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for Gertie - The Outback Job

8/3/2018 c42 10HonestBee
Aw hell, now you've left me a wimpering mess. I'm glad the realizations have been reached, now for the TALK. And head-slapping. GREAT moment there with Effie browbeating Eliot in the most loving way possible...like that song I recommended to you "all the ways to love me back to life..."

And, oh, Parker crying against Hardison brought out my hidden hopeless romantic...like that lovely scene at the end of The Long Way Down. Siiigh...

And...thanks for the shoutout, Soapy delivered that line perfectly!
8/3/2018 c42 1novisha.rivera.1
Oh goodness, was having serious worries for a while there.
(Still hanging on by fingertips tho')
Thanks for all u and ur Beta do!
8/2/2018 c41 ann.ryce
Sorry it took me awhile to do my review, had my 2 yr old grandson and laptop and him DON'T get along! Any ways, great chapter as always. Glad the Tom was there for a good reason and not for our guys, although I really do believe he knows whatever happened, happened at Wapanjara but he knows Eliot, Soapy, Jo and Effie well enough to know it wasn't their fault, they just ended it! Poor Charlie, at least now he knows the facts about poor Alice's death as hard as it was to hear. Now he can begin to heal, although he has had some revenge already. He finally knows it's over. Seems fitting that Tom ran into Bonnano and they became friends. Of course Tom telling that story about the Yank that saved his life and his name being Eliot, well Bonnano was never a fool, lol. He knew who it was and made sure Tom knew who to contact if he ever needed help. At least he knew they do work that helps people that have been done wrong by rich people. Having him being thrilled to be able to meet the team was icing on the cake. Seems Hardison had been VERY busy, sending information out, KILLED all of Trashman's family and their gang? That was awesome! Fitting end to bad cop as well, Hadan did her job very well! Eliot's plans for leaving sure don't sound to ….well PLANNED! Then enter a very upset Lizzie who just LAYS IT ALL OUT THERE, from him lying to her, to him not wanting her to touch him, to he won't look at her all done with tears! To bad Sophie and Nate are going to run into a VERY UPSET CRYING Lizzie! I can just hear Eliot getting yelled at for those tears! Now he's bad to being eaten up with imaginary maggots, Moreau talking to him and he is lower than low right now. Time to start slowly picking up all those tiny pieces of Eliot and try to glue them back in the right places! Hopefully somewhere along the lines we'll FIND his BRAIN and it will be functional! LOL. Looking forward to your next chapter! Still a fantastic story! Hope you are going to write one where we find out how Eliot saved Tom's life (another story for you to write!)
7/28/2018 c41 10HonestBee
Okay...it is time once again to Gibbs-slap Eliot Spencer. Thrice. Hard. Rattle the marbles around a little.

I LOVED the entire interaction on the veranda with that cop, very nicely handled! And the little shout-out to Bonnano was pretty great.

Can't wait to see Eliot get his butt handed to him by the family for making Lizzie cry!
7/27/2018 c40 ann.ryce
Eliot sure is messed up this time, poor thing! Between all his injuries and his PTSD things have really gone haywire for him. Poor Hardison, for some reason Eliot thinks he's Ryan and he can't get over it for now. You did a great job with this chapter, but then again you always do! Leave it to Effie to not pay attention to anything Eliot says which is a good thing. She seems to be able to reach him when no one else can right now, he's so mixed up about Lizzie and what is right, he loves her but doesn't feel he deserves her love, I...D...I...O...T! Hardison is going to make sure he figures out what is going on with Eliot and pretty sure he has an idea. Soapy knows as well as Jo and Effie, now they just have to get Eliot to accept it and admit it to himself, and that's the hard part, but then things will start falling into place for him. Well Eliot's out of bed even though it's for a little bit and just sitting it's the beginning of the fight to make him understand things and help him to get his mind right. Now the real fight to keep Eliot begins! He's hellbound on leaving and he is SO wrong for thinking that, but it's ELIOT. He's still having flashbacks and hearing their voices even though they are gone. Love Hardison's and Soapy's talk and them trying to figure out where to go from that point forward. Well, now we have the cops there? This is gonna be interesting, the house is shot up, but no bodies, Eliot is beat all to hell, shot, and stabbed, Soapy is shot, Hardison is stabbed, ummmmm….will they claim a HUNTING ACCIDENT gone very wrong? There are after all no bodies or blood there since it rained again. I really can't wait to see how they explain this one away! I'm so looking forward to the next chapter AS ALWAYS!
7/25/2018 c40 HonestBee
Oh hell, Eliot! I think Hardison (and you!) perfectly nailed the PTSD and Eliot's pain. I really hope everyone catches on before Eliot does something stupid...well, stupider. Is that a word? I think Parker would say it counts.

Speaking of...I just can't get over the mental image of Parker and Charlie boomerang-ing(?) the watermelons! Toooo perfect! And now Hardison is making friends with all sorts of furry beasts! You really do need to give that city kid a pet!

Horrible as it is, I like the continuing theme of the crawling maggots. Yeah, that was not fun to type just now.
7/23/2018 c39 ann.ryce
Yep Eliot is a real mess at the moment and Lizzie is worried. She doesn't know why Eliot is shaking but she knows it's not good. Seems they all know, but somehow I think Soapy, Jo and Effie have a pretty good idea why. The MAGGOTS were an awesome touch! His mind is all over the place! Lizzy isn't going to give up on him. I feel for Parker and Charlie having to clean up all those traps, that is going to take awhile. True Parker fashion, she perks up at the thought of learning to throw a boomerang, everyone better beware of Parker once she learns how to use it, lol! I like where Hadan parked the truck, where it would easily be found. Poor Eliot, he doesn't want to look at Lizzie, because he's ashamed, see his swords aren't right, has the maggot feeling again and politely does a FLIP OUT! Very nice job! Of course the Idiot is going to try to get out of bed and fix his beloved swords and then try to rip off his bandages thinking maggots were in him wounds. At least he did ask Lizzie to help! Effie and Jo can calm him pretty well though. He is sleeping and being ALMOST good, plus he did eat a little bit. OMG OMG OMG! I LOVED IT! I kind of figured Hadan would cut Trashman's head off, but didn't figure on her tying his body to a chair and then impaling his head on a pole. That was a FANTASTIC finish to that piece of trash! AWESOME JOB! Of course Hardison had to find out the details because Eliot would want to know it was finally over and how it ended. WHAT AN IDIOT! Yep I can feel a LOT of screaming and yelling coming the next morning when they find him gone and sitting outside in the dampness! That isn't going to turn out good for him, since his body is already weak and his resistance in down real low. He isn't over being sick from before, and now he's weaker than he was. Maybe they should just TIE HIS BUTT TO THE BED! I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Fitting end to the TRASHMAN! Yes it did me proud and I like the way you killed him off! Thank you for that!
7/21/2018 c39 maclooping
Poor Eliot and Lizzie ! I really like how you write his ... "illness", how he wake up totally disoriented ,with his fear of the maggots crawling inside him and the last part with "the return" of warrior Eliot make me shiver!

The parts with Hardison is really cool too ! it's good because it's a little much funny (not so much but a little), it's lightenes this chapter a bit, after the carnage make by Hadan ! ( Good writed by the way ! after that, nobody come back to make trouble around wapanjara !)

Really good one ! it's always a pleasure to read your story !
7/20/2018 c39 1novisha.rivera.1
okay...it is quite possible i can't say "oh shizznit" enough. AHHHHHHGGGGh!
7/20/2018 c38 redkwolf
Finally able to catch up on this. Good job! Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/19/2018 c39 10HonestBee
Damn it, Eliot! Sneaky bugger!

I'm starting to have a grudging respect for Hadan, but I feel kind of bad for the mistress who first found that gory tableu...

LOVE that Hardison and Gertie are such good friends now, and let the Eliot-wrangling begin!

Also, Mei is just a doll. I hope she chooses to stay with the Munroes.
7/16/2018 c38 maclooping
It's two very good chapter like always , very surprising ! I really love them , good job !
7/13/2018 c38 HonestBee
I'm at work and my stupid phone posted before I was finished typing this...

Meant to say: after everything that happened, I would expect Eliot's nightmare to be horrendous, and you did a great job with it.

Hadan's plan is quite...interesting...
7/14/2018 c38 ann.ryce
This nightmare was AWESOME, but for Eliot it just confirms to him that he will hurt Lizzie even though he loves her. So that is going to make him want to be away from her as far as possible. He is already thinking he's a monster, he thinks Lizzie thinks he's one, so this dream is just going to make this very real for him. With him being so ill and injured it's really going to take a toll on him and his thinking. Lizzie thinks he's mad at her when it's all in his head and way of thinking that is fueling this problem. This is a very good start to his PTSD, because being injured or ill can cause it to really go haywire and he's in really bad shape with a head injury no less, so you're on point so far. Soapy won't have any problem realizing what is going on, but also will know that Eliot is way off because of being ill and injured, head injury makes it worse, since his brain is scrambled at the moment, Effie might spot it as well, just because she's EFFIE! What can I say, you did such a great job with Effie she knows it all! Love the way Hadan figures on cutting out their tongues to keep the quiet, but they could WRITE what happened, my choice would of been to remove fingers as well, lol. That is just my OPINION! I like to cover ALL bases. Can't wait till she finds Trashman and see what she does to him! If you need to pick my brain some more just let me know, doesn't bother me to answer questions about PTSD, at least you're really interested in it (even if it is for a story) and can understand just how hard it is to live with it. It's a new day alright with a whole set of new problems to deal with, like a very stubborn, low self-esteem suffering-injured-thinks he knows it all-won't listen to anyone Eliot. Think maybe they all need to just line up and smack him or whup his ass since that seems to be the ONLY place he isn't injured. I really loved the nightmare though, I've had some like that, you did an amazing job. As always looking forward to your next chapter!
7/13/2018 c38 HonestBee
I must say, that was a very well-done nightmare scene. It was terrifying, horrific, everything that I ever imagined Eliot's nightmares would be like. All he had done in his past when he didn't "feel" anything didn't just go away. Once he found his conscience again, it came flooding back. I think there's a lot more to the "ninety minutes of sleep" thing that Eliot let on to the team.

And this nightmre especially, after everything that happened that day, and everything he could have lost...woi
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