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for Yesterday is Tomorrow (Everything is Connected)

2/21 c27 Guest
Good lord what a chapter, amazing
2/22 c27 1hermonine
Talk about a cliff hanger. It was like the ending of a part 1 of a harry potter movie but you just want more lol. Great chapters, update again soon!
2/22 c24 HwaseungOz
"Surely you're not planning Polyjuice, two-point-oh."

I think this is an anachronism. Referring to something as 2.0 originates from computer lingo, and it only caught on in the 2000s. It would be a muggle expression too
2/20 c27 Guest
Aw man noooo you can't just cut that there! All the cliff and the abyss below! Thank you for updating but now I am sad, sighs.
2/20 c27 Guest
Cliffhanger - no! It is so good!
2/22 c27 Leticia Black
OMG! Pleeeease post more! I'm absolutely addicted to this story! Ever since I started reading I wasn't able to stop! You are brilliant in your writing, I cannot wait for more...
2/20 c27 Kitty
Oh exciting! What a super chapter and a nasty cliff at the end. I hope you won't leave us hanging on the edge for too long?
2/22 c27 AliceinWonderland13
The chapter title makes me think we’re almost done? I can decide if I’m happy or sad! I’m sooooo ready for Voldemort to be DEAD. Also sad about rabastan (if he’s actually dead?) also also really hoping Voldemort didn’t make any extra horcruxes when he discovered his missing one lol. Thanks for the update, can’t wait for more
2/22 c27 evattude
Great chapter!
2/22 c27 9youn2731
This story is so good. I hope to see more soon
2/22 c27 SoraGranger
OMG. Brilliant chapter. What a cliffhanger. Can't wait until the next.
Thank you for sharing!
2/21 c27 7Maxennce
Oh shit
2/21 c27 3AMPANIC
Oh my god. I say this with the utmost respect: fuck you so much. How dare you do this
2/21 c27 artfully
great chapter
2/21 c27 midnight-flurry
Happy New Year. OMG this is so nail bitingly exciting! It's almost gone to a FUBAR level, well worth the wait. Thank you for the new chapter. I look forward to the next one!
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