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for My Angel is a Dragon, My Devil is a Snake

3/2/2017 c14 9CheshireKitKat
This freaking needs a sequel!
4/28/2013 c14 Thank You
This fic is rad! You are a genius!
11/25/2012 c14 Arpho
I know it's been years, but please write another sequel anyway. I want to know what happens between Lucius and Lynda! :)
2/18/2012 c14 dina arumor
This was really something else and even though I sincerely doubt that the Malfoy's (at least Lucius) would act this way it was a very good story! I think it was a little weird that Lucius suddenly had such a strong reaction to what Abraxas had done to him, why did he not react until now? You also managed to make a Dumbledore that had misjudged something big but still didn't turn out as the bad guy in everyones eyes, cheers for that!
5/27/2011 c14 5EvelynRaeShadows
I nearly died at the vibrator part! This was amazing(: I hope to see more stories like this(:
4/20/2010 c14 61Stormshadow13
I'm so glad that things worked out in the end for Lucius and Draco.

I practicly died laughing at the vibrater bit. That was great!

Love this story and the hp AU that you have it in.

Great fic.

Hope to maybe see more in this line someday.
11/27/2008 c14 2Boxfin
I've just read this, and the first one, they're both amazing! You've really made the characters come to life! I love the idea of Lucius not being as evil as everyone thinks, and capable of being a wonderful father. His little trips into the muggle world was hilarious!

I loved every bit of it!
8/13/2007 c14 seekerchick06
4/16/2007 c2 2ShadowWren
Luv this story! Definitely an work of art!
11/3/2006 c14 2Lisa14
i love these set of stories, hope the plot bunnies visit soon.
7/21/2006 c14 1Keilantra Everloss
lol harry with blaise lmao omg that is too funny. Loved it!
7/15/2006 c14 Rogue - Live with a Vengeance
Kyaa~! LOL! The last part was SO funny I almost fell off my chair - and it had HANDRESTS!

There are WAY too few Draco/Lucius father/son fluff fics. And usually Narcissa's the 'good' one, and Lucius is the more abusive. It's nice to have a change. =)
11/10/2004 c1 44Adara's Rose
I loved "precious". I really did. but you can NOT make me read a Draco-HET pairing!

Not even if you pull out my fingernails, cut of my hair and torture me with hot pokers! NO WAY!
10/2/2004 c14 Aquarius
I've read this both books of yours in this series and I must say they are funny, and well written. Please continue with a third book!
7/14/2004 c14 1Bra-Two
WOW OMG This is so good. I love this story so much.

I want to hug you but unfortunatly I can't but I really wnat to express my feelings for this story.

So I will yell.

Okay yelling done, honestally this story is great!

I love it.
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