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for Yesterday is Tomorrow (Everything is Connected)

7h c23 2TimeRose
Ah lily has to ruin everything! Is the father Sirius or Remus? Can’t wait to read more
1/18 c23 Guest
Hey there, first of all: you managed the write the only non-M-rating-story, that I'm enjoying currently. Amazing story building :) I love Barty. Regarding the russian stuff: lisitschka means little fox but also A KIND of mushroom, which has the same coloring as a fox. Mushroom grib. Small mushroom gribok. Take it from a native speaker. Please continue writing amazing stuff!
1/17 c23 Guest
Huh. Dolohov wanted to see her magic, bowed to her, and seemed rather polite to a muggleborn? That could be false niceness or mocking but…Hmmm. Hermione gave a seer trait with recognition of someone at first meeting, I think, to Dolohov. Her hunting for Dolohov with her magic (that seems a transmutation power and unknown to everyone?)…Eh, it sort of reminds me of the scene with Grindelwald looking for a place to stay in Paris in Fantastic Beasts? Grindelwald closes his eyes and then has visions of what he wants to find (the Parisian house base for him and Dolohov for Hermione). So…Hmmm. Are we about to have a My Fair Lady by Bernard Shaw embassy ball moment with Zoltan Karpathy (Dolohov) for Hermione (Eliza) here? Karpathy declared Eliza Doolittle (a poor London flower seller that had been taught to be a lady and speak with an upper-class accent by Higgins) a Hungarian princess. Which was totally off the mark and hilarious. Lol, I can see pureblood “experts” like Dolohov trying to spot muggleborn/halfblood imposters at society balls (oh, clearly that Australian woman has a muggle grandmother! A forged lineage she has shown to you, fool! Oh, that wizard must have been raised in a muggle home even if he tries to pass! Look at how he bows incorrectly and eats his soup!). So…I wonder what the equivalent to a Hungarian princess is in the wizarding world…Grindelwald’s grandchild? Lol. I mean, Hermione married a pureblood but was also courted loudly by a Black, had a “dowry” from gossip, is a "seer", knew more spells than a Black or Crouch first year, can duel a dark lord with powerful magic, can escape from prison in a dramatic fashion, can withstand torture that no one else could, etc. I mean….clearly, she must not be a poor muggleborn but why hide her heritage unless….Lol.

Also, I’m putting Barty down as the babby daddy for Lily. We know in an earlier chapter that Barty and alcohol do not mix and the pregnancy seems to connected to the party? Barty can do foolish things (I mean, he’s smart and we all love him but…he did join Voldemort originally and he ran after Snape to the Shrieking Shack in this timeline) and he likes Hermione/Lily looks kind of like Hermione. Lily wouldn’t say it was Barty….I think they dislike each other without alcohol and she’d assume Crouch Senior wouldn’t approve a match but…Crouch is best friends with her sister and Crouch Senior is the boss of her sister’s husband so….Lol.
18h c23 Soraslove
Bruh, it means "mushroom"?! I literally had a chuckle out loud at that, lol.

Wow... lily is knocked up to, eh? I wonder who the father is?
19h c23 MillieBelle
Awww... I wanted Harry to be Hermione's kid...
1/17 c23 Guest
Lily and Sirius or Remus? Or maybe a couple of red head twins?
20h c23 SaltedChips
I.. I really love that you hint of petunia having a tiny bit of magic. It would not have maybe fit the fic if she was magical like Hermione and lily.(because I liked the conflict between them and how it actually had depths, and how they are working to get through it) But seeing that it's something there is actually really nice, maybe she will feel a little more connected to her sisters now. I would love if it came up more in the fic and maybe she can start to see or sense stuff or somehow understands it.
Can see her child joining its cousins at hogwarts in the future, it would be something the sisters then can all relate to.

I absolutely love your fic
22h c20 Soraslove
I wonder what dumbles is going to try and do to hermione... now that he's aware she's part of a prophecy.

After all, he essentially allowed harry to spend many years full of emotionaly, verbal and perhaps physical abuse with his relatives. Controlled how much information he had about his family, his line, his finances in the wizarding world. You could potentially say he was dark in this own way.
23h c23 l'-'jj
not Russian, but Czech (there is some similarity in both languages). It might be that you just need to tweak the spelling a little, but there is a type of mushroom that would translate as fox, so...
23h c12 MillieBelle
James' parents' names are Fleamont and Euphemia. Not Doreah and Charlus
1/18 c19 Soraslove
Uh oh...

Tbf, hermione never really knew lily potter, or anything about her personality when she was alive, at all so... how can she be comparing someone to a stranger; doesn't make much sense.

I also wonder how james will react to her turning down dumbles...

In that war, where there are only two sides and one of them in the wizarding world actually were willing to kill off the other. I mean, sirius knew where bella and her possy lived, they could have used the death eater tricks to kill them off. Certainly would have saved MANY lives.. but they didnt, and therefore everyone else died.
1/18 c23 uzhick11
The lisichka thing means both. It means fox and it's a type of mushroom. great story!
1/18 c23 RosieDunne
Thanks for the chapter!
1/18 c1 Madcapy
HAHAHA! Mushroom? Well, at malfoy manor she did come popping out of the ground like one, so I guess it fits although little fox sounds nicer.
1/18 c17 Soraslove
The horcruxes seemed to fight back a lot more, this time around.

I sincerely hope hermione decides to use contraception if she get's married to james, to avoid putting her child into a prophecy if there is one.
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