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for Gertie - The Outback Job

4/21/2018 c20 1novisha.rivera.1
Ur trying yah kill me again!
4/21/2018 c18 novisha.rivera.1
Forget previous comments. The NSA, now has a migraine and has decided, you have multiple personality disorder and will no longer even peek at your Google search history.
Thanks for writing, playing catch up now ;)
4/17/2018 c21 ann.ryce
Great FIGHT! Well except for Hardison not understanding he was suppose to move out of the way, Eliot ending up in a pile of mud and GERTIE doing 99% of the fighting. Gertie did a great job. PLEASE DO NOT LET GERTIE DIE! Now they have 2 whiners, one that will listen and do as he's told, although he'll act like he's DYING and the stubborn ASS that won't stay in bed unless he's tied to it. Or threatened as he is remembering. To be honest if I was Nate I would gag them both and put Hardison in the opposite side of the house, that way Eliot will quit his WHINING about Hardison keeping him awake. Good thing one of the adults is watching one of the kids, Lizzy is doing a great job watching Eliot! They should of given them both something to knock them out so there would be some peace! Great job and YES it was worth the wait. Loved so much that Gertie forgot her fear to safe Eliot once again. Can't wait till the next chapter! GREAT JOB!
4/15/2018 c21 sjm0430
I'm seriously crackin up over here! Soooo good! I can totally see high as a kite Hardison just making the rounds of I Love You's! LOL Can't wait for the next one!
4/15/2018 c21 10HonestBee
Oh how I loved this chapter!

First, though, do NOT make me feel sorry for that crazy ninja. Not having a loving family does not excuse her actions. Though I might have felt just the tiniest bit of heartbreak...nope, not when she threatened Gertie.

Love protective Gertie, and Effie with the shotgun. Of COURSE she's a dead shot with it!

Great scene in the bathroom with Parker being all matter-of-fact in getting Eliot into the shower and cleaned up, and poor Soapy nearly getting an eyeful! Then Jo laughing over Hardison's distress at Parker's physio. And yes, Hardison does not get Percocet again, EVER.

Love Eliot's arguing from the bedroom, and I'm sure poor Lizzie is about to have kittens!
4/12/2018 c20 ann.ryce
Once again I am a little late in reviewing. I have read it 3 times though is that helps! Soapy should of just shot Wicked Witch and been done with it. Nate ALWAYS has to talk first! He could of let Soapy shoot she said she was going to kill the kills! Eliot, well we all know he can be a REAL IDIOT at times and this is another one of those times! I can almost FEEL and HEAR the lectures and YELLING that will be coming his way from this crap he pulled! Hardison really has no idea what he's just done, but he was trying to save Eliot from being hurt worse, by telling the truth. Poor Hardison had better have 9 lives at this rate, because Eliot is gonna kill him once for the gummy frogs he fed Gertie and a second time for tell Wicked Witch that he killed her PET. Sure hope that Gertie doesn't get to upset or Wicked Witch is going to be in for a REAL surprise as well as that poor horse she's on. This story just keeps getting better and better!
4/10/2018 c20 redkwolf
I am FINALLY able to catch up on this story. Good job!
4/9/2018 c20 HonestBee
Hardison just had to butt in, didn't he? Glad to see that Eliot is still his stubborn, bad-ass self, though. I LOVE the name of the sword, and I really hope Eliot gets to use it, since he didn't do much with it in the series...

Old Soldier Soapy is almost as terrifying as Eliot and Nate combined, and Parker makes such a good Auntie.
4/9/2018 c20 Pinkypop22
Once again you really know how to leave things on a cliffhanger.

I couldn't go to sleep until I read this chapter and you didn't disappoint.

Can't wait for the next on.

4/7/2018 c19 ann.ryce
I loved it, brought back memories of my kids watching our mare giving birth twice. They were so excited and there is nothing GROSS about it, it's beautiful! Glad Parker got over her fear of horses and decided to help out. Maybe now she won't be to scared of them. Yeah don't really think Eliot is going to be to happy about the naming the colt Sparky, but since Lizzy is the one that named him, he'll get over it! WOW Wicked Witch showed up at the ranch, sure she's waiting on Eliot or to check his status. Sure hope Charlie can get a message to Soapy and let him know the Wicked Witch is outside! Looking forward to your next chapter and so glad you let poor Eliot get some good rest in this chapter!
4/5/2018 c19 HonestBee
Parker is so wonderfully courageous- great job, girl! I'm glad Hardison kept a handle on his stomach and yes, he is surrounded by strange, strange women. Also yes, dolls are creepy. I never liked them, either.

This latest development is not the best way to celebrate Sparky's birthday. That name is perfect, by the way. I can see Eliot's ire now.
4/3/2018 c18 HonestBee
Oh, don't apologize for fluff! Fluff is good, fluff provides a soft landing!

The Nate and Eliot bonding was a nice touch, as well as Jo's gossip idea and Gertie's gas! How I laughed at that one! Maybe they should just fill Gertie up on gummy frogs and set her loose at Albany?
3/30/2018 c17 1novisha.rivera.1
And the plot thickens! Somebody is going to be in deep do do when El find out.
3/29/2018 c17 10HonestBee
Oh, that is evil indeed! So, Eliot has a good reason the fear for the kids' lives...

Again, I loved Lizzie and Effie's vigil over Eliot, hard-headed, self-sacrificing dumbass that he is.

Nice touch with Nate cooking breakfast. I always thought there was more behind it than the "six months in a prison kitchen." I have this thought that he would have been the kind of guy to cook breakfast for his family ocassionally, to give Maggie a break, but that he hasn't done so in the era of the show because of painful memories.
3/26/2018 c16 ann.ryce
I feel bad that Hardison had to explain what happened to Bomber to Charlie, but he did say it was a quick death and that he had covered him the best he could. Poor Kip has suffered another lose (see what you did? lol) POOR ELIOT, he's catching it from every side, well except for Nate, Sophie and Hardison (but he did give Eliot hell on their way back). He might want to think about crawling UNDER the house to hide from everyone, but I'm sure Lizzy and Effie would find him. If he went high up, Parker would have him in 2 seconds! Guess they could of just tied him to the bed, but it seems like he might have some INVISIBLE ropes holding him at the moment! Lizzy can stay IF he behaves, let's see how long Eliot behaves! I'm sure he'll try to sneak outside before to long. Him throwing a tantrum to go out on the veranda to lay down shows he's not going to listen very well. He's not going to let a fever, wounds and being sick stop him, BUT the other will make him chance his mind I'm sure! Loved Lizzy and Parker giving him HELL about getting hurt and Effie fussing about it every 2 seconds, lol. Can't wait to read the next chapter because I believe the *BUTTMUNCHES* have found uranium! Hardison is gonna be in BIG TROUBLE for feeding Gertie gummy frogs! At least Eliot can get back at someone!
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