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2/14/2018 c1 7willbemostlyinactive
After getting dragged back into fanfiction, and more specifically, the YYH fandom, I've been starving for a well written OC. So you can imagine my pleasant shock and happiness when I stumble across an 8k introductory chapter with no bashing or three-second romances. I'm looking so much forward to this! Experiment is key, and I'm sure you'll find something good out of this. Honestly, I might not be able to regularly review (bc I suck at that, a bad habit tbh), but I'll definitely follow this to wherever it goes!
2/12/2018 c1 11Star Charter
Ah, loving this take on Botan, Spirit World, and ferry girls! This jives really well with some of my personal head canons (particularly Botan being the youngest ferry girl, the Spirits being their own race, etc.) which is fun and affirming, in a way. Also, reading this felt...nostalgic, somehow? Like you found a long lost chapter of the manga and are basing the workings of Spirit World upon it. What I'm trying to say is this feels authentic to the spirit of YYH (pun accidental but I'm owning it) and is, in my mind, both a logical and welcome expansion to the canon we already know.

In short: Head-canon accepted. I love this!

Can't wait to learn more about your OC, too, and why the heck she's found herself in her predicament. Who is she? Where did she come from? So many questions! I'm eager to know more.

Also, on a nuts and bolts level, your writing is clear, clever, and succinct, and I quite like your style. Also-also this was a nice and chunky first chapter, and the exposition (namely how Spirit World works) was delivered efficiently, without too much info-dumping. Great job! :D

Apologies if, when you update again, it takes me a little while to review. I will review every chapter I read, but sometimes I fall behind and then review a bunch of chapters all in one go, in a mad dash to catch back up. I'm so behind on my reading already, I swear...but anyway, yeah! I'll be following this. Best of luck writing the next installment! :D
2/10/2018 c1 1Ivan.Glee
This is a very fascinating concept! It's very well written, and I like that Botan is an active voice in this story as much as the main character. I look forward to see how you do the world building for the reapers and living as a spirit in YYH. Shion's predicament is really quite interesting, I look forward to getting to know her as a character as well!

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