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6/27/2018 c34 10HonestBee
You have a real talent for action scenes and there were quite a few really nice "visuals" here of Eliot, terribly beautiful reflections of some of his greatest moments on the show, when he gets in that "zone" or whatever it is, centering himself then just exploding into action and nothing gets in his way.

Gertie...that camel is a real menace! Poor Batu...Also, everyone really needs to give up on taking that katana...ain't gonna happen!
6/24/2018 c33 Guest
Did i ever mention you are wayyy kewl?
6/24/2018 c33 HonestBee
Well damn, Sophie! I always knew she had a fighting streak and I LOVE the back story about her uncle. I think her back story is second only to Eliot's in mystery, and Nate is right to be in awe of her. Buster also quite lived up to his heritage. Those little terriers can be real terrors when provoked.

And someone really needs to have a discussion with Eliot about running *toward* gunmen...I think he has the idea backward, ha! But in all seriousness, I just can't fathom the depths of his love and courage that he just keeps doing things like that.
6/24/2018 c33 maclooping
Damn ,you hurt Eliot again ! Poor man, i know it's just a light wound but how he can fight Hadan if he loose all his blood before " Fortunately he finally hurt Chong (i was like " yeah take this Sucker " when i read this! ) but sadly it's not deep enough to kill him directly ! The battle between them gonna to be awful !By the way, I like how Chong reacts when he sees the beautiful katana, like a spoiled child who take everything he see ! like he really need this sword ! I understand Hadan's reason but Chong is just ... I don't found a word who is not a insult !

I totally love the part with Sophie ! she is so classy ! I like her fight, how she taunted her enemy ,how she use the wakizashi like a fleuret...a sabre ! God bless his uncle Gerald hahaha ! you do a nice job with is character !

I learn many new word in just one sentence thank to Soapy! hahaha Really good job like aways ! I can't wait to read the next chapter !
6/22/2018 c32 maclooping
Damn I finally make it ! One week after my computer give up I finally found a way to read your chapter! \o/
And what a good chapter it is ! I like the part where Eliot killing Ryan , all the part with the Cherokee wolves inside him is awesome !it's really taking ! and poor Eliot after the death of Ryan ! "that's what i'm afraid of. because, y'see, i ain't worth it." this sentence is a breaking heart ! after all this s*** they gonna have to speak together because all this feeling he have .. it's not right !

Same feeling with the part of Charlie and Parker ! But they are very ... cold with the enemies when they fight side by side,I don't really like this Parker ... don't worry your way to write her it's good but it's the dark side of Parker and I even don't like this in the show too . It's always too disturbing to see her emotionless ! she use to be too full of life , emotion etc ... but emotionless or cold anger it's weird for her .

Finally Nate have a great move with the gunman ! Never touch or aim his daughter hahahah ! Nice part ! I am a happy to read this fight with him!

( by the way sorry if some letters are missing, i read my review a several time but my old computer stay very stubborn and don't write always them all if I don't hit them hard enough! sorry! )
6/15/2018 c32 ann.ryce
Oh yes the screaming continues as promised! Lizzie could of been in real trouble and danger, glad she stopped to see what was going on. I wasn't worried about Eliot dying since Effie was there, Gertie was hanging around some place, but I didn't figure on the dogs being the ones to actually give Eliot a chance. Great choice! I'm glad that Charlie is getting some revenge for poor Alice's death, and maybe he will be the one to get to kill TrashMan. Some how that would be fitting. We all know that Lizzie understands enough to know Eliot is only doing what he has to, to protect his family, so she will always love him and never see him as a monster...ok, she does see him as an IDIOT sometimes when he pushes himself to far. I'm glad to see Nate's daddy side come out in him and premanently cripple that fool! Hardison and Soapy are having a LITTLE to much fun, I do believe, but then again the TrashMan honestly believes he has 2 sons! He is really hung up on himself! Will be glad when he meets his end! I really really enjoyed this chapter, hope Eliot doesn't get to down on himself for having to kill the trash, because he will seriously be getting lectures on that as well! As always I look forward to your next chapter! Once again thank you so much for the enjoyment and pleasure you have given not only myself but others as well!
6/12/2018 c32 HonestBee
The family needs to have about a million heart to heart discussions with Eliot when this is over. With a lot of yelling.
Charlie teaching Parker to use a boomerang...not sure if Eliot would approve...

Love the dogs, and Nate was terrifying. In a good way. You have a talent for writing those action scenes! Also, the cheese sliding off the cracker has got to be the Best. Line. EVER!
6/10/2018 c31 maclooping
Damn! tell me that Effie shoot them before they shoot Eliot or he dodges the bullets !? hein hein ! What a cliffhanger ,it's not fair , do you know that?! and Sophie take the wakizashi ! That gonna be interesting ! anndd annddd Lizzie run away ? Damn, why Nate or Kip don't catch her ?! you are not nice to let's them and us in this situation !

It's a really nice chapter again !I totally imagine Ryan stunned to see Eliot and Effie talking quietly in this dangerous situation and ignore him ,what a lack of respect for him ! hahaha
The battle between them is really great too short but i think it's not the end !

The reference of the Monty Python make my laugh ! I just hope Chong doesn't build a giant rabbit in wood and hiding inside to surprise Hardison and Soapy ! hahahaha
6/10/2018 c31 ann.ryce
Wow! Another fantastic chapter! Eliot is sure in for a fight, I have to agree with Effie, he should of saved his energy and just chopped his head off or let Effie deal with the Fool. Nope not Eliot, has to do EVERYTHING the hard way! Hardison helping Soapy and throwing insults is just really messing with Trashman's thinking which is very good, Nate, Sophie and Jo taking the kids to safety is a great choice since none of the are injured. Of course Parker and Charlie still watching their traps stilling taking people out (still loving the traps). Ok now the 2 guys showing up to a knife fight with GUNS isn't real good especially when they are after Eliot, but I'm sure Effie will do something about that. Hopefully Eliot will use the Idiot as a shield and protect himself since he does have at least 2 more fights to go and one of those is going to be REALLY long, I have a feeling. He is going to be wore out by the time Wicked Witch shows up, unless some one steps in to help him. I read this chapter 4 times, it was so good and full of action and plans. KEEP THEM COMING!
6/7/2018 c31 HonestBee
Oh boy. No comment on the last part of that chapter.

Bad guys, listen up: Do NOT. Underestimate. Eliot. Spencer.

"Dickwad" was just too hilarious. I didn't think that was a particularly Australian cuss word, but Effie's explanation for it was so perfect. As was Eliot's response!

Sophie taking that short sword...I hope Mama Bear doesn't have to use it, but it was a smart thing to do. I'm pretty sure no one is coming out of this day unscathed.

Also, I didn't really follow Hardison's reference, but the fact that it pissed off Chong, and delighted Soapy is more than enough for me!
6/6/2018 c31 Pinkypop22
Oh my gosh! That ending!

My heart is breaking for poor Lizzie. Can't wait for the next chapter.

6/3/2018 c30 ann.ryce
Yes the SCREAMING has started! I love the traps Parker and Charlie set up. Leave it to Gertie to help out and the dogs. You did an amazing job on the traps, I can picture everything you write since you describe it all so well! The number of bad guys are sure getting lower, lol. Some I'm sure won't be walking right ever again and it serves them right! We haven't even gotten to them actually fighting yet and bad guys are dropping like flies. I totally love this chapter so much. Parker is going to be in so much trouble when Eliot finds out she didn't listen to him and stay put. Charlie convinced that poor guy to just lay there, but I'm sure there wasn't so much convincing since the guy didn't want to die! Good Chunk showing up when he did, Jerk thought he was going to kill a dog, but SURPRISE, Eliot showed up and really insulted him, lol. I loved that part as well, guess Jerk realizes he is going to die very painful death, but it serves him right! I can't wait to read the next chapter, you have me so excited to read it! Will have to re-read this chapter then the next one! THANK YOU for this fantastic story!
6/2/2018 c30 maclooping
Wonderful chapter again! What a bloody mess! they are all so terrifying! I don't know how is the worst way to die , bull ants , the traps with the barbed wire ,Gertie's attack ...! I know it's bad but I exulted behind my computer ! Nice work with this .. carnage! "Meet mister Zappy!" Parker is awsome hahaha

The part with Hardison who laughing at Chong is awsome ! you totally found the way how Hardison act ! his little "Ho [...] you don't know that yet, do you? oops " make me laugh more and the reaction of Chong is just priceless ! if Chong still alive after all this mess (i hope not), he gonna have so many difficulty to save his butt to his angry "customers" !

The part where Charlie talk to the terrified aborigine is really good too ! he is so powerful and menacing ! i like how he show his scarifications and talk about all the magic he gonna use to kill him slowly if the Aborigine move a ear ! I wonder if Charlie really can be so angry that he can "point the bone" on him ,maybe not but the Aborigine don't need to know that ,i guess ! i like ( i use to many time this word about your story haha) that the Aborigine don't want to work for Chong !

It's just a little shame that Sophie and Nate can't really use there skills here, they are a little behind OT3 and your OC . No need to think and make a big grift this time ! I am little sad too because i know the end of this story come faster !
6/1/2018 c30 HonestBee
Those traps were everything I hoped for! And Mister Zappy, priceless! I don't know who is more terrifying though: Eliot, Charlie, or Gertie...

I really don't feel all that bad for the bad guys, they signed on with Chong, after all!
5/31/2018 c30 Same ol Tgirl
Okay, that was terrifying...w/the bullet ants?!
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