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for Gertie - The Outback Job

2/13/2019 c60 1novisha.rivera.1
All your reader can say for certainty, that just for a brief while, we were transported, to a young girls seventh birthday party.
Can't thank you enough
Not so long ago, but far away...
2/11/2019 c60 ann.ryce
I loved it! Now I really wished I lived at Wapanjara! Loved Lizzie' birthday party and how relaxed everyone was during the get together. "SIGH" I could really use a long visit to Wapanjara right now!
2/10/2019 c60 WolfhoundLove1
Thank you for this new chapter. It touched my heart. So easy it was to imagine myself sitting beside all of them and partaking in the festivities both joyful and solemn.
I think most would agree that living life there would be heavenly despite all the natural challenges of living in the Outback. They're a tough people; have had to be, considering how their families came to live there in the first place. It must've been like being on another planet when Australia was a penal colony. You have to respect the strength it took to survive and eventually to survive well.
Thanks for sharing your love for it with me.
I'm always greedy though for more of this story. Absolutely love it and all the characters.
2/10/2019 c60 10HonestBee
Aw, who could NOT like John Denver?

I love all of this, especially Nate's and Sophie's discomfiture over Lizzie's gifts! Can you imagine the uproar if they had tried to vet them? Haha!

And thank you thank you thank you for getting Eliot to eat finally! (And the tidbit where he pondered on Archie and Parker just melted my heart again)

And the end with Auntie and Lizzie was sweet and poignant, and, and, and...I could go on. Sigh.
1/30/2019 c59 redkwolf
love this chapter. Good job.
1/30/2019 c59 1longchicks18
Really enjoying your story! Well-written and easy to follow, and you write in such a way it is easy to visualize exactly what is happening. Love the expanded family aspects. I'm on the edge of being really nervous about the how, when and where for the next bit of trouble lurking...
1/29/2019 c59 10HonestBee
Oh how I love angst and issues! I'm glad Eliot's talking a bit about his service time, PTSD is a real PIA. 'Specially when you have survivor guilt. And great minds think alike again!

I really want in on that BBQ...steak, please!

And Hardison's memory of Eliot when they met Moreau, perfectly atmospheric! He was definitely terrifyingly cold in that scene.

And Eliot's renewed vow to Lizzie...siiiigh.
1/29/2019 c59 1novisha.rivera.1
LMAO,... dammit Janet! Leave it to you, Eliot and Lizzie to put a smile on my face after two hard working weeks (baby goats with at least three more sets on the way). The oldest got to name the first set, but mark my words, I am going to have my own leverage crew. No lie there are a possible six more on the way.
Glad Eliot could get his first crew settled in his mind. I think without that his demons would always have a hold on him. And I am equally glad Hardison got to let off steam after his ordeal in the Big Bang Job. I have always wondered what that conversation would have been like (a few other fan fics have explored it with satisfaction).
In all thank you for the invitation to Lizzie's birthday party! It's BONZER!
1/12/2019 c58 10HonestBee
Someone feed that boy, quick! Eliot being gaunt and tired just hurts my heart, it ain't right I tell ya! But it does speak to how much he sacrificed for his family. And that makes me feel warm and fuzzy again.

I LOVE the wolf-signal, I really do! And Eliot's reaction to it reminded me so much of the Japanese baseball-sports drink-whatever commercial Hardison made in that one episode. Like a glimpse of a little kid.

Poor Parker, stuck with a clown horse! And your description of that Appaloosa doesn't sound like just any Appaloosa, but a *foundation* type Appaloosa! They're great horses, but they really are ratty, humble, clowny creatures, not like the fancier "modern" Appaloosas that look like nothing more than a Quarter Horse with spots. Parker should be honored, really. Maybe someone can explain that Kevin is just as quirky and unique and full of surprises as Parker is?

And is Kevin at all possibly a "she" rather than "he"? Because when I read that name, I just suddenly flashed on the huge, colorful, cartoon bird from "Up".
12/21/2018 c57 ann.ryce
Loved it! Eliot left out of the conversation and plans, Mei threatening Eliot if he didn't eat (she is really learning all the good things from Effie, before long Mei will be able to handle Eliot on her own!) Hardison's little smirk that now has Eliot planning his demise in some form, and Parker calling Eliot WHINY! It was great. I see you set up the plans for the remodeling of Wapanjara, the new Aussie team AND buying of Albany and the changing of it's name. All in just one story, great job of working ALL those details in. I love the way the security is going to be set up to keep both places safe. I love the name you picked for it as well, it's more fitting than Albany! I'm glad that Eliot could finally follow along and agree this is the best course of action for them all. Now for the birthday party!
12/21/2018 c57 HonestBee
I love that Nate got his line in at the end there!

Parker made me laugh and cry so much in this chapter...the crowbar bit will never grow old!

Nate's plan is cunning indeed, perfect!
12/11/2018 c56 Guest
The twist and turns are killing me (in a happy way) - love this novel!
12/7/2018 c56 ann.ryce
I loved seeing Lizzie out with Grandpa Soapy exploring and how excited she was. Glad Eliot is finally relaxing and getting the rest he needs so he can heal. Lizzie lisp is so cute, lol. Effie got her yabbies' to make Eliot's favorite dinner. The team is back safe and sound. Hardison must of had a death wish telling Eliot NO about booking him a ticket, lol. I had to laugh at that, then everyone else jumped on him for saying he was going after Alphabet. He would of been in a world of hurt if he had continued to try to leave, Eliot was in no shape to take on everyone! Glad Nate is already working on a plan, NOW we're planning Lizzie's birthday and a day of fun and relaxing for everyone! This story was sappy, I loved it.
12/7/2018 c56 1novisha.rivera.1
What can I say? From the fishing trip I really want to go one (if everything in Australia wasn't trying to kill you), to Lizzie's lips, to homecoming of family. All the things I have missed of late.
Just so you know I don't deal well with the holiday season. Some days I fight the dark cloud the only way I can, a minute at a time mostly.
So I want to thank you, and your research, your imagination, Dean Devlin, Lizzie, the Leverage cast for my Gertie Outback Job ch56 aka "The not really a Christmas Story that made Novi feel better".
12/4/2018 c56 10HonestBee
What a great outing Soapy and Lizzie had, I'm jealous!

The last scene was absolutely perfectly in character for them all, especially that stubborn idiot of a hitter, and I can't wait to see Nate's Cunning Plan.

I really really loved Parker's reaction the most, driving home the point with pokes to Eliot. The mental image really warmed my heart and made me giggle like a deranged Parker..but, damn, have you been reading my mind? Or have I been proactively reading yours? Because a protective Parker is almost scarier than a protective Eliot...
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