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for Put Up Or Shut Up - The 77th Hunger Games

3/14/2018 c3 8Platrium
I'm also late, hehe. This story should be a training ground of sorts. I wish you have more reviewers, so that you're not basing everything on my opinions solely. This is fine for now I guess.

I'll start with grammar. That's quarries, not quarry's. We don't use 's (apostrophe - s) to indicate that something is plural. However, do take note that there are some exceptions. These can be 90's (80's, 70's, etc.), p's and q's (or any singular letter), do's (of do's and don'ts). Optionally, acronyms too. I can say I've submitted to so many SYOT's, but I can also say I've read and review SYOTs where I have tributes in. For this one, just be consistent. The sampled sentence as a whole fails this example, since I used both, making my writing inconsistent. :/ This is just an example though. XD

Berenice is better than either of the D1 tributes I've read. She may be from D2, but she raised herself from the poor. She climbed her way up to get this far, to be the chosen one. It's cool how her forte is her speed, and not weapon usage. Still powerful, and I wonder what she can show us later. Btw, I like the world building for D2. Usually I read about peacekeepers and careers, but this one has masonry in it, like the one from canon. It wasn't highlighted much, but getting the perspective of someone from the lower social class made half of this chapter twice more interesting than the whole of the previous chapter. Well done with Berenice. I would have said Be-re-nice, but that's just me trying to be funny. :P

Caligula is the mayor's child. Been there, done that. It was so overused at one point that it became a pet peeve of mine, but it mellowed down now. The trope could be used properly, or it could just be there to make the character 'cool.' I'll see where Caligula will fit, but he's on the latter one so far. It's not every day that I get to read emotional goodbyes for a career. Well done with that. I try to write strong emotion, but it's just not my forte.

Overall, I'd say there's improvement in this chapter. Yay! :D Next is D3! Oh btw, I may or may not review with higher standards for D3. It's my favorite district, because I have a computer-related background.
2/27/2018 c2 Platrium
Late, but I'm still here; just busy. With that, don't worry about slow updates. I put my story on hiatus for 4 months last year because I was playing Pokémon Moon, haha. :)

The length is okay. It's not too short yet not too long. I overdo mine sometimes. Some readers like it short and sweet, while others like it long and lavish. I can work with either, although longer ones intimidate me, but then it is usually made up with detail. Everybody has a different writing style, and I find yours decent and readable. :3

Btw, you wrote "shoe" instead of "show" for the reaping video. Other than that, I think your spelling and grammar are good. As for writing structure, I don't think there's anything wrong with two quotes side by side. "Like this." "And like this." It's understood that they're said by 2 different people. Just try not to put too many dialogues in that format within 1 paragraph. It might get confusing later on.

Now for the tributes! Tbh, I find both of them just fine. I'm probably picky with high standards because of my way of doing character creation, but I think I'm also easy to please, haha.

I'll start with Wonder. The name is good. Not too common for D1 yet remaining district-related. A notable thing about him is that he doesn't like school, haha. Not smart, but okay. I Wonder what else he'll bring to the table though.

Garnet Diamond, hehe. That's too much for a district-related name, but alright. Names are just the surface. I wonder why nobody visited her. Not even her friends? That's disappointing. They must be fake. She has little sibling issues with her brother, whose name I thought fit better for a girl? That's just me I guess. Perhaps I'll need to see more of her to form a better opinion.

Ah, very career-like in personality these 2 are. They're dumb and they just volunteer out of nowhere. I hope to see more from them that'll eventually set them apart. I hope the other careers aren't gonna be similar to them too. Right now, they're both meh, although I find Wonder a bit better than Garnet.

That's all for now. I wonder what you have in store for the rest. :)
2/5/2018 c1 Platrium
Interesting world building for a prologue. It's short and simple, yet it's straight to the point.

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