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9/29/2018 c50 GUEST
9/23/2018 c50 1novisha.rivera.1
Thanks for my Sunday evening most definitely made me smile (this time as Bruce Campbell)
And remember folks "say yes to the 'stache"!
Ps. Now to wait for LW on Hulu or Netflix.
9/23/2018 c50 ann.ryce
Leave it to Lizzie to say it loud enough that Eliot is coughing and for Effie to be standing to the side waiting to ambush Eliot with that beloved cough medicine he LOVES so much. Lizzie has learned very well how to get Eliot to do things he doesn't want to, like take his cough medicine, lol. That was cute, she didn't have to touch him at all, just quiver her lip and let her eyes water. YEP ELIOT IS WHIPPED by a 7 yr old! Effie did good taking notes, even if Eliot was upset no one woke him up. To bad his nerves were more on edge worrying about the team though. LOL I KNEW SOME WHERE IN THIS STORY YOU WOULD THROW IN LETHAL WEAPON! Glad Effie really likes Riggs and not JERK WAD! Eliot making fun of Riggs was funny! Loved that joke, it would make some people thinking real hard about why a guy would say OUCH when he walked into a bar, lol. Yes, let's get Eliot more worked up about their safety and him not being there! Loved him explaining to Lizzie about his medicine pouch, his mama and how his grandfather helped him make it. Eliot knew all along he would make one for Lizzie, just had to wait for the right time to explain what one was. Can't wait till we get to the part where they make it. Yes, Alice is in his heart and that helps to calm him a well! I LOVED what Tom did to get that phone! Saying Parker was underaged and supposedly with Pennicuik He did an amazing job as a grifter and never done it before, lol. I was laughing so hard at the way he carried on about it! GREAT JOB! Tom is hired as part-time grifter/hitter for the team now! AWWWW...Effie MADE Eliot eat and go to bed, without a fight, shows how run down he really is. Fevers up, Lizzie's worried and Eliot's worried sick because he hasn't heard from Hardison...the phone call saying all it well and everyone is safe. Now Alice once again stepping up and telling Eliot he can rest and heal...wonder if he will REALLY listen to a spirit, he might since he can't really fight her! He might get his butt kicked!
9/22/2018 c43 9Tacodestroyeravenger
I’m catching up on this masterpiece and it’s still lovely how much work is put into this. All your OCs are purposeful and filled out and interesting and that’s high praise from someone who usually doesn’t like OCs. And the emotion and physicality and just everything about this story is great. Bravo.
9/20/2018 c50 10HonestBee
Ha, I caught on before Eliot did that Lizzie is becoming too much like her mother!

Tom *is* da man! Poor Eliot might just get a little jealous, but I love that knowing they're safe gives him peace enough to rest.

Hmmm...that horrible, terrible joke seems familiar somehow :D
9/12/2018 c49 ann.ryce
Eliot not being able to sleep isn't a good thing, but at least Effie didn't ream him for it. Effie and Eliot did have a nice little talk and she set him straight on a few things and pointed out a few things he needed to know. Like the fact that at one time the whole team worked without him and lived through it! I love the Effie/Eliot talks, she makes her point without having to beat it into his thick skull. Love the way she kind of suggested Lizzie to lay in her chair in Eliot's room knowing that Eliot would go to be close to her. She is really one smart lady! She can make Eliot do almost anything she wants. She knows Eliot hasn't had time to mourn Alice and it's a very sore spot for him. Glad she made him go back to bed, because we both know he needs his rest to get well. I love the thought of Lizzie's medicine pouch being made from Roo belly, it's perfect considering where they are at and everything that has happened there. Auntie can feel Eliot's medicine pouch without knowing it's there. Eliot knows she wants him to make one for Lizzie out of that material! I knew Eliot would come up with a plan to get rid of Kremic, and it's so easy really. Trying to explain to Hardison about who BABE RUTH was, well that was a lot harder! I know it will work and then the team will be safe and Eliot did it all from home and not being near danger! OOPS, I think Effie might come and make his sorry butt go to bed. I loved that Effie took the tablet to watch movies on! That was so CUTE. I could almost imagine the look on Eliot's face when she handed him the tablet ,lol! Once again this was a great chapter, with some very tender moments for Eliot and him coming to terms with different things. I think you could PROBABLY keep this story going for about another 40 chapters with my help! LMAO! Ok then that would delay the other stories I want to read so badly! This is a VICIOUS cycle! See what you've done to me? As always looking forward to your next chapter and to see if Eliot's plan works out, which I believe will since Kremic would want Babe Ruth's jersey, heck I would want it, but only in my dreams since I'm not RICH!
9/10/2018 c49 HonestBee
You'd think by Hardison's reaction that skin was fresh off the carcass, ha! So much good family love here, but I can't help but feel something bad is brewing...I hope I'm wrong. Bad jokes, huh? Is Parker going to share them on with Eliot and drive him nuts?
9/10/2018 c49 1novisha.rivera.1
Lmao, Lethal Weapon tv show huh
Ps. Any chance of bringing in Quinn, you know just to like quadruple the hotness factor.
Pps. Only cause I have Sam Elliot in my head as Soapy, plus Alec and Elliot...
Seriously though, I save up on FF for my days off when I have time. Thanks again.
9/4/2018 c48 Pinkypop22
I love the way you snuck in a Libarians reference. I'll admit that every Tuesday I start checking my email like crazy for a new chapter. Then I read it and then I wish there was more.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

9/4/2018 c48 10HonestBee
Eliot purrs, I knew it! And the Librarians reference was awesome. Jake really does NOT look at all like Eliot, too young!

I love Sophie and Eliot on that phone call, and I wish my math classes had included sightlines and kill boxes. I snickered reading through that entire lesson and trying to think what Nate's and Sophie's reactions to it would be.
8/31/2018 c47 HonestBee
So many wonderful things here, then you had to get all foreshadow-y...

I always gave Nate credit for reaching out and grabbing Eliot the way he did in The Big Bang. That took balls, and now here he's offering to hold Eliot if needed while his wounds are cleaned out...but he's reluctant to have The Talk with his own daughter...too funny! I can just imagine the expressions on Hardison's and Eliot's faces if it falls to them! Honestly, I think Sophie is best suited to it. Definitely not Parker.

Eliot still has times he wants to punch Nate in the neck. Good to see some things never change!

I can't get enough of Nate baiting Effie, I really can't!

Mother hen Eliot is THE BEST. Truly. And yes, he does 'fret" over them.
8/31/2018 c47 1novisha.rivera.1
Okay, that was weird. I was going to make a suggestion for a new fan fic with El and Lizzie. Basically the team went on a job without him while he was "babysitting" Lizzie. He gets to the bar (Portland) and the team doesn't show up, no comms nothing.
Seriously, you chill us all out and relaxed with the last two chapters...you wouldn't do that would you...
8/29/2018 c46 ann.ryce
Eliot Spencer defeated by a GATE, that's a good one! Yeah he should of left the bandages on, but getting in that water even with the bandages wouldn't of done him much good. Leave it to Gertie to take care of DUMB HEAD when he's in bad shape. If not for her, he'd still be trying to get back. She knew where to take him. Well, at least the infection is draining somewhat, even though it ruined his clean shirt, oh he's going to be in for such a hard time now! Good thing he had Gertie to lean against, keep him war and keep the dingoes away. That wouldn't of been a nice scenario and they would of found him. Parker agreed to ride a HORSE?! That is a good one, knowing her fear of horse, although it is getting better. Lizzie misses her Eliot and I'm sure she's going to have a FIT when she gets the chance. Ok, so will Jo and Effie...I can feel some choice words coming on while they clean him up this time. Well at least Eliot knows the WOMEN are to be FEARED (now if he will just pay attention to what they tell him, he wouldn't find himself in messes like this). All the men know not to mess with the WOMEN which shows they are a lot smarter than Eliot is. Seems he loves to push their buttons just to rile them up. Leave it to eagle eye Parker to notice Gertie and figure out that Eliot is down. Love the way the kids threw a fit and lectured him about taking off, bleeding, infection, how made Jo and Effie are going to be at him, just all of it! LMAO I could picture Nate and Hardison going at each other with insults and picturing them trying to get Eliot up, because after all HE'S FINE and CAN WALK ON MY OWN! Yeah right, more like fall on his own. How CHILDISH is he being, he's NOT going to bed, he sounds like a 5 yr old! You CAN'T let him get away with that! Lizzie reminded him real quick he's POORLY again. At least she got him to say he's staying till his dying day (YOU BETTER NOT KILL ELIOT OFF IN ANY STORY BTW!) Ok, Eliot is weak, tired, sick, hurt, with infected wounds and you have him sitting on a stool? He couldn't stand let alone sit on a stool with no support. He needs to suffer some and be put in his place, so he knows he's not making all the rules about his health since...well...HIS RULES ABOUT HIS HEALTH SUCKS! HE'S AN IDIOT when it comes to taking care of himself. He's been out in the rain, was wet most of the time and in his condition his resistance is down and he'd become sick on top of everything else. Don't let him off easy! Make him pay for his decisions. I want to know just how ROUGH Jo was cleaning him up and HOW bad they griped at him! Please? Glad at least part of his brain is working now, he knows his family loves him and he wants to be with them. One point for Eliot!
8/28/2018 c46 10HonestBee
Oh, this was so many kinds of awesome. Eliot's mental temper tantrum at the gate, and another one back in the kitchen...I'd also be tired of lying in bed so long!

Charlie is damn lucky Parker didn't use Mr. Zappy on him when he manhandled her onto Batu! I guess she trusts him pretty well. How wonderful that she was able to equate riding a horse with using her rigs! I never would have thought of that, but it makes sense, and her natural balance would help so much! Wonderfully done!
8/24/2018 c45 Guest
Just found your work this week and read Gertie Part One and now this one - love it, love most Eliot centered :o) Thanks!
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