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3/4/2018 c2 25Newgirlystuff
I'm pissed off my first review didn't show and this one might not be as good. Meh.

Lmao at Jess's water breaking just as Nick kissed her (his "I'm good!" reminded me of Ross and Rachel in Friends, haha). And of course her water would break before she actually gets to her baby shower (and of course Nick wouldn't understand the term 'baby shower').

I also lolled at Jess 'not being ready' while half way to giving birth.

And the scrawny baby legs hahahaha! The name Judy/Judith is such an improvement from Ruth (*gags* did these writers not watch Friends or...?) and reading about Daddy! Nick will never not make my heart beat faster (and prompt a pretty impressive ugly crying sesh).

Meh. So disappointed we won't get to see this on the show. There's still a tiny ray of hope, but...
3/3/2018 c2 sprinkletard
i am the worst at leaving reviews because i'm never signed in and i always forget, but OH MY GOSH MY HEART JUST JUMPED OUT OF MY CHEST, RAN AROUND THE BLOCK, AND JUMPED RIGHT BACK INTO MY BODY-i am sobbing
2/23/2018 c2 Guest
Thank you for the update. I love the fluffy lovey bits.
2/23/2018 c2 5loadofschmidt
This was so perfect what the heck
2/23/2018 c2 70cosmictrap
i am crying... i'm drowning in all this fluff and crying as i do, drowning further in tears of joy. i love it. :* and it's just the right length, kay! wouldn't have it any other way!
2/15/2018 c1 25Newgirlystuff
I LOOOVEEEE ITTTTT! I love that it is Jess that is first to try to uncall it! And I also love she calls him out on his bullshit, lmao. Smut on point, angst kind of making my throat hurt... I LOVE IT!
2/6/2018 c1 Xoejfneof3333
Thanks for writing! That was great excited for part 2!
2/6/2018 c1 5loadofschmidt
OMG this was so beyond words beautifully written. You’re so good at life. Now upload pt 2. (And update wide awake)
2/4/2018 c1 victoriabrody
Soooo good! Please update soon!

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