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2/13 c1 cosmiccomicreader
I hope aj would styles clash eric after he finds it.
2/13 c1 cosmiccomicreader
continue the series, i really need it.
9/24/2018 c9 RomanGirl
This is a good story, keep it up.
9/9/2018 c9 694Skovko
At least the police is worth something in this town.
5/5/2018 c8 7RomanisHOMEBalorisBAE
oh this isn't going good
5/4/2018 c8 694Skovko
I don't think AJ's gonna like what he comes home to after the weekend with Erik on his way.

I know you probably grabbed the name Erik out of this air but I can't help picturing him looking like Erick Rowan.
4/24/2018 c7 7RomanisHOMEBalorisBAE
i don't blame her for reacting that way! I hate men like that
4/23/2018 c7 694Skovko
Can't say I blame her for reacting that way but unfortunately it doesn't help the other woman in the long run since the guy probably just ends up taking his anger out on her later.
4/19/2018 c6 7RomanisHOMEBalorisBAE
Oh I don't like Eric finding that photo cause I feel like he will go look there now! and aww im glad they were honest with each other there cute
4/16/2018 c6 694Skovko
Drama ahead. Eric's totally gonna find her. :-p
4/16/2018 c5 7RomanisHOMEBalorisBAE
Aww that was a sweet night! and Kiss
4/12/2018 c5 694Skovko
And a little kiss to end an already perfect evening. Sweet.
3/29/2018 c3 gump1098
This fanfic's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
3/23/2018 c4 7RomanisHOMEBalorisBAE
ohhhh I think their going to fall for each other
3/23/2018 c3 RomanisHOMEBalorisBAE
I hope he doesn't find her... and aww AJ is crushing
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