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for Without You, Beautiful Dream

8/8/2019 c28 ugh
well this is shit yona asks her dragons to commit suicide and barely get to stay happy and cause their family pain only to ally with her father's murder
1/28/2019 c18 Guest
i thought it was a Hak and Yona love story about how Hak's soul is always with her even though he died? it's actually a jae-haxyona story. It's stupid how the title and summary is so misleading.
12/12/2018 c15 Guest
I really like your story even though it’s so sad, because i like hak so much, so i have been thinking how about you write a chapter where yona and the dragons go to a special place, that shows you the person you want to see the most and yona gets to see hak there. I think it will be really intersting.

Um its just my opinion, its fine if you don’t want to write about it.
9/4/2018 c1 BwDIs
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9/4/2018 c1 gnpWd
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9/2/2018 c1 ZCFUa
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7/3/2018 c10 rin fujitora
I never dislike anyone that choose yonaxjae-ha but I prever this yona didn't fall in love with another man
7/3/2018 c10 41JerinAnn
I really love this story. Very entertaining. The story does move a little fast, and I feel like we are missing a chapter because you referenced that Kumji would pay for what he said about Hak. But what did he say about Hak? Overall, very good story and I cant wait for the next chapter.
7/3/2018 c1 Guest
It would have been interesting to read about if Hak was the only one to fall from the cliff and Yona was taken back to her empire and possibly forced to marry the one man she loved most and now hates dearly. if Hak fell by himself, would he survive? would he be able to come back and save the princess and have their happy reunion of marriage? This story is good too, but maybe you could write that one sometime? just a suggestion.
6/4/2018 c9 40XellossLina
I loved how Yona slapped Jae-ha for getting hurt saving her life, I so could see her feeling that way considering Hak died in a similar situation. Also I am so rooting for Jae-ha and Yona to get together in this story Also that bit with Yoon was hilarious that he stole Jae-ha's moment of 'your face looked funny just now' XD
4/26/2018 c8 XellossLina
Not sure how I didn't leave a review here before since I've been reading this since the start but life got in the way and now I just read the last two chapters with what I've been waiting for to happen, when Yona finds Jae-ha Also reading your note makes me happy to hear that, as I love Yona X Jae-ha (Made obvious by my series lol) and I just have to say this is a really interesting story and a great alternate telling without Hak by Yona's side. I really cannot wait to see where you go with this and love what I've see so far! Good luck with your AU and I fully support it!
Also like the change here that Yona actually did get swept into the sea and Jae-ha really does jump in to save her Of course our gentleman pervert cannot let a lady drown
4/10/2018 c7 Jaena
great story! so since Hak is not here in this version does that mean Jaeha won't hold back when he starts falling for Yona? after all Hak is the reason he never tries anything with her out of respect for him
3/18/2018 c6 qqn
J'ai pleuré durant les premiers chapitre, j'ai hâte de lire la suite!
2/26/2018 c2 7MysticMaiden 18
Was crying both chapters amazing fic can't wait to see more
2/21/2018 c1 Vasillas94
well this is interesting story. curious on how you will develop this story since in the series hak play alot of role in yona's growth. kinda sad since the happy hungry bunch lost the dark dragon tho
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