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7/8/2018 c37 D. Ankrum
Poor Lizzy and what is Hadan up to
7/9/2018 c37 ann.ryce
You're welcome and so glad I could help. Also a little known fact is that chocolate will help blood build up faster as well. I happened to have slice the large vein in my big toe several years ago, in 30 minutes time my kitchen floor was covered in blood and it wouldn't slow down. After the Dr. sewed it back up I was brought 2 trays with double the food and told if I didn't eat it I couldn't go home. I'll just say that my daughter and her husband weren't hungry by the time we left the hospital, and some of it I'm sure was found in the Haz-Mat trash container, BUT I don't know how it got there! Dr said chocolate and sugar would help build the blood up faster, THAT I didn't know. Ok now to the story...I LOVED IT! Poor Lizzy, she so wanted to be with Eliot and hold his hand but was scared she'd upset him and make him move around if she did, and Eliot is struggling trying to rest comfortably without her holding his hand to anchor him. That's a real mess in itself! Well now Effie can throw it at Eliot that he really IS her Eliot now, since he has some of her blood, so can Sophie and Hardison. Glad it wasn't Parker, no telling what she would of demanded for being part of Eliot now, lol. BUBBLE WRAP maybe? Breaks my heart that Eliot and Lizzy are at odds and it's all in their minds that there is something wrong. I'm beginning to think Hadan is going to kill Trashman, or at least I hope she does and I know I if she does, he is going to wish Eliot had killed him! Looking forward to the next chapter as always, forever your loyal reader!
7/8/2018 c37 1novisha.rivera.1
Faith and Begohra woman, ur gonna kill me!
7/8/2018 c37 10HonestBee
That kitchen table is never going to be the same again.

I LOVE the family bonding and obvious care for one another. Also love Eliot's foresight and planning with the emergency field kits. I always thought of him as being a combat medic, thanks to the writers having him stitch Nate up so early in the series. Also, I'm quite proud of Hardison. I think of him as not handling blood and injuries as well as the others, but he certainly comes though in a pinch.

Mei is a delight, Jo deserves sainthood, and Kip is such a respectable young man. There are children in the world older than him incapable of caring for a goldfish. And dear, sweet, dangerous Parker...such a wonderful helper for Jo! She compartmentalizes so well, just does what needs doing.

Can't wait for stubborn ol' Eliot and Lizzie to have their talk!

And Hadan...what now?
7/5/2018 c36 maclooping
Damn this morning you almost make me be late to my work ! hahaha what a beautiful morning : a cup of strong coffee and the relief of Eliot was alive and Hadan too !

I really like this chapter ! How Eliot and Hadan act ,all the description of the fog and what he hind /discover, how everybody respect Eliot's choice , even if it's hard for Effie / Jo and the revelation of Hadan ! She finally see that even a "murderer" like Eliot can find a really family ... but maybe that's what she wants too? For a second when she give to Charlie his horse , I was thinking she was going to put herself at his service , you know like a ronin who finally found a reason or someone to fight for his redemption ( I know a ronin is Japanese but you know what I mean , I hope ) but Charlie just can't handle this situation so it's logical she don't do it ! I happy they keep Buta but I am sad for Hadan and I just can't stop to ask myself what she gonna do after this ... where she go to not take Buta with her ?
When Jo say to her "and because your family let you down, you won't understand that. ever" that really break my heart because she is wrong ... Eliot "found" his new family, he was almost like Hadan when he was with Moreau ,Hadan is just more lost ,more lonely more unloved in is life to realize how she was wrong . I hope we gonna see her one day in your futurs story! Yep I really love her!

Eliot is so stubborn but I totally understand his motivation to stay on his feet by himself until the end ! How he don't want to show his extreme weakness because of the loose of blood ... his warrior's attitude /dignity , I really love this ! you did a great job !

So many other thing to say here ! I can't wait to read the next chapter with the discussion between Eliot and Lizzie and maybe the bomber funeral ?
7/5/2018 c36 ann.ryce
Yes Eliot would do the honorable thing and let the Witch live. Crippling her for life was good, I can accept that since she was all about being a warrior. YEAH FITTING! Lucky any of the other people survived what Parker and Charlie had set up though. Guess they'll think twice before they take another job like that. Witch learned what it is to have people really care about each other to the point they would die for each other, shame she couldn't of learned it. Oh yeah, Jo and Effie are going to let Eliot have it for sure this time, they don't understand that he had to show strength above weakness after all that fighting. Hopefully they will rant themselves out while he's still unconscious and he will be spared his head hurting even worse. I'm sure they'll be all to happy to repeat it when he wakes up though! Even though his health was at risk. He did KINDA lie to Lizzy which might not go over to well when he wakes up. Trashman is dying a very fitting way and I loved it! All broken up and mangled. You turned him into TRASH! Witch did a very honorable thing giving Kip Batu but I figured that was going to happen. Yeah Eliot is in for a lecture from Sophie as well I'm sure for scaring Lizzy by passing out on them. Tell me you slipped Eliot a pair of earplugs to spare him just a LITTLE of ALL the lectures he's going to get from EVERYONE! Guess they are going to form a line at his bedroom door for their turn for lecturing him, instead of going at him all at once!I really hope they give him a little time to start recovering before they lay into him, lol. This was another great chapter and I can't wait till the next one is up!
7/4/2018 c36 1novisha.rivera.1
Parson my French, but THAT fight was fecking EPIC.
7/4/2018 c36 10HonestBee
Oh that stubborn old dog...let the yelling commence! And I like the imagery that Lizzie would fling herself at Eliot, must have leared that from Parker :)

I rather like that he left Hadan alive, I do have to admit to feeling just the tiniest bit sorry for her. Teeny tiny bit...but I like that she left Batu with Kip, and hopefully Gertie won't give him too much grief.

What a heck of a cleanup they have ahead of them...and how are they going to explain all those bodies?
7/3/2018 c35 ann.ryce
YES, the Wicked Witch SCREAMED several times! Oh, sorry, I love this chapter...I've said that about all of them haven't I? Oh well I really do. The fight scene is awesome. Lizzie hearing that Eliot isn't mad at her has gotten through to her yet, not even Mia has, but Mia has made everyone else admit how they feel about Eliot. I love the clashing of the sword, you did a great job on that, I could mentally hear them hitting together. Eliot cut her head off, I'm so hoping for this any ways...really I'm not evil, just the Wicked Witch deserves to be decapitated! Everyone's nerves are on edge waiting to find out if it was Eliot or Witch that died. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
7/1/2018 c35 HonestBee
Well that is just...vindictive...leaving off there. What did we readers ever do to you to deserve this?

Anyway, great job describing Eliot's "zone" and I like the banter and grudging respect between him and Hadan. Also nice touch on Hadan's past. Can't wait for the yelling to commence!
7/1/2018 c35 maclooping
Hum Hum! Nope Noppppee ! Hell to the no ! Hum Hum !You can't do that! It's Not fair AT ALL ! Don't let's Us like that ! DAMN IT girl ! You just can't do that ! I ...I just can't comment this chapter , I'm just going to curl up myself in a corner ! You are not nice at all !
6/30/2018 c34 maclooping
Nice chapter ! Finally Eliot put Chong down ! Yes ! He will never put a hand on his kids ! I know Chong can't hand..le this situation ! hahahaha Sorry I just can't avoid these jokes ! it's a very good fight !

It's like magic in a certain way Eliot invokes Hadan! After all he say to a dying Chong " you're nobody" she probably think he talk to her but it's not fair how Hadan attack Eliot ! She know how he is hurt but She run on him with Batu !Nope it's not fair! Fortunately Gertie is always close to Eliot . Batu don't have any chance, I just hope Gertie don't kill him accidentally .

I can't wait to read the fight between Hadan and Eliot! they are already so badly hurt, poor them ...
6/29/2018 c34 1novisha.rivera.1
Oooh lawd, ...
6/29/2018 c34 ann.ryce
WOW you are really moving along in the story now, before I could send a review of the last one this one was up! It was very nice to be able to go back and read them together though. Yes much BLOOD and still SCREAMING, I LOVE IT! So glad Ryan got what he deserved and of course Lizzy will let Eliot know it's all ok. YES! TRASHMAN is DEAD! He died in the most fitting way for him to go! The fight was AWESOME as always. I knew Gertie was going to come in somewhere in the fight and it did give Eliot a brief break and a chance to catch his breath! Wicked Witch might be more rested than Eliot, but she is still ill, wounded and Eliot has all the back-up he needs to beat her! By the time this is over Effie and Lizzy might not have to fight with Eliot to rest, he might just collapse on the ground and sleep. Between the blood loss, the injuries, being sick, and just weak, he's going to have to rest for quite a while! Good thing he has all those loving caring, BOSSY people in his life to make him do what he needs to. As for Lizzy talking to Eliot, she will have a CAPTIVE audience to get her point through. I was really getting hyped-up when I started reading this chapter and it just kept building and then BOOM it ended just as Eliot and Wicked Witch started to go at it! I really HATE this story is getting close to the end, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
6/27/2018 c34 Guest
How does this keep getting better every chapter?! This has to be one of the best long fics I have ever read!’
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