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for Merlin's Snake: The Philosopher's Stone

2/13/2018 c2 Primordial do caos
I want merlin to appear
2/9/2018 c1 amy4rei
i like your story, i had a similar idea oncebut it was about a big family of merlin descandant who did isolate themselves because of problems with the ministery and who they did reintegrate throw a rebilious teenage attending hogwartwhich i hope one day to write even though i don't have good writing abilities.
so to see a similar story , make me want to know more about your personal vision in this case.
I really appreciate that you didn't make merlin an isolated person or a one who didn't care about what happened in the magic world and then suddenly he want to help the chosen one. and i like your passage about the fact that histor is not fault free because a lot of story assume that merlin should do well in history because he lived them which is entirelly false. even thought , for fact only, there was a story about merlin being a history teacher in post hogwart and tring to change the academic books.
i really hope that you talk about your theories conserning the reasons behind the contradictions between the two magical world.
i really hope to see some character developement for fayeshe is very attached to her mentor , isn't she . maybe because he is the only one that she spook with since 6). but i can't understand how she didn't knew that she was a wizard until her anniversary, wasn't she accompaning merlin because of it... ? or was there other reasons. and isn't it forbiden to tell non magic people about their secret society.
finally, can we talk about the gauis like response... with the raised eyebrow ... or not ... maybe not
anyway , good luck.

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