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4/29/2021 c1 9PatriciaF
I love your dialogue between your characters, it flows so naturally, as a conversation should. Nice job! I look forward to reading more! Don’t leave me hanging like this!
4/28/2021 c14 6Lost in New York
Always great to see an update! They are so in pain emotionally! What is Stella up to? Mac needs to follow her..
4/27/2021 c14 20TheLadyBath
Oh boy. That conversation should be something else. Great job. Thank you for writing
4/26/2021 c14 4lemonpiegirl
Flack and Dalia

Traveling to DC ... what are you doing Stella?

And one of the best part:
-'She's been snapping at me since we left the lab.'
-'What'd you do?'
-'No idea.'

Excellent chapter!
3/16/2021 c13 Ieda
Você não vai postar mais?não gostaria que terminasse assim
1/23/2021 c13 Guest
Ansiosa pelos próximo capítulo
11/30/2020 c13 10LovesBiggerThatLove
Okay, my heart definitely broke here, girl how do you do this to me?
Mac and his reason, will never be good allies, not for when it comes to having a relationship with Stella, and it seems that he is acting like a real idiot, but to believe that there is something more there.
I love the role that flack is taking here, and how things are going with Dalia.
And I suppose that here I will be waiting for the conflict between Mac and Stella to be resolved, and stop being "complicated", and it is not the reason that is in charge. GOD! Great job as always!
11/30/2020 c12 LovesBiggerThatLove
I'm really sorry that it took me so long to get through here, I guess routine, my heart has broken a little here. But okay, what is life without drama, I hope Mac and Stella, can solve that soon, maybe ...
9/30/2020 c13 8Strandstorken
So so so sorry it has taken me this long to review. :S

Gosh I LOVE the relationship between Flack and Stella in this one. His concern for her and his disbelief at Mac being an ass is brilliant! I feel for both of them! :(
Flack not letting Stella get away with not talking about it is precious! :D Such a sweet friendship! :D

Seeing as I was this late to review this chapter, I'll accept if it takes you another... day to write the next chapter. :P
9/25/2020 c13 12Forest Angel
Sorry, been busy and little time to read.

Still following this and loving the angst that is flowing. Nice break though with Flack and Dalia. Please have him bang Mac's head against a wall and bring him to his senses.
9/24/2020 c13 20TheLadyBath
I really liked this. I love Mac and Stella together, but you are also brining our the challenges of this relationship. Nicely done
9/23/2020 c13 20narutoprincess
I’ve been watching CSI:NY reruns and it’s reminded me of how much I miss Mac and Stella. This fic is so good and it’s great to see something recent :D
9/23/2020 c13 128ChibiDawn23
Don Flack: matchmaker?
Iiiii love it. Also, I also caught just how quickly Dalia has become his girl and that just tickles me so much!
9/23/2020 c13 6Lost in New York
Oh so sorry for Stella. She clearly wants them to be together.. I'm so happy for Flack being there for Stella as a friend. I like them together but I like more Mac and Stella together and happy! I hope they will figure things out and be more than work colleagues. They deserve some happiness after all! Great writing!
9/22/2020 c13 Guest
Stella breaks my heart
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