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9/22/2020 c13 5Advazzz
Ohhh... It broke my heart...
Why can't he hugged her at court? Don has such sensitivity... Can't wait for the next one...
8/16/2020 c12 Advazzz
'Probably I should have left them to it, but my curiosity made me stay where I was' , you killed me with that sentence... totally can feel Flack on that spot and Mac with his 'rules'... can't wait to see how Stella helps Mac braking his rules great chapter, sorry it took me so long to read...
7/28/2020 c12 20TheLadyBath
Oh no. Please...please...I do hope they get back together. Love to read more about Don too. Thank you for continuing to write this
6/19/2020 c12 8Strandstorken
I was going to start out by apologizing for being so late, but after reading the chapter, I don't think I'm going to bother. :( Poor Stella! How DaRe?! :P

Okay, childishness aside. I really love this chapter (I know, I say that about all of them) but there's just such emotion in the seemingly casual interaction between all of them. I'm amazed at how well you do that! (And by amazed, I also mean a little bit jealous. :P)

I think my favourite part is the very short interaction between Flack and Stella, when she admits Mac wasn't the only one shaken by it all. There's just SO MUCH said with very little. Poor Stella. :(
6/19/2020 c10 4SMackedCaskett
So, I’m finally managing to write a review for this chapter as well!

Oooh, is Stella gonna have to stay with somebody for her recovery and that’s what Mac and she are discussing? Yay!

“'You know me, Mac, I'm like an elephant.' 'For appetite or memory?'“ SICK BURN :D

So. Mac’s gonna stay with Stella at her place, huh? My, my.

HE’S TAKING TIME OFF?! And two weeks, too?!

Flack casually dropping a bomb, OK.

I like the good-natured ribbing between Mac and Flack :)

Secrecy about a keychain, intriguing...

Expect a review for chapter 11 soon!
6/15/2020 c12 6Lost in New York
Hi Lily! How are you? I'm so happy to read this story. After a long time I've found my way back to the fanfiction world! I really liked the way Mac took care of Stella in the previous chapters, but nooo, he can't go back acting like nothing happened. Stella is hurt for obvious reasons. I really liked how Mac wasn't bothered that Flack saw him being so close to Stella. I really like their chemistry. I also like how this story is from Flack's point of view. Flack and Dalia, yeah they are so cute together
6/13/2020 c12 BruReginatto
It's so amazing! I love it! I want more hahahaha
6/11/2020 c12 Guest
"Is it marital bliss, or you fighting each other for who gets to use the shower first?" Hahahahaha I love it, and love this chapter.
Mac and Stella will have ups and downs in their relationship...
6/11/2020 c12 128ChibiDawn23
Gosh darn it Mac and Stella, why you gotta be all reasonable and such. I get it :) but it doesn't mean I like it LOL. I love that you've kept the detail about Flack hating the heat :D
6/11/2020 c12 Rae
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I've been waiting for new chapter for soooooo long time! There are little stories about CSINY or Mac/Stella on platforms like Fanfiction in China so I have to look through English website...[cry]
6/11/2020 c9 4SMackedCaskett
This review is so long overdue, it’s almost embarrassing...

Flack is almost like a brother to Stella :)

...and Stella is obviously good for Mac; getting him out of work for a bit, even if it’s not for a nice reason.

Flack’s relationship with food borders on obsession :D

Pinkie-tugging is such a Stella-specific gesture!
2/14/2020 c11 8Strandstorken
British Friend! I finally, finally, finally sat down to write the review I've been meaning to write for weeks and I am so so sorry it's taken me this long. :(

That said, I absolutely love this chapter. Even without danger or drama in it. I swear just the very short description of Mac's hand on Stella's shoulder and how she holds it breaks me with the cuteness of it. I'm amazed at how much you've managed to put into such small exchanges in this chapter. Knowing something about what your evil little self has planned ahead, those scenes are almost painful to read! :( :)

But Flack and Dalia. Omg. :D :D I love them so much. It's very rare that I care about other people's own characters, but I really do with her. They seem so good together! :D :D

Next chapter is up tomorrow, right? RIGHT?! :P :P (Okay, I know just about where in the process of the next chapter you are, and my patience is not LIKING IT ONE BIT! :P )
2/14/2020 c11 2Roccesc
So glad Stella finally got to go home :) it's really cute how Mac is taking care of her and how comfortable they've gotten.
But most of all: Don and Dalia finally had a real date! And they kissed! So happy for them! Can't wait to see what happens next!
2/11/2020 c11 5Advazzz
Sorry if I said it before but I'm so loving Don's point of view... he is funny, onest, so direct in his words, just loving him!
I hope to here in the next chapters how it all started between Mac and Stella, it's like I ate a big cake but I'm missing the sugar
1/31/2020 c11 10LovesBiggerThatLove
I finally found a time for some reading, you really know what I'm going to say, amazing in every way. Loved every little detail of that scene from Mac and Stella. Demons, Stella wearing Mac's US Marine Corps shirt was such so great an lovely. I love that they don't hide whatever is happening between them two of Don, here re anxious to know more :)And well, Don and Dalias, my God, perfect, I love those two too, and that Don creates in the second chances. I hope to hear from you soon!
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