like that.
5/8/2020 c42 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter nice to see the effects of the EXAM also yet again Char get's his ass kicked
5/8/2020 c42 8RedRat8
Oh? So you don't intend to show off any of the Guncannon Line then? Considering that they're used to playing artillery support that might be a bit harder for them to adjust without any cannons on their back to use. I would have personally just given them the RX-77-4 Guncannon II to use in the remainder of the war. Or if you like the GM Series like I do, then you can use the RGC-80S GM Cannon Space Assault Type as my personal selection, not only does it still have good performance, it also has the same vernier thrusters as the RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom on its backpack and legs, resulting in improved attitude control capabilities and mobility in space.
5/5/2020 c41 FSRD
Great fic.
5/3/2020 c18 11Moonreaper666
I just found something out it shows that not only is the Federation cheap but also more inefficient/corrupt and lazy than Zeon.

It turns out that the Federation did not use a certain Gundam, RX-78-3 Gundam G-3, FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE UNIVERSAL CENTURY! (Ryu, Sleggar and Lydo Wolf wished they had that Gundam which was superior to Amuro's Gundam! They would still be alive and be better at fighting Zeon!)

So I AM BEGGING YOU TO GIVE THE "G-3" GUNDAM TO KAI instead of having his Guncannon replaced!

Instead, have the Guncannon be given to an OC who participates in Odessa, Jaburo, California Base, Solomon,
Side 6, Thunderbolt and A Baou Qu (Jack Bauer a 40 year old guy who lives thanks to AI saving his life)

THAT IS NOT ALL! Due to Vega quickly dispatching the Zakus and not blowing one of them up THERE IS ANOTHER GUNDAM THAT THE WHITE BASE CAN USE FROM THE START OF THE JOURNEY!

Meet the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam which was at Side 7! While it was either destroyed by the Zakus or by Amuro in Canon thanks to Vega Amuro instead RECOVERS IT!

-First thing first the RX-78-3 Gundam could also be recovered by Amuro and Vega (even the Federation doesn't know how they recover it) so it can be present from the start of the journey!

-One option is to have Hayato pilot the RX-78-1 Gundam while Ryu pilots the RX-78-3 Gundam, two MOAR GUNDAMS! (Honestly, Zeon just like the Axis was able to put up much of a fight because the Earth Federation/Allies are so goddamn lazy and wasteful)

-When Char gets a resupply ship, he gets two Musais with Zakus as reinforcements. Ryu destroys one while Hayato and the White Base destroy the other

-In Luna II Char gets four Musais of reinforcements. White Base deploys Guncannon and Guntank to aid the three Gundams

-Garma gets lots of reinforcements from California Base and other areas to fight against the White Base

-Ramba Ral gets the Afrika Korps as reinforcements and M'Quve gives Ral two more Doms and three Zaku IIs as well as another Gouf

-Crowley Hamon's forces and the Midnight Fenrir Corps get six Doms, one Zaku-I and five Zaku-IIs

-Kai replaces his Guncannon with the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam. The replacement Guncannon is given to someone else

-Black Tri-Stars get three more Doms, two last Goufs from Odessa and eight Zaku-IIs (Odessa will have less Zeon MS because of this and pre-battle skirmishes)

-At the start or right before Odessa, M'Quve sends more Zeon Mobile Suits to fight the White Base before they engage Aina Sahalin and the Appsalus

-The MFC assist in attacking the White Base in Belfast. California Base sends reinforcements to the fight in the ocean before Jaburo

-Johnny Ridden and several Doms from Kycilla participate in Jaburo against the White Base

-Dozle gets reinforcements from Kycilla and Gihren at Solomon. Zeon is screwed

If you need help editing the chapters then I am willing to help or I can just give you the edited versions (I was shocked that the Earth Federation makes the French and Soviet Union look competent by comparison)

I know having the Prototype and G-3 in your story is a big game changer but they are Canon and would have been affected by the introduction of various butterfly effects through Vega and the other AIs
5/3/2020 c41 Guest
Another great chapter, and some interesting insights into the higher ups on both sides
4/30/2020 c28 Moonreaper666
Find it strange that Zeon-occupied California Base only had ~70 MS when 100 defended Odessa. Unless the Butterfly Effects of AI have reduced CB's number of mobile suits from Canon

I also find it strange that the White Base struggles against not that many Magellan Tanks while Zeon MS are able to beat plenty of Federation tanks with more ease. Maybe edit earlier chapters to have the White Nase fight and destroy more Zeon tanks, perhaps triple the amount?

Even though the GMs with AIs at Odessa perform well (especially compared to Canon) they still seem underpowered compared to the feats of Vega and other nameless AI. Two GMs with AIs piloted by rookies were destroyed in space but took out Five Zakus piloted by veterans as well as a Musai. GMs and their pilots surviving longer should have an adverse effect on Zeon's starving economy and manpower pool

The GMs with AIs should be doing better at Solomon and when Lalah attacks. Gato shouldn't have been able to destroy a Salamis cruiser or get even close to one or the White Base. A few GMs with AIs should have easily destroyed that Chivay and use Vulcan guns to decimate Lalah's funnels with ease as well as chain-reaction explosions from multiple grenades and rockets exploding at the same time

Two other things bother me about AIs. Why aren't they being given to every GM, Ball, Aircraft, Big Tray, Transport, Tank and Sabrefish ASAP!? (I really don't see the Federation having financial, resource or technological problems putting AI everywhere in the Federation warmachine) Shouldn't there be more than enough GMs that Balls aren't needed at Solomon and at least 25-30% (maybe more up to half) of those GMs have AIs on them?

Char should be captured or killed when he and Lalah fights Amuro. The Red Comet is more of a Saturday Cartoon Villian. Have Johnny Ridden, Brenev Auggs (in the Zeong), the Invisible Knights and a SHITTON of Gelgoogs be the main opposition to Amuro the White Archdemon

Find it strange that the White Base hasn't fought more battles in Earth in your story:

-One after killing Garma and when crossing the Ocean fron America to Europe. Five Zaku-II on those flying things piloted by rookies

-One battle before fighting the Gouf and Dom prototypes. Seven Zaku-Is and Dopp fighters

-One battle prior to, during and after Odessa. A few Doms and several Zaku-IIs in all three battles

-One battle after the White Base returns to space but before going to Riah. Three Musais with Doms, one of which is destroyed immediately before it could deploy them

-One after leaving Riah but before Solomon. Several Musais protected by a few Goufs and Zakus

-One after Solomon, Amuro vs three Musais full of Zakus on his own

Amuro uses his Newtype powers, activates EXAAM and carves a path of bloody destruction at A Baou Qu, blowing up Gihren's Solar Ray before it could be used. Federation uses Solar Flare before unleashing its fleet

Immediaty after the OYW, Amuro should be sent to attack Axis. He kills Haman Karn while the Federation fleet nukes Axis (being terrorists the EF can use nukes or Solar Flare on them and the DF). Amuro also prevents Stardust by murdering Gato while the entire Delaz Fleet is destroyed via nukes (The Federation would be tired and don't give a damn about the lives of the Zeon Remnants. Kill them all quicky, efficiently and with less drama for the EF leaders)

The Delaz Fleet SHOULD NOT be at A Baou Qu and be replaced with another fleet (or two). Having them be there and running away will give the EF justification to kill every Zeon person at A Baou Qu without mercy and considering how very one-sided your AU A Baou Qu will be compared to Canon it's a lot. Agar should kill plenty of Zeon pilots, even a few that are surrendering as well as Zeon civilians and refugees

The butchery of A Baou Qu will persude Side 3 to surrender and not resist annexation, war reparations, Nuremburg Tribunal, increase in taxes, loss of jobs as well as countless criminal charges and civil lawsuits. Even when the EF and later the Titans become more and more abusive on Side 3 they won't rebel without AEUG. Poison Gas and the Gryphs Laser/Solar Flare would only be used on Side 3 colonies by the Titans
4/27/2020 c41 R reyes
as cool that sounds royal the system will overwhelm amuro if he use it along with his newtype abilities. that cud make him to overpower bastard also moon those are way to much kill count for all of them yes the full armor and the original big g did make quite the destruction of many zakus but not that much dude
4/26/2020 c41 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter. Think that the EXAM system may evolve into something like the ZERO system. It would be easier from others to swallow.
4/26/2020 c41 Moonreaper666
I really hope that Kycilla's reinforcement isn't just the Living Dead but maybe much, MUCH MORE. Amuro doesn't need Newtype powers or EXAAM to slaughter the LD in just SECONDS!

At this point Amuro should have 350 MS kills and 12 ship kills. At A Baou Qu alone he should get an extra 240 kills!

Amuro without EXAAM can kill Chalia Bull, Johnny Ridden (in the Zeong), M'Quve and capture Lalah and Char. Kycilla should send all of her forces against the White Base, overkill is needed

When Amuro activates EXAAM for the first time he should destroy 85 Zakus and 12 ships in just seconds! Going to need 175 Zakus and 33 Musais to stall Amuro alone! Ryu and Sleggar each can take on Three Doms piloted by rookies

There should be a massive effort to put as many AIs onto GMs before the attack on A Baou Qu. Ryu, Hayato, Sleggar and Kai should each have an AI. Each of them should be destroying over a dozen Zakus at A Baou Qu

If I remember right Kai had ~70 kills in Canon. In your AU story he should double his kill count
4/26/2020 c41 R reyes
is there only another person i hate the most on the games i play and manga i read was coliny that ahole with ghiren along with jamitov. coliny needs to die and hope he gets whats coming to him with the zaku from thunderbolt sector still nice chapter can't wait for more dude also take care out there dude
4/26/2020 c41 8RedRat8
Now I'm curious, will we see upgrades to the Guncannons soon for Hayato or Kai to pilot soon? If so which one will it be? Also great chapter here, shame that Revil and Tianam can't stop the EXAM System but this is war, and such a useful tool won't be rid of so easily. Also Looking forward to seeing Yuu and Amuro interacting together. Also kind of curious if you will show hints of the RX-78 7th Gundam being produced.
4/26/2020 c41 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter build-up to the next phase of the story was interesting also Bright got a promotion
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