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for Gertie - The Outback Job

3/18/2018 c7 1novisha.rivera.1
Okay, catching up. Missed u and the team like you wouldn't believe. Farm, life, goat stuff.
Ps. My next baby boy goat, naming him Eliot :)
PPS. Thanks for this
PPS. Mongolian, damn the NSA must really be scratching their heads.
3/15/2018 c12 ann.ryce
LOL Eliot thought it was Gertie on his foot, boy was he wrong! Poor Hardison is having a hard time of it isn't he? Good thing Gertie killed the croc for him. At least they got some good eating from it and Eliot needed it. He's really having a hard time of it. Good thing Lizzy is so in touch with Eliot, because she is going to be the reason they are beginning to realize something is wrong! At this point not sure who is going to give Eliot the worse lecture, Effie or Lizzy! They are both someone Eliot needs to be fearful of! Looking forward to the next chapter as always!
3/13/2018 c12 10HonestBee
If croc tastes anything like alligator, I would approve greatly of Eliot's dinner choice! And I love Hardison's observation that Eliot is still chef-y, even in his condition! Personally, I think it's a response to some sort of imprisonment(s) in his checkered past where he probably ate nothing at all tasty.

Gertie was awesome, LOVE how she dispatched that croc. And of course, Eliot and Hardison's usual banter is always a bright spot!

And if anyone could make a radio work by force of will alone, it's Nate. The fact that he couldn't is very disturbing :)
3/13/2018 c12 5ponyperson
I knew it! Go Gertie! (still miss Bomber tho). Leave it to Eliot to create a gourmet meal in the middle of the Outback. Made me hungry (does croc taste anything like gator?).
Looking forward to the next installment!
3/11/2018 c11 ann.ryce
Lizzy feels there is something wrong with Eliot and she knows he needs help. Glad Nate and Sophie pay attention to her feelings. Sweet that Soapy and Jo let her call them Grandpa and Grandma. I could name the lines from the movies they were saying. Especially the one from JAWS, that was so easy, but then again I watched Jaws a lot! Eliot letting go of Gertie wasn't a smart idea but to late! REALLY? Is there any part of Eliot that isn't going to be injured by the time he gets back? POOR Eliot is never going to hear the end of this little adventure. Yep I see Effie using a lot of ropes to keep Eliot in bed when he gets back, not to mention the LECTURES she's going to be giving him, one of them about how he is NOT croc food! Thank you for posting this chapter and making my day! Was so happy to see it.
3/10/2018 c11 10HonestBee
I actually ended up laughing out loud when the croc showed up; it's like a morbid comedy of errors...Moreau failed, crazy influenza guy failed, bear failed, psycho-ninja failed, sniper failed, fall down the incline into the billabong failed, maybe the croc can finally kill Eliot freakin' Spencer! Anyway, I do morbidly love those kind of things because they show just how tough and ornery he is!

And I love the observation that he has an awful lot of people who love him dearly even though he's done his best to be a crotchety old loner.

And of course he likes Ratatouille! That movie is wonerful and actually quite a good fit for him. I can see him watching it with Lizzie, then proceeding to make the title dish because she pestered him into it!

And dear Lizzie knows something's wrong, hope the others listen to her!
3/10/2018 c11 9Tacodestroyeravenger
I KNEW THE CROC WOULD COME! Man it’s getting even more intense!
3/5/2018 c10 10HonestBee
And once again, Hardison is awesome. Poor Eliot and poor Gertie, but if anyone can get justice for little Bomber, it'll be Eliot. He was VERY FOND of the little guy, after all! And yes, I'm sure Eliot has been hurt worse, but how many knocks to that hard head can he take? And Parker is going to be mad he damaged her work on his shoulder.

"Angsty-rage-y heart" is a great description of Effie!
3/5/2018 c10 9Tacodestroyeravenger
Rip Bomber...he will be missed. And poor Eliot just can’t catch a break. I wonder what will happen next!
3/4/2018 c9 Phillya
I love reading your Leverage stories. They're true to the series & wonderfully descriptive.

You can kill or injure as many characters as you like & I'll just keep reading, but I've got a huge thing about animals being killed. I'm that person who is still (after 50 years) traumatized by the death of Bambi's mother!

So, much as I admire & enjoy your writing I can't read any further. Really sorry.
3/4/2018 c9 ann.ryce
Love Hardison falling off Boomer, lol. The bats scared him, to funny. OK I'M DONE! SHAME ON YOU! You killed BOOMER, that poor little horse had been though so much and you just take him out. Then you have GERTIE shot? Guess I should be glad you didn't kill her! Poor Eliot, is shot, his previous wounds are bothering him ad pretty sure he now has a concussion, and they don't have a horse, but I know Gertie will be back for Eliot. That much is a given. Glad Hardison got the PILE of CRAP that shot Eliot, killed Boomer and hurt Gertie. Now that just leaves Hardison to get Eliot out of there...yeah...things don't look good for Eliot! Maybe Hardison will MANUP and come through, or at least Gertie will. Ok I forgive you for killing Boomer and hurting Gertie. Still worried about Eliot's life depending on MR. I'M SCARED OF EVERYTHING...but Gertie will be back, she'll help and Eliot can get her to kneel so Hardison can get Eliot and himself on her. PLEASE don't let Hardison FALL OFF Gertie, lol. Although that would be funny, but at that height he might get hurt. He has to get Eliot back to Effie to take care of his injuries and threaten him. Poor Eliot is gonna here it again about getting blood all over his clothes again! Maybe she should thump him on his head a little harder with something! Looking forward to your next chapter as always!
3/3/2018 c9 5ponyperson
aahhh! you killed Bomber! Nooooo! *sniff*
There must be torture ahead! Slowly kill all bad guys!
No more killing of horses! And no dog or camel killing!
well written, if very sad. I loved all the teasing on Hardison. Well done.
3/3/2018 c9 10HonestBee
Oh damnit, that was intense! Poor Bomber, but I'm glad it was quick. Between him and Gertie, Eliot's going to majorly pissed. If he survives. Which he had better, because Larry gave his life for him. Hardison, I could just hug right now. That man is so great under pressure.

This entire chapter was awesome, from Hardison's lack of horsemanship and fear of all things Australian, to Eliot's light teasing and handyman work. It's awesome how he can switch so easily from destroyer to repairman.

Eagerly (and rabidly!) awaiting the next chapter!
3/3/2018 c9 4same ol' Tgirl
Dammit - I knew somethin' bad was gonna happen when Sophie had the chills! I can't see how they're going to get out of this, I am glad I trust the author to get 'em out!
3/3/2018 c9 9Tacodestroyeravenger
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