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8/19/2020 c1 19ReaperOfBalance
Poor fools don’t know who they are fucking with
12/13/2018 c3 Guest
11/29/2018 c3 BullShit Gohan
Why are there so many bullshit story with gohan i understand that hes a soft kinder goku but he fucks up just like his daddy always the same shit. No one writes anything with future trunks bc hes a badass an will end shit quicky an hes most serious fighter so f gohan bring back trunks story
10/22/2018 c3 Guest
bullchet this story is chet and so are you
10/22/2018 c1 Guest
8/16/2018 c2 Guest
Great job.
8/6/2018 c2 Guest
I really like it. Keep up with the great work.
6/27/2018 c1 DanteSparda12
In this video, I cover the fact that at the end of the destruction of the planet Namek, we can see that the explosion clearly not only at the planetary level, but beyond, involving a significant portion of a galaxy. This easily makes it an explosion at the level of the multiple solar system, which Frieza survived on the verge of death, at ground zero! This also shows that the explosion was mftl covering that distance.
This also ends up doubling as a strength feat.
During the Trunks saga. Mecha Frieza is stated to be stronger then before and with the way that Ki works means that his Durability threshold would be higher then when he survived Namek.
We then see SSJTrunks slice Mecha Frieza with a sword then blow him up.
This means that at MINIMUM SSJTrunks' pure strength and energy attacks are Multi Solar System
Then we see 18 take SSJTrunks physical assault like its nothing. In short this means that Cell Saga characters should at MINIMUM be capable of destroying Solar Systems with ease and being able to survive Multi Solar System busts.
I want to put a few fair, logical, and perfectly reasonable power measures out there for some of the most popular DC characters, just so people can know just how weak and outmatched they are when compared to universal gods like Goku and Beerus.
Flash's most powerful attack is the Infinite Mass Punch, which has the power of a dwarf star, making it solar level. Super Perfect Cell stated himself that he was solar level. When Superman uses it, he knocks himself out. Therefore, using reasonable logical thinking, I'm putting the Flash at solar/Cell level. Since Superman is stronger and more durable, I'm putting him at solar/Cell or SS2 Gohan level. Martian Manhunter would be about solar level as well. I put Batman at 1.5x Hercule. Cyborg would be city level. Aquaman, with his destructive water power, would be continental level. Wonder Woman would be planetary to multi planetary at best, maybe Namek Kaioken Goku level (no she's not Superman's equal. He ALWAYS holds back against her, she doesn't). Thoughts anyone?
However, there is ample proof of multi-galaxy level power for anime.
1. Goku shaking the universe of the other world physically. (This is only a direct undeniable feat of gross power at a level of multiple galaxies and enough).
2. Janemba deforms all the other world passively.
3. Buu declared several times to be able to destroy the Universe as an immediate threat.
4. Push a spiritual pump driven by the universe.
5. To be able to destroy the great planet kai, which is represented as a good portion of the size of the sky, which means that it has a size of several galaxies.
6. Broly was declared several times to be able to destroy the universe even though he had, in the best of cases, 100 years, which would be multi-galaxy.
7. Then we have the shadow dragons with many things about the ability to destroy galaxies.
8. And finally the vice cry of Buuhan that can cover the Universe with its deformed space and collapse it.
Just be sure that you can call atypical values or hyperbole, but overall there is an overwhelming multi-galaxy level power test for anime Bucket and higher levels.
Final note: the Anime saga Should be multi-galaxy possibly universal, GT around that, possibly, universe
Trunks is just as strong as Goku SSJ3, so it is capable of destroying multiple galaxies or probable Universe, with SSJ2 portrayed in the manga is just as strong as Goku in SSJ3 phase.
Actually, there is an interview with which Dragonball is anime and manga.
Goku Saga Namek:
And yeah even his frieza fight self would have been crazy fast, I actually calculated the speed of his space ship he used to get to Namek using the daizenshuu universe map and the observable universe as the total distance for it, he crossed from earth to Namek in 5 days and after the calc even using just the observable universe it came out to his ship being over a trillion times ftl, and then the fact he can dodge oncoming meteors while on his ship, and his Kamehameha was faster than the ship, and king kai states Goku and frieza are moving so fast at one point he can't even see or follow there movements, yet he can easily find and see Goku's ship just shows there speed even back then is trillion times ftl.

No es que me sorprenda: quiero decir que Kid Goku ya era más rápido que la iluminación y para el momento del 23º torneo mundial de artes marciales Goku era masivamente más rápido que un rayo, y obviamente Goku ha mejorado mucho desde entonces. Le tomó a Goku 3 semanas atrapar al mono en el planeta del Rey Kai a una velocidad masiva que la velocidad del rayo, pero después de entrenar durante unos 3 meses, Goku lo hizo en un segundo, así que eso es aún más evidencia de que Goku es mftl.
SSJ Goku Frieza saga's speed in the trillions like I calculated. Not even Flash can match up to that
An interview in the lower left hand side
"dragonball c'est l'anime et le manga"
It is French and it means
"Dragonball is both anime and manga."
Not to mention that it is confirmed that BoG and the new movie is a canon for the manga.
"[As in the last film], I thought about the new story for the next Dragon Ball theatrical movie as if it were a continuation of the manga when it was in serialization."
And of course, we have BoG using anime only things like the Z title that was created for the anime, it's not part of the original manga, and Bulma has blue hair, was purple in the manga, and had a son, who had a Gregory the cricket, a unique animated character.
So, the fact that the new movies are kept, the anime title, the characters and characters with anime only, and reality are not made only by AT, but the canon confirmed by AT, and AT itself has said which considers the anime and manga both dragon ball.
Thus, the notion that manga is the only canonical material is incorrect and hypocritical when using BoG, but the anime is ignored, since both sides are involved, but not the only manufacturer.
AT also had entry into certain filling arcs, especially in the other arc of the world. Look for the Pikon and Grand Kai characters, AT made the designs for them and left notes for the animators on how to use them.
Here with Pikon shows some sketches of Pikon and AT even leaves notes on the side talking about how to portray him using a similar Piccolo. "use Piccolo as a reference for facial expressions".
. /_cb20110808232533/dragonball/images/8/86/Pikkon%28SGD%
Toriyama wrote:
For the temple of God, I gave it a comparatively mysterious feeling, but on the other hand, I thought it would be good if life were realistic. So Enma-daiō and the oni all wore costumes as men of salary. I think you can see this by looking at the map of the world in this book, but there is something called the airport to go to Heaven. The background to that is that people who go to heaven have to go by plane. This map is a background information that drew a request from the people of the world, but took this opportunity to add the Kaiōshin world, which was not included in the entire map before, to make it perfect. In truth, this is the whole map of the world, it is something that he did after finishing the drawing of the story, to make everything coherent. (Laughter) With me, I think about the story in advance, then I think about the general information of the world to be consistent with it. I guess if it was a normal drawing that did things correctly, first I would think about the background information and then the story would be made. Saying that, thinking that I really do not think about anything. There is a vague image, even before creating the story. (laughs)
So, he participated in the anime, and he considered it as the manga canon, and the new ones, the movies and the anime characters. Therefore, the anime is the canon and there is no reasonable reason not to use it.
In addition, even Kanzenshuu takes note of his many contributions to anime.
6/27/2018 c2 Guest
Guys it their story so they have the right to call the shots in this story. It a fanfic that fans make up for fun so give them a break. It an what if fans story if Justice League characters meet Dragon Balls characters in the same universe. Personally I think it a great idea to make Mirai Trunks op because the shows underused Mirai Trunks.
6/27/2018 c2 Guest
I like the story so far. Will Kara and Barbara ever relies that Trunks have no control over his body because of brain chip that Lex put inside his head. Trunks have no choice but to follow the instructions that Lex program it.
3/16/2018 c1 Guest
this fanfic died instantly
3/2/2018 c2 5Deadpool1991
great story
2/12/2018 c2 kakarotsanmistic
base trunks is multi solar buster to galaxy level easily.. and much faster than super girl and Superman in combat speed and you forget about saiyan strength . saiyan are much stronger than kriptonion... and kara in her best is only star level and Superman is solar level so base trunks can easily beat them... so don't nerf him...
2/12/2018 c1 4123GOHANZ
I thought this was going to have potential till I saw Kio-ken times one hundred. Lord, the Trunks wank is real.
2/11/2018 c2 15gemm1mt
Sweet man. I hope Mirai gets that chip out of his head soon.
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