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9/5 c1 Guest
Fringe is my all time favorite show and I just rewatched it during quarantine. Amazing. I discovered your FF and have read them ALL. Please write more!
5/20 c1 Guest
shit's good. wish i could write like you.
6/28/2018 c1 2kanjichibi
Great fringe story as always from you. thanks for sharing.
2/25/2018 c1 132hushedgreylily
Yeah, there was SO much potential when they were going on that non-date that was absolutely a date, until the glimmer! Jacksonville was and still is one of my favourite episodes, it was such a massive game-changer, and it's lovely to see there are still fics, sort-of-post-eps coming from it! This is fantastically written, super in character, exactly how I could have seen things happening between them if things had happened slightly different!
2/22/2018 c1 fringelawyer
It's always a pleasure to read your work. You have a marvelous imagination that takes us on thrilling AU rides, but it is firmly grounded in the characters portrayed on the screen. The result: you take our favorite characters to wonderful new places, but you keep them true to their personalities and rooted in the canonical events that made them who they are.
In this story, you masterfully described the course of Olivia's and Peter's non-date through Olivia's eyes (and thigh), with minimal conversation.
I thoroughly enjoyed the way you scripted the scene as the soon-to-be lovers waited outside the bar for their taxi. No words were required. We knew exactly what they were feeling.
Kudos also for your skillful depiction of their interactions after they arrived at Olivia's, largely by reference to what Olivia perceives that Peter perceives about her.
Then, of course, Olivia arrives at the "unspeakably cruel" truth, when she finally realizes that she has been seeing Peter's Redverse glimmer. I actually hope that you don't take this story any further. Each reader can imagine for her/himself whether this revelation is an obstacle to this couple's continuing relationship. My current inclination is to believe that, having opened up to Peter emotionally and physically, Olivia would reveal the truth to Peter immediately and fight to keep him with her. Probably bad news for Walter, but we have seen that time heals most wounds in Fringe.
Thank you for this Valentines gift to your fans. Please keep publishing throughout 2018.
2/17/2018 c1 sevenrez
I always enjoy your work and I wish this could have happened on the show. Oh well. thank you for continuing to add to your awesome library of work!
2/15/2018 c1 Judith Barlev
Finally! I wondered when more will come. Love it love it and I do hope that more will come soon. Thank you!
2/13/2018 c1 Mathiilde3
I do not even know what to say. I did not expect this ending so now I am sitting here nearly crying at the library because can the girl not get just one moment of joy and happiness? Seriously, I was all this is so unlike Ambre with such a soft and sweet ending and then you did that and now I am sad! I got a little confused thinking they were drinking beer a little after 5:56am before realising it was evening, but really, such a lovely piece. I had forgotten how much I missed them, and you wrote them both nicely in tune with my interpretation of them. It was simply really wonderful, so thank you for sharing!

2/13/2018 c1 6Almariado
Ambre, it is always such a pleasure reading a new story of yours.
I finally had the time to read it and as always it was such a pleasure doing it.
Your skill to analyse and describe these two and their relationship, never ceases to amaze me.
All in all, it is a very interesting take on how the famous 'non-date' after Jacksonville would have looked like if Olivia hadn't seen the glimmer.
Thank you for giving us this, you made it fell like I was back watching Fringe just like when it was airing, and I loved every minute I spent reading this story of yours.
I do hope you have time in the future to give us more, even if we're only five ;)
Take care and until next time.
2/12/2018 c1 5angelamorales514
AMBREEEEEE! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I WAS WHEN I SAW THIS WOULD BE A JACKSONVILLE FIC! They are my absolute favourite, Joel is so mean to have denied us this outcome haha. Thank god for writers like you! I NEED MORE, a morning after fic! How adorkable was Peter, all dressed up for this non date haha, and all nervous. Just shows how much he’s changed from that cocky guy we first met. Olivia definitely brings out the softer side in him. I love how Olivia was the confident one, with none of those insecurities that the other Olivia brought out in her.

Okay also ps I adore when Peter pulls Olivia close and threads his hand through her hair and then presses his lips to her hair. I just find it shines his love for her so softly and beautiful, they’re just so tender with each other! Oh my love for them will love for eternity lol

So like in three years I expect a follow up to this hehe, i need to know what Olivia decides, if this will follow canon or veer off with her telling him and whether he sticks around or still ends up leaving. I’ve always thought that if Olivia had told him the truth he might have gone off to drink himself into oblivion at a bar or something but either Olivia would find him right away or he would go back to her. But I don’t think he would have taken off completely and jumped universes. Peter always felt more betrayed by being lied to than the actual truth, and that’s why he left with Walternate. At least that’s what I always thought.

Anyways beautiful story as always lovey!
2/11/2018 c1 17Crystalline Green
Finding this was a surprise, a very welcome one as FF failed to send me a notification signalling the arrival of anything new by you (until sixteen hours after you’d posted and by which time I’d already read it, twice). How very dare they!?
I found Olivia’s uneasiness with Walter most poignant here. Usually he seemed to be meek, even timid despite his wackiness, which somehow always made those moments when we glimpsed Walter’s previous persona leaching through even more jarring, even shocking. John Noble managed those moment s of character slip so brilliantly, channelling the cold and calculating Walternate long before we knew there was a Walternate.
Again you remind me of those mesmerising moments between Olivia and Walter the tension between them was so tight it became devastating. I felt that in Olivia’s discomfort and hurt through being confronted by the silently suspicious and fearful Walter here; who is more worried about exposure of his secret than for the wellbeing of the woman whom he’s thrust into the centre of all this madness.
Good on you Olivia for seizing the initiative with Peter, even though she now has this huge and still potentially destructive knowledge about Peter. From here, without the imposition of a confession from Walter or him begging her for secrecy over it, I can’t imagine that she would not tell Peter... Which brings me to this thought: *Just a single chapter!?*
I demand that you become hopelessly caught up in thoughts of ‘what next’ and ‘how can I possibly put these two through the emotional wringer from here’ and begin writing chapter two immediately, even if sporadically. Stupid work!
Anyway, what’s six months to wait between Fringe fanfic writers and readers?
Here’s hoping anyway...
Cheers E.
2/11/2018 c1 24CileSuns92
Thank you for keeping these stories going, even after so many years. I still love Fringe deeply, even though I'm not as invested as I used to be, and it's a nice, warm feeling to go back and relive these emotions. And your writing is so delicate and powerful that does the job perfectly.

Thank you, again, for another great story. Work and real life suck, but you keep the magic alive.

Until next time indeed!

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