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10/14/2021 c15 9PatriciaF
Good, good, good! I loved the ebb and flow of the argument, just the way a real argument would happen! My favourite line was ‘maybe I looked triumphant. So sue me’. Your works are so full of little gems like that! Can’t wait to read more!
10/5/2021 c15 Ieda
Poxa demorou a continuação fico sempre na expectativa
10/4/2021 c15 4lemonpiegirl
Uffff what a chapter! How many emotions... I love that, in the absence of Stella, Don is in charge of opening Mac's eyes. He needs that push to risk it for her, to overcome fears, uncertainty, and take charge of his feelings. I can see how the conversation getting louder. I can imagine his face when Don tells him that Stella only asked for him when she was bleeding in the street, it went straight to my heart (and in large part it is because of your beautiful writing).
On the other hand, Stella is in the typical way of walking away to try to forget everything? Friend, spoiler, but you can not

I look forward to the next chapter! 3
10/4/2021 c15 4Noticeable801
Yay! So happy for a new chapter! :) Thanks so much for updating!

I do so love an angry, in-denial Mac, though hopefully with a realization that Don is right, on the horizon. I also enjoy these third-person optics on their relationship, even though it does come with the frustration of not actually knowing what is going on with these two, and what exactly happened to cause this rift.

Can't wait to read more! Please update soon! :) :)
10/3/2021 c15 128ChibiDawn23
If anybody, and I do mean anybody, that was on that show would have this conversation with Mac, it 100% would be Don and it 100% would go down .that. (I'm refraining from cheering out loud because my husband will wonder what in the world is going on). And for Don to tie it back to losing Jess and be able to make Mac understand that this is almost like Claire...holy cow. So good. A really subtle throwback from Mac.
The 'get out before I throw you out' line is CLASSIC Mac Taylor.
10/3/2021 c15 4SMackedCaskett
Really glad somebody finally went and told Mac to get his head out of his behind :D

I really can’t wait for how this continues!
10/3/2021 c15 Lizbet2008
Ouch. Home truths much, Don? Lily, that was...well, shouting matches are not lovely... but very well done. I could feel the tension crackling between the two of them and the conversation shooting between them like salvos. Poor Don, did he go pass out in the elevator once the adrenalin drained out? Thank you for the tidbits about the key chain, I've been wondering about that. Thank you for your persistence in working on this fic! Inquiring minds want to know!
8/1/2021 c14 Ieda
Não tem mais?
6/12/2021 c14 8Strandstorken
Gah I can't believe it took me almost two months to get to this. :S

I really like the direction of this chapter and how it kind of focuses on Flack's inner conflict with wanting to help them and make things right, but also knowing that he probably shouldn't interfere. I especially like how he keeps kind of going back and forth between seeming to have made the decision not to get involved, but then wanting to anyway, but then deciding against it, but then... Such a tough place to be in for him.

I had so much fun reading about pissed off Stella though. I love how Flack and Danny pretty quickly pick up on staying out of her way, even though it's not like her to be acting that way. XD I did also feel bad for her when she goes to Flack, clearly wanting to talk about things and maybe ask advice, but then feeling like a bother in doing so when he has plans. Aww. :'( She must be feeling so alone in dealing with things. :S
5/27/2021 c14 4Noticeable801
Honestly loving this story! How typical of both of them to be this stubborn despite having already basically lain their cards on the table. I'm really hoping they can pull it together and make it work, even if it takes a helping hand from a few friends to get there... :)

Hope you update soon, because I'm eagerly anticipating your next chapter! I'm so happy that you're still writing! :)
5/22/2021 c14 Lizbet2008
You really know how to keep a girl reading and crying when the chapter ends with more questions than answers. ) Looking forward to the next chapter! Thank you for helping to keep the Stella/Mac flame alive - even after all these years, they are still one of my favorite couples.
5/18/2021 c14 Ieda
Estou acompanhado sua história com ansiedade por mais capítulos
5/5/2021 c14 86pepperonyjopper
this end of the chapter was evil lol don't leave us hanging for too long. so excited to see someone still writing for CSI New York.
5/3/2021 c14 128ChibiDawn23
Okay first off, NO, Stella is not allowed to go to DC! :( At least, she's not allowed to go and stay. Although I must say having Mac fly down and meet her in a grand gesture...I wouldn't mind it if you wrote it ;)

I LOVE love love Flack and Dalia. I love that it was Ray's Pizza and Jurassic Park talk. I 100% ship these two.
4/29/2021 c14 4SMackedCaskett
Ugh, I want tokick both Mac’s and Stella’s butts for not getting their act together. And I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. How can you leave us hanging like this?! :D

As always, Flack is very sweet. I like the dynamics between Dalia and him.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!
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