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2/15/2018 c1 20The Rhombus
First of all, I would like to thank you for your participation in February's prompt response. :) It is always a pleasant surprise to see a new author on the forum sharing their own unique perspective of the characters, and telling their own unique story along the way.

The initial part of this story was quite nice to read, with good dialogue and nice exploration of the emotions and motivations of the characters. Though I must admit that from the proposal onwards I felt awkward and unsure in my reading, as I am not really sure about the concept of marriage being brought into the Land Before Time continuity. Sovereign seems to have already mentioned some of the problematic terms (best man, especially) which seemed a bit un-LBT like, and I have little to add on that front. With all of that being said, this story provided some wonderful insights into two often underutilized characters in Land Before Time fanfics and in that respect I enjoyed it. Your dialogue, coherent narrative, and ability to capture the perspectives of the characters clearly demonstrates that you are a good writer, and I look forward to reading your future writing endeavors. :)
2/12/2018 c1 GZDW
Do you not actually ship Littlefoot x Cera?
Is that why?
2/11/2018 c1 6AllegroGiocoso
Oh my goodness, this is a real surprise to run into and conjures up so many fun memories reviewing! There sure is a lot to cover, and I’m glad you’re writing another epilogue to go along with the first. Really nice lead-in showing Petrie’s devotion and his mother’s keen attention to him and Ducky’s relationship as well. Beautiful to see Petrie kept the necklace too, love that touch! Very nice story too with the shiny stone and I hope Petrie will be able to give it to Ducky!

Really charming talk with Ducky and her mother that’s beautifully nostalgic at the same time too, and love the mention of the forest cave! I’m smiling more and more as I’m reading through this! Adorable way of showing the guilty feelings, and love how they still are just in love with each other now as they were 12 years back. Like the leadup to the proposal and nice tying in the concept of their marriage back to their conflict with the valley in the first book. Really neat prehistoric engagement ring as well. I love the nice, heartwarming conversations here!

Love to see how elaborate everything is and how everyone is helping out in all sorts of in-character ways! Very nice attire too, celebratory enough for this great occasion yet fitting within the LBT universe nicely. Love to see that the remaining GO5 are in the front row, as well as Topps (I’m feeling really proud of him considering all the turbulence with him) and love that you brought Ali here as well! Also of course really pleased that Chomper is here as well and that his diet didn’t stop the GO7 from being together!

Really love how Pterano is best man and how you’ve emphasized his and Movie 7’s inadvertent role in fanning the flames of their romance. Very proud and happy again for Topps as well. Love seeing how so many of the many friends the GO5/7 could make it, as well as explaining the situation of the few who couldn’t.

Seeing Mama Flyer and Petrie’s talk right before the wedding is really nice; considering how nervous Petrie usually is, and with a situation like this, it makes this talk especially important. And I’m also very pleased to see that Pterano has become like the father figure Petrie never had. This is a very heartwarming scene.

I absolutely love the vivid descriptions you’ve used in Ducky and Petrie’s procession to the altar, especially the joy Ducky and Petrie feel! Grandpa is giving a great speech just as I imagined he would, now I get where the story’s title fits in. I really love how well you’ve personalized the I dos for each of the. Love also how you’ve emphasized how special this wedding is with all sorts of nice touches. Now I’m crying with happiness with the ring exchange and the kiss!

I love how you show the scene with the gang after the wedding, and just wonderful to see just how far Mama Flyer and Pterano have come in their relationship since Movie 7, and very nice way you’ve closed out this chapter too!

Wow, this was a real treasure to read. This has got me motivated in reading and reviewing LBT fanfics again, and possibly even writing a sequel to mine once I get my non-LBT fanfiction done! And needless to say, I’ll be happy beyond words to read and review any ChomperxRuby or LittlefootxCera story you may write, or any other story in this continuity! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful writing, and I hope to see you soon!
2/11/2018 c1 Guest
Do you think you could write a LittlefootXAli story?

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