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for Yesterday is Tomorrow (Everything is Connected)

9/25 c3 SMB
Hermione taking the toerag back and giving absolutely no retribution for what he did or even asking for an apology? F**k you. Dropping this stupid garbage. Hermione deserves to have James potion her and f**k her stupid like he did Lily in canon.
9/6 c27 Idris
Thank you for this wonderful story, I look forward to reading its end in the future! Best wishes to you and your baby 3
8/29 c23 MoonflowerDaydreamer
This is my fav part Hermione sat, her hand still tightly gripping Petunia's, although at this point it was more to keep her sister in her seat from lunging across the table and stabbing Lily with the fork that was in her other hand. Sean must have seen the murderous look and the fork because he quickly did a doubletake and then pried it from Petunia's grip, setting it down on his far side.
8/29 c22 MoonflowerDaydreamer
This part is so funny I love itOhmigod, Tuney!" cried Hermione, squirming and trying to wriggle her way out of Petunia's tight grip. "I'm nineteen! You can't just do that to me!"
8/28 c10 MoonflowerDaydreamer
My fav part is The smile on Petunia's face would've produced the brightest lumos.
8/28 c1 MoonflowerDaydreamer
This is my fav part Who then? Some dundering Hufflepuff?"

"What did Hufflepuff ever do to you?" she asked back.

Together, they glanced over at the Hufflepuff table between them and Gryffindor and watched as two girls braided another girls' hair at the table, wide smiles on their faces and compliments passing their mouths every other word.

Barty turned back to Hermione, the expression on his face saying everything.

"Yeah, point made," she sighed. "No, not Hufflepuff."
8/24 c27 25W. L. O'Fallon
Well ain’t that a cliffy lol
8/13 c1 3WalkerWriter
I really like how you portrait petunia in this fic, amazing job!
8/10 c27 1DevilsDesign
Ok gonna admit, just found this. Spent the past 3 days reading non stop and now am super depressed. At the climax and it's stopped? Ultimate cliff hangers. Really hope one day you come back to finish this.
8/4 c27 Sara
Please please please update I need to know the ending
7/20 c27 Guest
Noooo why did you leave us on such a cliffhanger! Please update!
7/21 c1 Maiar15
Just came back to reread this again, i really love this and hope it gets updated!
7/9 c27 mh21
I’ve read this before a few times as you were publishing it years ago but I just reread the whole story and I am so blown away. Hoping it’s not abandoned on such a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to find out who Lily’s baby daddy is, and see the battle between Voldy and Hermione. Love the writing and characterizations. Love her friendship with Barry and Reg. Thank you for sharing this!
6/24 c27 1MichelleRae18
I need moreeeeee! This is so good.
6/6 c24 Lucy Maud Montgomery
Is Dirk the baby daddy?!
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