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5/10/2018 c26 ann.ryce
Loved the tender moment between Eliot and Effie, it was about time she wasn't threatening him and he wasn't being a total ASS about taking care of himself...ok except for the slip about he would do his best to save the girl and baby, he was lucky he had a concussion and that head wound or Effie would of smacked him! He's not resting with all the worry about EVERYTHING going on and what's about to start. Effie is worried about the girl and baby as anyone would, but the they didn't have to worry long. I see Eliot is still having a fit about the cough medicine the big baby! Glad Me-Ling got out of there and is safely with Eliot and the rest of the family. Looks like there's going to be a baby in the middle of this mess as well! Seems like maybe Jo and Soapy need to add onto the house since it's getting so full. Guess Eliot will be giving up his room for awhile, lol. There is going to be alot of trouble for someone or several someone's before this is over. Seems Nate and Sophie don't care for Eliot being hurt so often and his carelessness, so maybe they will all just stay there and TRY to keep Eliot out of harms way...yeah right! Loved this chapter like all the others, so much ground laying is good, gives a better mental image of everything, another reason I LOVE your stories. As always I can't wait until the next chapter is up!
5/8/2018 c26 maclooping
The first part is just perfect! Read about Eliot who cooks , the totally justified Effie's anger and the hug! so damn sweet and so great! I love how she reacts after the " I'll do my best, Effie. I promise." and all the implication of this little sentence! ( i never told you about ,how Effie is the best character ever ? i love this little grumpy lady!)

The second part is a case of really bad timing ! Like Eliot said ,Mei-ling had done the right thing to come to them but if she just waiting for two or three more days to let's the time too Hardison finding Spicer's associate and to Nate to make his plan go it would have been just perfect but it would have been too easy, isn't it ? hahaha !
And i am sorry but as awesome and great write this part is, she also left me with many interrogation. How a not-for-long pregnant woman in labors escape for the forteress in the middle of nowhere by herself ? How she detached the chain of the ground? How she steal a car ( find a key and run away silently and deal with the pain and the chain around his wrist )? Somebody help her ? One of his gaoler have finally find some pity for her and her young 'un ? And nobody see the car gone or run after her directly or stop her on the "road" ? i know i will be "surprised what people can do when they're properly motivated" but something does not seem normal here.
Damn it's a very good Chapiter !
5/7/2018 c26 10HonestBee
Well, that was unexpected. Saves them the trouble of rescuing her, though! I don't think anyone is going to be getting any more sleep.

Also, I have come to the conclusion that and Eliot-hug can fix anything. They must be mighty powerful, since they come so rarely :)
5/5/2018 c25 ann.ryce
Hey sorry it took a little while for me to get with you about this chapter. First we needed some background on "TRASHMAN" and we got it, right down to him OWNING Mei-Ling and what he is/has done to her. Eliot showed him just what a jerk he is and helped the poor girl to feel human even if for a little while! She needed that and now she has some hope that maybe she will be free of "TRASHMAN" I can' wait for him and the WICKED WITCH to get what they deserve. To bad they can't BOTH end up in Charlie and Parker's traps. Would save some wear and tear on Eliot, but it's going to be one heck of a fight! I can't wait for the next chapter to find out exactly what they have planned...yeah, I'M SO GLAD YOU DIDN'T LET SOPHIE SELL SPARKY TO TRASHMAN! I kept telling myself you WOULDN'T do that after killing Bomber off (yes I will use that repeatedly to make sure no ANIMALS go to the TRASHMAN). As always this chapter was great!
5/2/2018 c25 HonestBee
Sophie at her best! That woman is as terrifying as Eliot, in her own way...but then ends up flustered by Parker and her own daughter! When Parker was finally mollified, I imagined her giving Sophie (and Charlie!) the same "look" and pointed finger that she gave Hardison when she found out about Parker2000.

The pregnant girl is heartbreaking, and I just KNOW the team will save her. There is no other possible outcome. Maybe afterward she can live at the station :D

Hardison giving Effie a hug is no less than I would expect of that fine young man. His Nana raised him right!

I almost forgot about psycho ninja...let my guard down. Eliot would not approve.

Thanks for this wonderful chapter!
5/2/2018 c25 maclooping
You don't hear me but i purrs behind my computer ! it's chocolate for my soul ! ( ok this sentence don't make any sense but well you know what I mean ! )

All the cold anger.. hate for Chong is just so strong , it's vibrates in all this chapter ! all the team are disgusted by this Bastard ! Damn it ! Mei ling is shackled ? not just handcuffed or locked in a room but shackled ?you are awful ,you know that ?!
i love how Sophie disturbed Chong every time and change the dynamic in the exchange, her and Nate control the situation !

Eliot is so cute with Mei Ling helping her and talk to her so sweetly ! he is charming!
So many thing to say ! Parker and Lizzie who was completely terrified by the sale of Sparky ! the exchange between Sophie and Charlie in front of Chong who hate aborigines ! it's a Damn good chapiter ! and one more thing ... Tibetan sword ? for real ?! that look like a beautiful sword ! katana Vs Dpa'dam ! Niccccceeee !
4/29/2018 c24 HonestBee
Ooh, the next move on the chessboard! Glad to see Eliot back up and mobile, and the interaction between him and Hardison over Gertie's gas was just too perfect!

Effie and Eliot make a terrifying team! Love this chapter as always, but I hope I didn't miss anything in my review- I was out of town all day doing fun things, and I'm too exhaused to go to bed.
4/29/2018 c24 maclooping
Humm The next chapter gonna be very tense! I love as you wrote the arrival of Chong, How he don't give a shit to the pregnant woman behind him! who she is? if she stays three steps behind him and he ignores her, (like that seems to be usual in the old Japanese tradition), she seems to be his wife, isn't it? why she is here? I mean why she don't just stay in the car? if he tries anything against her, all the team will beat him Instantly! I think I gonna love hate Chong!

Hahaha Hardison is lucky that Eliot not to be too much anger because he give many gummy frogs to Gertie!it's a nice scene between them three! Gertie is so cute!

I don't know how they do to have all day a earbuds, with everybody speaking and living, etc... and don't become crazy! I mean in a con everybody are focused on the mission and don't speak uselessly (most of the time when they don't fight each other haha)but in real life, it's different, especially with three active kids ! (I count Parker here because I don't think she is very quiet with all animals and all this stuff to explore! hahaha)
4/28/2018 c23 ann.ryce
I love what Parker and Charlie are planning, who ever tries to sneak on the ranch is sure in for a surprise! I can't wait! They did it up right. Poor Eliot can't catch a break from the NAGGING by anyone, even over the earbuds. Hardison manned up, made the trip and is happily doing his thing. I figured Spicer was in on it some where along the lines. ZOMBIES need to eat him...wait different SHOW! Effie kept her deal with Eliot and even though he moved at a snails pace he got to get up, AND he got some more of that YUMMY cough medicine he loves so much. Very good thing Effie keeps it under lock and key or Eliot would sneak out of bed and pour it all out. Nate is totally enjoying Eliot THINKING he's going to get out of taking it, but nope, Plan C and the kids come into play. He did at least man-up and take it, whined about it but he took it. I really can't blame Charlie at this point for not wanting to mention his wife's name, think about it, he has Kip's safety to worry about as well as everyone else's. He needs to be focused UNTIL he has the creep that killed her! Eliot screwed up going outside! Now Nate and them will have to help him up and get him into bed, and i BET Effie won't let him out of bed AGAIN for awhile! I kinda blame a little bit of that on Nate and Soapy they KNEW he wasn't up to be out there yet! They get an "F" in HITTERSITTING! Sorry it took me awhile to review this one...i kinda really enjoyed it and reread it 3 times! i paid very close detail to what Parker and Charlie were getting and I know what i would do with all that nice LOVELY BOOBY TRAP supplies! Can't wait for the next chapter to find out HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE TO GET A HITTER INSIDE AND BACK TO BED AS WELL AS NAG HIM SOME MORE FOR ONCE AGAIN BEING STUPID!
4/26/2018 c23 HonestBee
Effie stole Eliot's sandwich recipe?! Perfect!

There is something about seeing Eliot in a weakened state that just doesn't sit well with me. Not a complaint on your story of course! It's just that he NEEDS to be ELIOT, and right now, he's not. I'm sure he will be again.

I can't wait to see what Charlie and Parker have in store for the baddies, Parker seemed entirely too happy about it all!
4/26/2018 c23 maclooping
Nice little chapter ! not a big ,strong one but everything is gradually being put in place and we learn more about Everett Spicer who seems to be a very interesting bastard!
I can't wait to see the bloody traps of Parker and Charlie work ! that gonna be a painful surprise for the bad guys !
4/24/2018 c22 maclooping
Hummm i don't know what to think here. don't worry your write's skill are always awsome but it's the first time i have mixed feeling about one of your story and i don't really know why ! that frustrating because i can't nail why ! maybe it's because Eliot seems to be so... weak , tired so... i don't know ... old (argf ,sorry ,it's a strong word) i mean he say "openly" , he will die and be buried in this place and Nate know he gonna left them someday et go back here ! damn even Charlie tell to Kip about Eliot " he's an old wreck", I know he didn't say it seriously but even Parker notice it's strange to say" Eliot and Old "in the same sentence , maybe it's just me(it's probably just me) but Eliot don't seems to be totally ... him... Hardison saved him... twice... that say all hahaha

Whatever ! except this weird feeling , all your story are great ! i love all the part when ,in the rain khenbish hadan waiting silently and the confrontation between her and the team ! and it's a great idea to create the part with Hardison on percocet , all the story is so "heavy" (the death of bomber is so sad! ) so it's great to laught sometimes ! i can't wait to read more and see how will be chong bun-tsui!
hooo by the way !i rewatch the episode 2 when Sophie and Parker ask to Eliot what he buy with his first payment and I had fun thought " he won't tell you because he surely helped Jo and Soapy" hahaha
4/23/2018 c22 ann.ryce
Poor Eliot, he's gotten sick from being in the rain and laying in a puddle! Big surprise to only him! Effie is showing just how much she loves him and he's not awake to hear her talking sweet about him! Yeah can't wait till those FOOLS show up and they get their butts kicked! Good thing for all that rain keeping them shut off, gives Eliot a couple of days to get to feeling a little better before he gets hurt again, lol. Poor Poor Charlie dealing with his loss and trying to save his son, Eliot and everyone else while dealing with it. He needed that little breakdown to be able to focus better. Oh yes, Eliot being a baby just because the label on the bottle! LOVED IT! Plan B was perfect and Eliot got a good dose of that nice helpful medicine, now Effie and Lizzy might need to come up with a Plan C for the next dose! I do believe that Effie had a little to much fun giving him that though, lol. I loved the way he WHINED about it and I hope Effie remembers to tell everyone that Eliot actually WHINED about taking some medicine for his upper respiratory infection. Or better yet, when Effie let's him out of bed to give it to him in front of everyone so they can hear him whine! I almost felt sorry for Hardison and his bumpy ride...ok I felt sorry for him, he did man up and go to do his part. I would love to know what Charlie and Parker have planned, or maybe not knowing Parker. At least the family at the ranch are having a little bit of peace and relaxing during this time. As always I loved this chapter and can't wait for the next one. Continue on with this fantastic story.
4/21/2018 c22 1novisha.rivera.1
Jeebus, I've had that stuff, oh mah gawwwd!
Would seriously help this sandstorm cough I get when the dirt kicks up out here. Good tip.
Ps. Get em Parker and Charlie.
4/21/2018 c22 10HonestBee
The thought of Charlie, Gertie, and little Buster patrolling in the night is rather terrifying, as is the thought of Charlie and Parker doing Things to protect the homestead. Terrifying, but in a good way.

I think Soapy is probably going to enjoy driving Bernadette a little *too* much, will Hardison ever get his keys back?

Lizzie is a great Eliot-anchor, Effie is a terrifying nurse, and Sophie is a wonderful therapist!
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