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7/3 c1 theo1004
Not gonna lie Goat leg Natsu made me laugh
7/1 c23 erasenpai946
Don't worry, take as much time as you need (just don't forget to bring Ultear to the harem soon in both this and the other story)
5/25 c22 Boomatrix77
AWESOME DUDE, will flare really come back to fairy tail after realizing what she had done? I really want her to betrayed her dark guild!
5/24 c22 28Imperial-samaB
Well done
5/24 c22 altajir95
Nice chapter. Looking forward for the next chapter.
3/12 c10 Boomatrix77
Hey what Happy's battle shift mode look like, can you give a description please, please PM me back
3/11 c21 erasenpai946
It was a cool chapter, I hope Natsu fights Jose (that Makarov's appearance and resolving everything was very bad would be better if he arrived and Natsu has already defeated him) that Natsu being the most powerful of Zeref's demons has no way to escape from him being OP (I think it would be more interesting if you used Kurama's artifice in Naruto with Natsu staying in a berserker state and destroying everything with etherious powers so he wouldn't be Op normally)
3/11 c21 Imperial-samaB
Not bad at all
3/11 c21 1Kriim-Sauce786
if flare is part of the harem, then I dont think haveming her fight would be good. if natsu was to come to her, then it would be good for a talk. cos If it was a fight then it would be quite similar to gray and juvia. I think natsu would see flare sat down knees to her stomach and her head down and looks like she is crying. natsu would sit next to her saying nothing and let her talk. she would be a mess becasue she doesnt know what to do or think about fairy tail. so natsu would tell her stories an old what fairy tail is like. something likethat
3/11 c21 altajir95
Nice chapter. Looking forward for the next chapter.
3/3 c2 brandonmunoz499
God damit why lucy man
3/3 c1 brandonmunoz499
Hope ultear is in it
3/3 c1 brandonmunoz499
Don’t add lucy bro she is so fucken useless
2/27 c20 Alexa
Please add some more to it
2/13 c20 1Dragonfan6
Man its really going to suck when they learn Flare is the spy. Good work on the chapter, looking forward to the next.
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