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for Yesterday is Tomorrow (Everything is Connected)

11/27/2021 c26 2Charbuff
I just re read this story yesterday! I’m so excited about this new chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
11/27/2021 c26 JimeTruffa
Thank you so much for updating! Please keep going! I love this story!
11/27/2021 c26 sarahlaura952
Suite vite!
11/27/2021 c26 lillen20
Omg... can't wait for the next chapter.. love your stories
11/27/2021 c26 1angel897
thrilling to read as always
11/27/2021 c26 32jumpingmanatee
Omg! First, welcome back; now I love this chapter! Does this mean that we're close to the end of the story? I can't wait to see what happens and if James is the one to kill Voldemort; I hope you're able to update soon; I look forward to the next one. Bye for now.
11/27/2021 c26 sally-the-brave
This chapter was omg. My heart was beating like crazy. The big showdown is coming isn’t it? Can’t wait to read the next chapter.
Also it would be awesome if they kill Voldemort with a gun or something very muggle. When Petunia mentioned it and Hermione was like yeah, I thought that’s it xD
11/27/2021 c26 REEbook123
11/27/2021 c26 1Evilhyperpixie13
Dearborn is an ass. voldiemort better get sniped or some shit. sooo good. if i was james i wouldv lost my shit. cant wait for the next chapter
11/27/2021 c26 RamblingInsomniac
oh my days! what a way to end this chapter. thank you so much for the update.
11/27/2021 c26 MackyMole
WOOOOOO … HERE WE GO! So excited, brilliant work as always x
11/27/2021 c26 Lucy Maud Montgomery
Can’t wait for the next update
11/27/2021 c26 joopinks
Never have a clicked an email alert about an update faster! Can’t wait for everything about to go down in the next chapter!
11/27/2021 c26 Blobbington888
That was a surprise, I really enjoyed your writing and really enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for updating.
11/24/2021 c8 i can't
just standing there watching someone be terrorized, hermionie would never. you've made her someon i don't recognize. hermione granger who fought for what she thought was right through her whol childhood and fought in a war as a teenager wouldn't just stand there and tolerate this.
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