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6/19 c18 11madisonbnola
I really love the lighthearted banter between Stella and Don and Don getting awkward with Mac. But my favorite but was the bit at the end, could totally see him punching the air in triumph!
4/25 c18 4Noticeable801
Omg, I don't know how I missed this chapter, but I definitely did! Thank you so much for another lovely instalment! I'm so happy to see everyone get some happiness! Hope to read more from you soon!
4/15 c18 4SMackedCaskett
I just can’t figure out the significance of that Cubs keychain and it’s driving me NUTS! Please tell me you’re going to reveal it? Pretty please?

Awww they’re moving in together :)

As always, I look forward to the next chapter!
4/13 c18 123ChibiDawn23
To quote a pretty famous sports announcer here in the states, "Ho-ly COW." Lots of big things happening in this chapter!
I think the funniest part tho was the discovery of the bra in the couch cushions :P
4/13 c18 Lizbet2008
Well, that was a neat twist! Mac goes to teach and Stella's at the lab. Didn't think about that combination. And they have an apartment together! I hope you write Don's recounting of the intel to Dalia - that should be entertaining. :D The 'laundry' on the couch was a humorous touch too. The best part - there's more to come! Hurray!
3/13 c17 4Noticeable801
Thank you for another lovely chapter! So happy that Mac and Stella seem to be back on track, and that Don's gotten his own measure of happiness lately, too! Always a pleasure to read! :)

As for your other question re: another little series, I'm never opposed to more content from you! :)
3/13 c17 Rae Chen
So would Stell leave the crime lab and take the new job? (
3/12 c17 Lizbet2008
What a lovely gift to see an announcement for a new chapter! And a fluffier chapter at that. :D So many cute Don moments in this one - first thing he remembers about Cousin Tony? Mets' fan. Stuck in the stall? Using his detective skills for other than professional reasons? Add in the reassurance that Mac and Stella are in a better place, relationship-wise, voila - great chapter! Thank you so much for sharing!
3/12 c17 4SMackedCaskett
Oh Flack, one day his accidental eavesdropping is gonna get him in trouble…

Aaaand here we go - glad they seem to be together though :D

How great would it be to have Flack’s option be the solution to whatever problem they have?!

Would love another little series and look forward to the next chapter :)
3/11 c17 123ChibiDawn23
Yes please, all the series :) yep that's why they gave him a badge and call him Detective! Loved that line, it's probably one of the best things I've ever read lol.
3/11 c17 11madisonbnola
I knew it, I knew she had to be looking for a new job because they were together! Love love love awkward Flack stuck in the bathroom, I LOL'd! Dalai and Don remain cute too, glad he has someone in your universe too. And of course I would love a mini series! I hope to reply to your dm soon!
2/5 c16 4SMackedCaskett
Don seeing Jess… Very intriguing.

At least Stella is back and there is some communication between her and Mac.

It’s interesting seeing them from Don’s perspective!

Was crazy busy the past few weeks; will get to that epilogue you posted soon ;)

However, I just landed a new job for April 1st (hope it’s not an April Fools :D) and so I’ll be less stressed now :)
2/4 c16 11madisonbnola
Well I can't do anything for the rest of the day. I am ruined. In the best of ways. I just sat and read this from the first chapter to this one and I felt every single emotion I think I know how to feel. I felt like I was right there in the story, a fly on the wall seeing it and and wanting to cheer or yell or smoosh people together or just something! (It is like when I watched the first 7 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in one week. Don't do that it is a horrible idea for your mental health) I am addicted and want more. I love how you really capture all of their personalities and write them better than the actual show runners sometimes did. You turned me into wanting to be OTP for Smacked more than I ever was. And even though I am #TeamGus and therefore unreasonably territorial over Don, I love him and Dalia.
2/1 c16 Lizbet2008
And the plot thickens! Questions are answered, leading to ... more questions! That's okay, the story is still flowing which is a good thing! Reading this from Don's perspective has been interesting - a limited POV is refreshing rather than an all-knowing overview. I'm glad you have Mac and Stella back to a warmer state in their relationship - I don't like seeing the parents fight! Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
1/29 c16 123ChibiDawn23
The dynamic is certainly different now between these three. The coffee spills and the clumsy Flack is so unlike his usual self. I appreciate he doesn't regret the conversation, but uh, yeah, I'd be a little shaky if I had to see Mac again after that too.
I just want things to go back to the way they were with everybody! The tension right now is crazy!
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