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for Gertie - The Outback Job

8/22/2018 c45 ann.ryce
As always I loved it! Great job fitting in Eliot knew he wasn't suppose to sleep but had to because he was ill and injured! Excellent job with the Dingo with a touch of wolf to it, love it! You did a great job blending the two cultures together in my opinion. Love Alice coming to see him and telling him off and passing messages to him as well. She knew Charlie needed to hear that she still loved him and that he needed to move on. Maybe that will help Charlie to do that in time. I do believe she got through to Eliot as well, she said the right words, "IDIOT", it fits him, lol. Now he has someone else (even if it is a spirit) telling him just how much Lizzie loves him and that is sure to help him as well. Eliot sure is a mess and not doing his wounds any good cleaning them in DIRTY water! I would say he is totally sliding down the hill of being extremely POORLY again! Good thing Gertie is there since she has more sense than Eliot! Loved that he burned his dirty clothes as those were the TAINTED ones he came there in. Well let's see how much that little NAP helped him on his way home, because I don't think it's doing to do him a lot of good. Eliot got dirt in his wounds, he weak, dehydrated, ill/injured, in a lot of pain, feverish, easier to say very POORLY. Glad Gertie will be able to get the FOOL home safely. Once again I think you did an amazing job in blending the cultures and did it in a very HONORABLE way so as not to offend anyone (ok, there is always ONE that will be offended no matter what, but they don't count!) Looking forward to the next chapter and Eliot's journey home and the fits everyone is going to throw when they see the state he's in!
8/22/2018 c45 redkwolf
That did not go in the direction I thought. I'm so glad that he talked to Alice. :)
8/19/2018 c45 GUEST
Love it!
8/19/2018 c45 10HonestBee
All I can really say is wow, this was a powerful chapter! I figured Eliot would have an important talk with someone, but I didn't figure on this! Very fitting, though, and good job showing Eliot's respect for the entire process.

Gertie makes a wonderful mother hen, but she has an impish streak! Guess she got tired of foraging the plain old proper camel food. I'm amazed she restrained herself this long!
8/19/2018 c45 1novisha.rivera.1
Ahh. Yesss.I suppose this is what all your readers needed. I know I did.
Hopefully I won't offend you by saying this.
You captured the essence of what a "dreamtime". experience is. As a pagan (non christian) worshiper, such experiences and communication with the ancestors of family, heart, and the land are treasured and cherished. If there are any "technical" errors someone wants to complain about, remind them that sometimes "they" choose "us" as well.
Now I am going to go back and read this about ten more times
8/19/2018 c44 Guest
I love your stories. I can't wait for the next part.
8/18/2018 c44 ann.ryce
Very GOOD indeed! I'm surprised Lizzie went with everyone and left Eliot there. Then again Effie was there so Eliot couldn't get into to much trouble or else. He did a great job sneaking around to get his stuff together without Effie knowing. Can always count on Charlie to help Eliot out, when need be. That is what brothers are for, even when it might not be what's best for the at the moment. He's second guessing himself, but Charlie couldn't stop Eliot if he wanted to. He knows Eliot needs to do this to begin the real healing process. Glad Effie didn't take his head off when he told her, that could of been a dangerous situation (although that MIGHT be why he had KIP). The team took it pretty well, but that doesn't mean Eliot isn't going to get an earful when he gets back all wore out and worse for wear. I think they will notice a difference in him, might just be a little bit to start with but it will be there. Lizzie is taking it all very well, even though she is worried about Idiot, I mean Eliot, lol. You did a great job on him setting up for the Vision Quest, like I said the only part I found wrong was where he slept, but then again he is very ill and injured and had what to him at this point would be a very long and painful ride, so yes he would fall asleep out of need not want. He already knows he took this trip to soon and wasn't up for it, but well, to late now, he was committed to it. So it fits perfectly! The rest was very good and you did a great job with it, makes me want to go and do a Vision Quest of my own again! Who knows maybe the Dingo will EAT Ryan and Eliot will be free of him. I think he keeps seeing Ryan because that is who he killed in front of Lizzie. That still bothers him even though he says he's dealt with it and so has Lizzie. I don't believe that completely, there has to be something lingering there that he is still seeing Ryan of all the people he has killed. As always I'm looking forward to your next chapter so much to see what messages the Dingo and Alice has for Eliot. Not to mention the relief when he goes back home in almost one piece and how he explains why he felt he had to leave and do the Quest then and not when he had healed more. You didn't have to thank me, I'm more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you out any way I can as long as I get a great story out of it, lol! See I know how to work this! While waiting for new chapters gives me time to go back and read straight though from beginning to the last chapter posted like a book. So it's not to bad having to wait!
8/15/2018 c44 deb ankrum
loving this, characters and the scenery visionally pleasant
8/15/2018 c44 10HonestBee
After everything Eliot has survived in his life, he better not finish as dingo food! Though now that I know what "leaving" meant, I'm much less worried about him. He's not taking the easy way out by running away. Nice job, Effie!

Good to see that Lizzie put a little thought into her reaction this time, though I know she's still worried sick for Eliot. That was rather cruel though, making Charlie break the news to the family...but at least Parker didn't taser him! And every reaction was spot-on!

Nice to see some early Eliot back story, will we be getting more? Please?
8/15/2018 c44 1novisha.rivera.1
Each Native American tribe has it's own version of Coyote or Wolf gods. Only fitting that Australia would have it's version as a dingo (even though they aren't completely native).
Ps. All the Coyote were trickster gods if I remember rightly.
8/10/2018 c43 ann.ryce
You did an awesome job on the flashback! Maybe a whole story on that one day? (YES, I'm not willing to let you end these wonderful stories, lol) I have to stay entertained. It's funny I read these at night as I lay in bed, and where Eliot's flashbacks should cause me some distress, they don't. Instead I take great pleasure in knowing that you really wanted to get the think with PTSD right, THAT bring me comfort and I sometimes actually find myself drifting off to sleep reading your stories, so for that I THANK YOU! Did you know we can have flashbacks while we're awake as well? Those are kinda of freaky when it happens! Love the way Lizzie helped Eliot come back from his flashback, shows her that he does still love her and she brings him comfort. That will explain why Eliot has a thing with MAGGOTS! Reminds me of a time we intubated a corpse (for practice intubating we would visit the morgue) and he was covered in MAGGOTS and the SMELL! LOL, the thing we did! Eliot seems to be coming to terms with his ISSUES and at least he is touching Lizzie without his tremors getting the best of him. Effie's little talk with him seems to have helped. Lizzie and behind on her school work isn't GOOD, but she's smart and will be ok. Who wouldn't love to hold little babies especially twins? Of course with that many people loving on them they will end up spoiled rotten! Eliot is playing another one his DAMN games with everyone, he's letting them think all is well with him and he's still planning on sneaking off? Maybe Gertie needs to kick him in his ass! Maybe he is going to get help from the Elders for his PTSD, MAYBE? I know going back to my roots has helped me find ways to help deal with mine without all the awful meds they have out for it! Then again there are a lot of people to stop him from trying to sneak off! As always looking forward to your next chapter!
8/7/2018 c43 redkwolf
Eliot's gonna go talk to his dead folk... (winces and makes that "gonna be a bad decision" face...)
8/6/2018 c43 10HonestBee
Oops, time to put a collar and leash on Eliot...since he can't seem to learn "stay!"

That flashback certainly explains the maggot thing. Man, that was definitely an intense nightmare! I'm glad Eliot and Lizzie are on their way to reconciling...except for the whole "leaving" thing, of course.

Everyone (me) needs a guard camel.
8/5/2018 c42 ann.ryce
You did an EXCELLANT job with this chapter. Poor Eliot's heart is in shreds and he's trying to be his normal STUPID self! He can't understand why everyone isn't mad at him for upsetting Lizzie, but he doesn't realize as well that they know there is something wrong with him (he can be so blind sometimes). He's trying to push everyone away (been there done that) to try and make it easier to leave. Good thing everyone else knows what he's planning on doing and are one step ahead of him. Effie has the right idea even if Jo doesn't want her boy upset right now she knows they need to deal with it. Good thing Effie is going to feed him first, because he needed it! Even poor Mei knows Eliot's not thinking right. OK, so does Gertie and that's saying something! Effie giving him time to sulk was a good idea and would give him time to calm down before she ripped him a new one! Love the way she didn't budge a bit when he tried to get her to leave and she gently forced him to eat. WOW She did tear him a new one and maybe now his STUPID brain will understand that he was thinking wrong about what Lizzie thought of him. She really needed to take him to that point, I don't think she went to far, because she has him thinking and to a point to bring him back from this mess. Lizzie is beginning to understand that she really upset Eliot with what she said and did without giving him a chance to explain, but what little child does that? NONE! Jo has made her realize that Eliot isn't angry with her and sort of explain he's not shaking because he hates her. So let the HEALING between those two begin. I know it will take awhile but it's a start! Oh BTW, love Jo's idea of hitting him in the head with a brick, lol, sometimes I think that is the only way to make him listen! Effie still might smack his upside his head if he doesn't get his act together! The land mine was a perfect description for how it all feels! I've been having nightmares the last few nights, since my oldest son told me he was robbed at gun point around 3 am Friday morning. He is find and wasn't hurt, but my nightmares are always the same, he gets killed! Welcome to the inside edition of PTSD, that is one reason I have given you information of what it's like to have this, I really wanted someone to get it right. Loud music won't do it, lack of sleep doesn't set it off, SMELLS, SOUNDS, SIGHTS, TRAUMA, even JUST WORDS can cause it to trigger, so many stories have people with ptsd that don't give even half of what it's like. You have done a WONDERFUL job with the information I have given you and you fit it into the story perfectly. Right down to Effie holding Eliot, he might not of wanted it, but he NEEDED it, needed that connection to love. Thank you for such wonderful, entertaining stories and I really hope you write a million more of them, because I'll be here waiting to read them! Just don't let Eliot get OLD or Lizzie even! As always looking forward to the next 100 chapters!
8/4/2018 c1 Eliot's Sweet T
I'm not good at writing reviews, but wanted you to know how much I love this story. It is really great! I love how you connected Det. Bonano in with the story. Eliot has to get everything straightened out with his "best girl". My heart/ tear ducts can't take anymore. lol.
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