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for Other Foot in Boston

5/28 c30 Tammy McKinnon-I
LOVED THIS STORY! Glad that Chet got married and had a family of his own!
5/2/2012 c16 Daze
Dear Brigade701, Your story is overall a good one but then anything involving the guys makes for great story telling. I swear the writers back then could've done more with EACH of these characters and I appreciate when a writer takes a character and makes that character be/have more. You've got a little bit of Little House on the Prairie sentiment here and there but I can always appreciate a writer's way of incorporating God into their work without it becoming "overly sentimental". Thank you for writing this story.
1/31/2005 c30 3Bribles
Like i said on your other story, lovlely bit of writing but i was utterly lost!
3/27/2003 c10 16chetspet
Thanks, Brigade 701 IMANRULES

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