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2/26 c27 Stille und regen
I have the horrible feeling of Caradoc or Dumbledore allowing the prophecy to finally reach Voldemort's ears

Hermione was just waiting for her postpartum lol

the moment with Petunia and the moment with Sirius and Regulus were very emotional

I love it

I'm very excited to read more
2/26 c26 Stille und regen
oh my god my heart is racing
and I'm so excited
I kind of hate Caradoc and so dumbledore. as they both want to let a prophecy run its course. instead of taking on the burden
We all know that Dumbledore is powerful and older than Tom
and what a motherfucker

my heart is racing
2/24 c22 Guest
Oh, Abraxas has run off to Europe? Yeah! The younger Malfoys don’t worry me that much (Lucius is rather wimpy and Abraxas was weak enough to let Voldemort use his manor as a base), but the Malfoy grandparent after looking at the family tree... Septimus Malfoy doesn’t die until 1987 and looks like Tywin Lannister on the family tree and Voldemort almost ended the Malfoy family line by attacking Narcissa/got the Malfoy wealth taken by the government. We don’t hear about him in the story, so maybe he is in hiding as a former big deal Grindelwald follower to avoid the ICW (or just enjoying the family manor in France) but would come to Britain to kill this upstart dark lord after gathering a dark gang?

Voldemort is bad news, but he is only in one nation so far/the older European generation was used to Grindelwald power levels and Voldemort was kicked around by a teenage Ravenclaw girl (whatever her bloodline, she is an untrained teenage girl and now a housewife) so...Eh, I can see European dark wizards combining to take him out as a threat to the Dark bloodlines/wizarding community if he attacks baby dark heirs. Crossing the Malfoys doesn’t go well normally (getting the wealth taken by the government and trying to kill the heir) and if you get a Malfoy that isn’t terrified of Voldemort due to lack of exposure/thinks his power is exaggerated after a teenage girl stomped him...well...lol.
2/26 c27 TopazFlameWitch
Another great chapter! And another of your Cliffhanger! Please update, very excited to read further! :)
One thing I don't understand is why did Hermione go with Regulus and Barty to the Haberdashery when she knows it would be a risk as she's pregnant? After saying goodbye to Petunia also she 'hopes it wouldn't be the last time she'd see her', again this means she KNOWS it will be a risk, then WHY is she going? she has another life with her...
2/25 c27 LokaBrennaBlack
I absolutely adore you, but it is unacceptable to update after so long and leave us with this kind of cliffhanger. Please update quickly, I am so goddam terrified for Reggie and Siri.
2/23 c27 Guest
Drat. The chapter was long enough I hoped there wouldn't be a cliffhanger!

Last night I saw this had updated, and it was what I looked forward to this entire day. Thank you.
2/24 c27 L'archangel
Thank you for the update!
2/22 c27 Guest
this is so rude leaving us off like that! please update soon!
2/24 c27 CorruptEnlightenment
I haven't read in 10 chapters and everything is on fire. Thanks for the update-definitely curious how Hermione gets out of this one!
2/24 c27 Charlie0925
Eeek! Truly brilliant writing here honey! I cannot wait to read more! ;o)
2/22 c27 Guest
Why do I have a sus feeling that Lily had something to do with all of this
2/23 c27 2Opera123
update please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
2/21 c27 Guest
2/21 c27 Guest
What are the chances of Wallace being a time traveller like Hermione?
2/21 c27 reddriver01
Ending was a cliffhanger like chapter 19. Oh no. Worried for Hermione. I am interested to see Hermione fight Voldemort again, but I wouldn’t want a random spell to strike her right now with baby Harry. Hermione indicated her magic could be erratic while pregnant, so dueling isn’t the best way to kill Voldemort. Thinking now of non-dueling ways to take out Voldemort...

Most out there idea...Voldemort wants to hear a prophecy, does he? Give him a “prophecy.” She could sing 99 Luftballons (a German pop song not written until 1983) as a stalling tactic and make it look like she was giving a real prophecy (or any foreign language future pop song with hard to decipher lyrics that lasts for a few minutes). No one would want to prevent a prophecy from being told among purebloods/Voldemort is highly interested in prophecies based on his history/seers tend to be weak or out of it after a real prophecy and no one would expect her to be duel ready immediately after giving a prophecy. From how prophecies are given in Potterverse, it looks like “something” takes over the seer, they speak the prophecy non-stop to the end, and they are a little out of it afterwards. The prophet in the middle of giving a prophecy can’t just stop and fire off a killing curse at Voldemort, but Hermione faking giving a prophecy could do just. So, that’s an idea.

What I think mostly likely will happen...Voldemort has his followers present AND told them Hermione was prophesied to destroy him AFTER she kicked Voldie around a year or so ago/proved she is powerful magically to equal a Dark Lord? And, he’s been treating his followers badly recently, like attacking Narcissa and the Malfoy heir? Lol, foolish little Dark Lord wants his followers to rebel. Hermione quickly tells them she has destroyed his horcruxes, he is mortal, all it takes is one shot at him from anyone...This could be bad for him, then, even if Hermione is in no shape to battle him right now.

Lol. “This British Dark Lord” from an ICW representative makes Voldemort seem so petty and minor, like a wannabe dictator in a small island country, and I might turn on him. Enough Malfoy loyal wands on your side among the Death Eaters and you have a good chance of a random shot getting Voldemort. Crabbe and Goyle follow Malfoy traditionally and their loyalty is highly suspect after Voldemort hurt Narcissa. Still, Crabbe and Goyle on your side isn’t that impressive. True, they could kill Voldemort with a random shot now that he is mortal. But, you had Greengrass and Parkinson indicating Malfoy family loyalty or alliance earlier as well, so you could have decently skilled wizards wanting to kill Voldemort for the Narcissa attack.

Oh, my. Hermione is suspicious of Wallace Crouch, and she doesn’t know anything about him? Crouches are light, but you have the example of Barty going dark...so she can’t rely on that. Wallace Crouch died in 1987 on the family tree and was in his early forties, so I would guess violent death. Not that I can see Hermione pouring over long dead pureblood family trees or gossiping with older witches about dead family lines before she traveled back in time unless she had a research reason. He could have gotten into a normal fight to arrest a dark wizard for the ICW in 1987, died bravely for the light, and then been a footnote in Crouch family lore by the 1990s. The Crouches are all supposedly dead except for Crouch Senior in the 1990s, so why tell of his valiant brother that died overseas for the ICW in the 1980s to a random muggleborn like Hermione and all the purebloods would know the story vaguely?

That Dumbledore is NOT Supreme Mugwump in 1980 (at least, I didn’t see anyone mentioning that/wanting to use his position to lobby the Ministry for the ICW to come) but that he is Supreme Mugwump by Harry’s first year of school in 1991 AND he likely would fiercely want to avoid the Supreme Mugwump job due to Grindelwald wanting it for power...suggests something big happened to get him to take the job in the 1980s. Wallace could be a wonderfully nice light wizard, valiantly lobbying to get the ICW to save the day for wizarding Britain, and his actions just weren’t known to Hermione because they were unsuccessful/not written of in the books covering the First War (given the poor state of the wizarding press). But...1987 death date is very interesting as it could be the year of a big secret Hydra-like plot to take over the ICW by neo-Grindelwald followers that Dumbledore thwarted and thus became Supreme Mugwump by the time of Harry’s school years in the 1990s. This should have a big deal of press and be well known to future Hermione, but then again, I can see a hush up if the ICW was almost taken over by neo-Grindelwald supporters that burrowed Hydra like into the ICW. So, that's where I would go if Wallace is giving suspicious vibes to Hermione.
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