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for Ace Combat: Shattered Rose

6/11/2018 c13 2ItsErisGamingTSA
Omfg, I thought Yang took over the chapter and put some crappy Yang puns but nope

I think Ruby will get PTSD due to Yellow Squadron and fooking Stonehenge guns
6/7/2018 c12 1Ribbon Monarch
i imagined Ruby taking off from the carrier in a F-4
6/7/2018 c12 7Psihopatul
You of course started off with cruelty, again throwing something at my eyes. I really enjoyed this one, connects to the last chapter well and gives us bit of view whats to come.

As for the side story: YES EFFING YES!

And lastly, what the hell are you doing in my armpit?
6/7/2018 c12 1RabidArmenian
Ooooh I know the hiiint cause reasoooons!

And love the chap so far. Can't wait for whats coming!
6/6/2018 c9 Rairi Valelira
I noticed what you did there. Teehee!
5/27/2018 c11 7Psihopatul
Oh man here we go, it has started.
Also, what the heck did you put in my eyes at the end of the chapter?
5/8/2018 c10 2Papa Cipher
As long as Ruby's callsign doesn't become Omega 11, I think she'll be okay.
5/5/2018 c10 6Krionik
An... Interesting crossover, to say the least. Pretty good so far!
5/5/2018 c10 7Psihopatul
oh nice, now this is what i'm talking about perfect training chapter, sure maybe bit more details and few typos here and there but other than that I am 100% satisfied.
Now on to waiting for the next chapter to come out, till then Good hunting!
5/4/2018 c10 1RabidArmenian
Ah good chapter, Nice to see her taking the air combat well. Wonder what she will fly later. And what her Callsign would be.

And nice to see your depiction of Pixie. And chronologically I believe he was in Usea during the war of the date of the interview for the documentary
5/4/2018 c10 2ItsErisGamingTSA
Solo Wing Pixy, yep.

I can tell the dusty Qrow is in Usea now.

When the Erusean Invasion start?
4/30/2018 c9 Leonboy24
Wow I'm really loving this story so far mate. Keep it up
4/26/2018 c9 ItsErisGamingTSA
Reminds me of you know

Getting Yangry? (Don't shoot me)

Anyways, good chapter


PS: Will Ruby met Cipher and Solo Wing on the skies?
4/25/2018 c9 1RabidArmenian
4/25/2018 c9 7Psihopatul
As I've stated before I'd really want to see more of training and well this was bit too fast moving from one snippet to the next, if you are going to do snippets like these then make them bit longer with bit more details and things happening to give bit more idea of what is going on as I had hard time knowing what was going on, when I was in the basic training myself in my country's "army" (I prefer to call that place as playschool) I know what basic training is like though still bit more details would be good for those who know nothing about it.
In the end this felt bit rushed out chapter.
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