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2/11/2018 c1 9Alaster Boneman
while I admit to liking the MCU Spider-Man/ Petter parker more so than I have ever liked any of the comic book versons but still I have to grin like a goofy idiot to my self as I read peters, slowly fall into madness and draw pleasure from his suffering.

its the little things that bring me joy... also I wanted to tell a joke that maybe all this was just a delayed reaction to Wanda using one of her 'nightmare' spells on peter during the air port battle. but I couldn't think of one.

this was mostly just a fun and silly story, and I really enjoyed Peter's little freak outs. but I always like how you had him being self aware enough that he realised he was being hypocritical and he couldn't take something away from May. but then he practily has a heart attack when he see's Happy with may's ring. oh I took much joy from his little mind braking at that scene.

I think peter might just make another deal with a certain demonic force if those two do end up bumping ugly's. which may involve copess amounts of brain bleach

otherwise this was a fun, if slightly sadists story and I wouldn't mind seeing more, I love to see the little spider squirm. 8/10

and yes I am evil

Your's Alaster Boneman
2/11/2018 c1 cabrera1234
when I read the ring part I thought may and happy was moving way to fast.

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