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6/1/2020 c12 4Verdauga
Well, damn. Shit went Down.
6/1/2020 c12 deoxeyses
6/1/2020 c12 TheOnlyKing
Hahaha the Death God is dead! Amazing, I literally just saw you commenting in one of the other fics that I follow and I was thinking to myself 'huh, I wonder when this guy is gonna update' and BAM within two hours it's like you got my message and updated. Wish you the best and looking forward to the next chapter.
6/1/2020 c12 Hitmen101
Kinda confused. But Thanks for the chapter. :D :)
6/1/2020 c12 Tony McNucklz
so i can't help wondering what the point of this story is. literally why bother to even include naruto world in it. i mean, this is a literal godly character. it might as well not be in the narutoverse for all those characters can possibly affect the plot of gods in death matches. it feels like this is just a power trip without an actual plot plan. if that's all it is then fine, your story your rules. however, i worry that you're soon going to hit a point where there just isn't anything further that matters in the narutoverse.
6/1/2020 c12 38Solaire38
Well shit indeed, the fuck was that!? Is Minato dead? He better be fucking dead, also what the fuck happened to Hidan? Regardless, keep up the good work!
6/1/2020 c12 Bio RL
6/1/2020 c12 Allhailthesith
I don't know what power levels your using (accepted canon (lighting speed kage, light speed sixpaths, star/solar system boruto naruto), realistic but still superhuman, logical/lore based canon (light speed shippuden kage(based on 14 year old kakashi already being lighting so kage like the raikage should be lightspeed at least) and multi solar system boruto naruto) but it feels like logical/lore based and it's fucking awesome.
Do you subscribe to the otsutsuki become gods theory? (Like after death or a further evolution they become the gods of naruto like the shinigami and jashin (and that boruto filler memory eating deer ghost/deity thing, and the shippuden movie demon (I thinks it's called moryu?)) Considering they are the origin of all jutsu and have jutsu named after gods and named things like "the Authority of the gods" and the similarities with the shinigami (white hair, horns, Uzumaki who are otsutsuki descendants made the shinigami seal) that dead otsutsuki can exist as spirits and interact with the world and give blessings, have a god ki equivalent in six paths chakra, eat the fruits of god trees.
6/1/2020 c12 16devonm0
His skin crawls alright. I think it crawled away.
6/1/2020 c12 AscheCM
A new chapter appears?! Thanks!
6/1/2020 c12 AshuraNoKami
Thanks for the chapter. It was amazing and I can't wait for the next one.
6/1/2020 c12 The Lord Megatron
Im so happy this isnt dead
6/1/2020 c12 GeneralGrimm
A new chapter?!
3/7/2020 c1 joutaama
yo did Notsae end up in prison or some shit? maybe he decided to get some artistic inspiration by sacrificing people to Jashin in real life.
3/4/2020 c11 Shaddurak
only found this today and I'm very much liking it granted im not super familiar with naruto but I know of most the main characters still enjoyable read and i hope its not dead.

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