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3/30 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

3/26 c27 Guest
What's the point of this story, you've made the villan( Voldemort) so pathetic he is barely even a nuisance anymore. The point of stories like this is to watch how an underdog overcomes a far more powerful and implacable enemy with either skill, cunning or luck, here Voldemort is not even considered a threat so it's boring to read
3/23 c2 9sherryola
Wow, Hermione is not very likable. And friends with those two? Even though she knows what Crouch put Harry through. And since I'm a fan of James and Sirius, and think Snape's memory is only showing one side of the thing, she's pretty judgmental of them too. Barty went on to help a dark lord and torture the Longbottoms. James and Sirius went on to fight in a war against the dark lord, James died trying to save his family, and Sirius, went to prison for something he never did, dying in the end to try to save Harry. Seems Hermione has her priorities all wrong.
3/12 c27 CNoun
shoot, who betrayed them then? i have an inkling of just who but...
3/11 c27 callilyn
Is this story still active? You’ve done a magnificent job!
3/11 c27 callilyn
Oh my god
3/11 c27 Ms.Anbu-Chan
Omg that was the best EVERRRRR! Dying for another chapter please please I love this story it’s soooo freaking awesome !
3/5 c27 2DavinaMorningStar
Oh, this had been amazing so far. I'm really looking forward to what happens next, please update again soon.
2/27 c27 Guest
2/28 c27 2manyships2ship
Noooooo! Why end it there! Why! The suspense! Please update soon!
2/28 c27 3coscarelli
2/26 c27 Guest
Predictably bad
2/26 c27 Stille und regen
I have the horrible feeling of Caradoc or Dumbledore allowing the prophecy to finally reach Voldemort's ears

Hermione was just waiting for her postpartum lol

the moment with Petunia and the moment with Sirius and Regulus were very emotional

I love it

I'm very excited to read more
2/26 c26 Stille und regen
oh my god my heart is racing
and I'm so excited
I kind of hate Caradoc and so dumbledore. as they both want to let a prophecy run its course. instead of taking on the burden
We all know that Dumbledore is powerful and older than Tom
and what a motherfucker

my heart is racing
2/24 c22 Guest
Oh, Abraxas has run off to Europe? Yeah! The younger Malfoys don’t worry me that much (Lucius is rather wimpy and Abraxas was weak enough to let Voldemort use his manor as a base), but the Malfoy grandparent after looking at the family tree... Septimus Malfoy doesn’t die until 1987 and looks like Tywin Lannister on the family tree and Voldemort almost ended the Malfoy family line by attacking Narcissa/got the Malfoy wealth taken by the government. We don’t hear about him in the story, so maybe he is in hiding as a former big deal Grindelwald follower to avoid the ICW (or just enjoying the family manor in France) but would come to Britain to kill this upstart dark lord after gathering a dark gang?

Voldemort is bad news, but he is only in one nation so far/the older European generation was used to Grindelwald power levels and Voldemort was kicked around by a teenage Ravenclaw girl (whatever her bloodline, she is an untrained teenage girl and now a housewife) so...Eh, I can see European dark wizards combining to take him out as a threat to the Dark bloodlines/wizarding community if he attacks baby dark heirs. Crossing the Malfoys doesn’t go well normally (getting the wealth taken by the government and trying to kill the heir) and if you get a Malfoy that isn’t terrified of Voldemort due to lack of exposure/thinks his power is exaggerated after a teenage girl stomped him...well...lol.
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