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for Hitters Make The Worst Patients

6/14/2021 c7 Jenn
Hahha omg this was so good! Poor Eliot! I’d be chucking them off a roof too! Thank you so much for sharing!
10/30/2020 c7 FearlessShawn
9/25/2019 c7 56cosette141
omg hahahahahhahaa, that last line was hysterical! xD I really liked this story! This is actually my second time reading it but I guess I forgot to review it the first time. You have all the characters down so perfectly! We really needed to address the fact that Eliot took quite a beating in the boost job. Thanks so much for a great story.
12/27/2018 c7 UpdateCraver
Loved it in it's entirety!
3/28/2018 c7 Wanda
Love your story. Thanks :-)
2/17/2018 c7 1novisha.rivera.1
I am betting on flying lessons, but Parker will sneak up and scare him, then he drops Hardison. ;)
2/16/2018 c7 10HonestBee
Heeheehee! I think Hardison makes a great mother! I hope Eliot can survive their care...
2/16/2018 c7 3storyaddict69
LOL, I love this! Finally they get to try and take care of him.
2/15/2018 c6 Wanda
I'm really enjoying your story. Thanks for the update :-)
2/13/2018 c6 10HonestBee
Finally Eliot gets to beat someone up. I'm sure that alone will make him feel a bit better! Love the team's concern, and Hardison's bantering with Eliot.
2/13/2018 c6 3storyaddict69
I LOVE how out of everyone Eliot tells Hardison the Truth of what he's been dealing with. Not sure if he meant to ,or he just is that much more comfortable with him ,but I love it!
2/11/2018 c5 Heidi Dobson
it's great so far.
2/10/2018 c5 10HonestBee
You still have Eliot's attitude spot-on! I also like how he appreciates the working man, like in the Low Low Price Job. I hope his stubborness doesn't cause him any permanent damage, though.
2/10/2018 c5 3storyaddict69
Oh no, why do I feel like something bad is going to happen, *bites nails nervously*
2/10/2018 c5 1novisha.rivera.1
Yikes, room spinning bad
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