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for Familiar Stars

1/11/2019 c1 43tmtcltb
This story was really lovely. We see Janeway almost coming full circle as she second guesses herself, only to reach a calm acceptance.
8/27/2018 c1 purple-lightening
Hi, Che,

I am here from the Caesar's Palace's Forum Reviewathon to check this story out.

Your grammar was perfect in this! I could find no flaw. The sentences were perfectly calibrated and natural in length. The language used was well placed and appropriate for this universe.

The juxtaposition of both physical and literal darkness and emptiness is clever and poignant. I thought the sentence: ["It's enclosing darkness shattered all pretenses of strength"] was powerful in the emotion it evokes. The darkness and emptiness is palpable and I just ADORE how the ["alien stars were swallowed by a void"]. There is something just so perfect about that description. It is both unique and no other string of words could have presented the image that the words you chose did.

The theme and metaphor and literal use of stars is powerful. Stars are shining beacons in a blanket of darkness and represent so much. Wishing upon a star, shooting stars, bright as a star... they are the corner stone of the vast stretch of sky we gaze upon.

This was a very sweetly written piece. I think the ending was perfect and really wrapped the whole thing together. ["Here, in his arms, she was home."] Awww, so satisfying! I though there would be a more angsty end to it all but I am pleasantly surprised and happy at the one you chose.

I am really impressed by this, especially because of how effective this piece is in just a few words.

8/26/2018 c1 34VST
Hi, Cheile,

Here from the C/P Reviewathon!

As the story begins, the list of the stars visible from Earth gave me an immediate feeling that the unfamiliarity of the Delta Quadrant and Janeway’s loneliness would come into play. Just a few sentences later, that came into play as she is burdened with her situation and the responsibility for her crew.

Then comes that strange situation with her First Officer, who wasn’t of her own choosing. He proved himself over time and worked his way into her heart, but she refused to let him in. Perhaps it was her dogged determination to bear the responsibility alone, as alluded to here, or perhaps the risk that a relationship between them wouldn’t work and that it would affect Voyager’s operations and her crew.

Either way, here we find her in a later time, when her stance has softened and she has accepted the reality that he is there for her whether she can accept it or not. It’s a touching scene and has a very sweet ending that will leave fans of the pairing with a smile.

Great job!

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