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for Gertie - The Outback Job

5/31/2018 c30 1novisha.rivera.1
Note to self, that you and your NSA co conspirators are not to be trifled with.
As a side note, Charlie should marry Mei.
One more side note...charlies curse, welll thought out from a magickal prespective.

Did i mention I love reading your work?
5/29/2018 c29 maclooping
Damn ! it's like watching a chess game! everybody start to move and thinking they have the best strategy ! so many think I like here ! the name of the boy , and the reaction of Jo/Soapy and Nate/Sophie! the winchester wedding present ! the little Lizzy's jalousy and all the conversation about when she was a baby ! I totally imagine Eliot carrying Lizzy and his katana quietly but deadly like it's just normal thing to do hahaha

"He's going bush" it's the best description of what Eliot became this time !

Simeon Karlo? the next Bad boy in your next ...previous ... heuuu prequel story of "Eliot in australia " ? you gonna write it ?

The next chapter promises to be really exciting ! I can't wait to read it! i start to really like Hadan . It's a very interesting character !
5/29/2018 c29 ann.ryce
I figured they would name the little boy after the baby Soapy and Jo lost and it fits him perfectly. It's a shame they lost their baby so soon. Lizzie is just a little bit jealous, but she will understand and I'm positive she will make sure she gets her Eliot time, since the babies can't do much of anything but sleep and eat at this point. Eliot got his ten minute of sleep, Effie never said she'd wake him up in 10 minutes, she just let several sets of 10 minutes pass and let him wake up on his own, lol. Eliot in "GHOST" mode is awesome. He will blend into the landscape very well. YES, TrashMan dropped his guys off so they can find Parker and Charlie's traps! FINALLY! This is going to be so good! Just hoping Wicked Witch doesn't get involved until Trashman and his people are taken care of, because Eliot isn't well enough to take them both on at once. I hope Soapy doesn't get KILLED either, cause that one CREEP sure wants him dead, seems he didn't like the hug Soapy gave him. Wicked Witch better not get her hopes up to much on OWNING Eliot's sword, but i'm sure that he'll be happy to let her HOLD it for a few second, like when he hacks her with it, or stabs her! I'm so excited to read the next chapter and find out who finds the first trap!
5/28/2018 c29 10HonestBee
Oh boy, bits and pieces are lining up now!

I LOVE the mental image of Eliot taking Lizzie as a baby to the park and coming home loaded with phone numbers...and the image of him with baby in one hand and katana in the other, and NOT thinking it's overkill...and everyone's reaction to him going "bush" now. More than slightly terrifying. And is that another untold story you need to write? Him bringing in an outlaw? Hm?

And psycho ninja just biding her time...it's a little heartbreaking how she cares for that horse over any other lives. I hope when all is said and done that horse will have a home.
5/27/2018 c22 9Tacodestroyeravenger
Awww Charlie :(
5/27/2018 c21 Tacodestroyeravenger
Why did no one shoot her when she threatened them? Would’ve been the smartest move, honestly. Also sorry for the late reading.
5/25/2018 c28 maclooping
Another good one chapter ! i really like the argument between Eliot and Parker on the earbud !
Eliot don't have a chance to sleep Only 10 min ,i hope he don't have any illusion for this because they will let's him sleep as long as they can!

Effie's memory-wall is very touching !All the part with the pictures with Alice is so beautifully written, I love how you describe all this scene and the reactions of Eliot ,it's really sweet ,respectful and strangely sad ... humm not really sad ,it's not the good word ,nostalgic maybe... I like how you write and what you make my feel here ! Thank you !

Sooo it's look like a run between Hadan and Chong ! who gonna touch Eliot first ? Place your bets! Hahaha Hadan totally win a fight between them sooo i almost hope Chong go first and be horrible gutted and kill by Hadan !

Rose it's a beautiful name for the little girl,nice little story for the choose!
5/23/2018 c28 1novisha.rivera.1
Hmmm now that image of El in denim shorts, stretched out , and dozing was just pure brain candy.
5/23/2018 c28 ann.ryce
Mei-Ling is finally seeing what it's like to be a normal person with people around her that care. I like the name of Rose for the little girl, figure she'll name the little boy Eliot, lol. Yep, Eliot's wore out and hurting and of course being a pain in the butt AGAIN, but Effie is being really nice to him, knowing she can coax him into bed faster that way. Good thing everyone is in his head driving him nuts because I think that helped as well. He can forget about 10 minutes, because that just isn't going to happen, Effie will make sure of that. I love her room and especially the wall of pictures. You did a great job describing them all I could form a perfect picture in my head. So Effie does have weapons in her room, if those Goons know what's good for them they won't go in the house! Then again they're idiots so it doesn't matter. Trashman THINKS he's going to take Eliot out, but we all know it's not going to be that easy with his family around. Then on top of that you have the Wicked Witch fixing to head that way as well to make sure Trashman doesn't kill Eliot. Poor Eliot I have a feeling is going to end up more injured than he started out. At least the Wicked Witch hasn't had the care Eliot has so he's one up there! I have no DOUBT she WILL get Eliot's SWORD but not like she's thinking! This chapter was great as always. Little touch of peace before all Hades breaks loose. At least all the little ones will be safe and I hope Eliot lets Trashman know before he kills him that he did indeed have a son! I can't wait to read the next chapter, I'm already excited about it! GREAT JOB ON THIS ONE!
5/21/2018 c28 10HonestBee
Aw, I love the "Finding Of Buster," kinda wondered where he came from since he's not a cow dog. And Effie's memory wall, so endearing! I love the photo of Nate and Sophie on the swing. She brings out the good in him...

And Eliot yelling at Parker because he wouldn't be able to take a bullet for her if she was on the water tower, so like Eliot! That many voices in my head would drive me NUTS.

I'm guessing Hardison did some kind of "alternative revenue stream" thing?

And I really really hope someone tries going overland to get to the house...don't want Charlie and Parker's surprises to go to waste!
5/13/2018 c27 1novisha.rivera.1
Ok more tension, I don't know how u figured out the baby milk thingy, but I am now certain u have a mole in the NSA, who is on your payroll.

Thx again
5/13/2018 c25 novisha.rivera.1
Okay major tension, no food tho'
5/13/2018 c23 novisha.rivera.1
Now ur researching food. That description of Soapy sandwich made me drool. And passion fruit cheese cake? My inner fat girl squealed with delight.

(Ps. Oldest son went back home to his dad's house so needed a pick me up).
Pps hope ur not offended by previous joke. For one I am fairly poor, but love good food, so I like to read about food.
5/13/2018 c27 10HonestBee
You have perfect timing, posting this on Mothers Day :) So bittersweet again, and featuring another Eliot-hug, sigh...things are really coming to a head now, aren't they? I'm intrigued and a little terrified about Hardison's good humor.
5/13/2018 c27 maclooping
Great chapter where everything seems to fall in place ! so damn cute and warm ! poor girl and his tiny childs (twins, it's damn good idea!)! ! fortunately they are finally on good hands ! I don't know why but see two old "bad boys" soldiers like Soapy and Eliot carring two tiny littles babie put on my face a big stupide smile and warm my heart ! Thank for that ! i can't wait to see how you, i mean ,she gonna name them !

I don't know why but i love the exchange between Eliot and Hardison ! you put here some ... i don't know some gravity ... worries...darkness for Eliot but with a little light .. little sweetness with Hardison ! in this little moment you mixed this two personnalty perfectly !

Finally Chong don't take the new too ...badly , i mean , at least he don't kill anybody for now ! even the poor old man how burn his toast !

And thank to give in this chapiter an answer for almost all my questions ! you have right ,i just need to be patient ! hahaha ! one more great chapter ! can't wait for the next !
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