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9/7 c21 kirsty21
updated soon please and thank you
8/30 c21 Ravensa05
I'm still waiting for the updateee please this is one of my favorite stories!
8/28 c20 s.roest02
About the Argents... Don't involve Chris in the bad stuff but let him help Harry since he might be a hunter... But he has restraint unlike Gerald and Kate... And about his wife... She should kind of still become a were (something, honestly IDK what, maybe penguin? A werepenguin or a werehawk? Both of them would be awesome to see...). And I really want to see Stiles in the story...
8/22 c21 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
6/17 c21 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
6/10 c21 sam
thank you ;)
5/21 c21 Skellefte
love it keep it up
5/20 c21 Guest
5/11 c21 lady sakura cosmos
Good story
nawww that ending is exactly what peter needed, finding his place in the pack, malia turning human again and having a purpose
3/12 c21 kirsty21
3/11 c21 Ravensa05
I don't really know why, but the thought of Harry not being Peter's Alpha anymore is sad. Really, I know that the oldest Hale is a pure Slytherin and had ambitions for the Alpha position since the beginning in the original story, but with his psychological problems and the stability Harry provides is good for him. Of course he is going to get better and could possibly be a wonderful Alpha, like in your other story, but Harry acts like the father and protector of the family and with in Life Worth Living he could do that being the Alpha-mate in this story Derek is, and probably always will be, a Beta. I don't know if it really makes sense... but well I'm sure that you know what you're doing hahahaha
About Laura and Beacon Hills... well the territory is belong to the Hale's but for now she looks like a terrible choice and she gave up her right to it 2 years ago, so Peter would be better, even if in my opinion Harry should still be the Alpha, he could be the administrator or something like that, the right hand, and he could be an Alpha, there is that pack with more than one Alpha... well that's a thought
Well I started rambling at some point hahaha
So just continue doing a wonderful job and, please, update more often!
3/8 c21 yachiru-chan92
Good chapter
Thanks for your work and the chapter
3/8 c21 1mayawene
Thank you for this chapter
3/8 c21 PolarisTargaryen
Great chapter!
These family moments Harry has with the Hales are so sweet.
Everyone is little by little healing from their wounds.
Thank you for the update.
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