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for GrimmFall: Wacky Races

8/21/2019 c13 2merendinoemiliano
Amazing job of humor and action, best of luck with next fics. I'd love too to write about this setting if i had more time.
4/26/2019 c13 10EndeavorT
4/25/2019 c13 14D.N.Works
Can't wait to see Sonic again.
4/25/2019 c13 nightmaster000
Brilliant all around brilliant. This was the perfect way to wrap up a wonderful story, and I love how you planted the seeds for future plots in GrimmFall as well.

I think my favorite scene was Robotnik and Snively's little call from Hector Con Carne. So Robotnik aka the Eggman is now a confirmed member of the League of Super Criminals, a dangerous ally for the League to have indeed.

Also really like how that segment pointed out how practically all the GrimmFall villains are choosing sides and factions to join with. It really makes you eager for who will join what side.

Control Freak, Psy Crow, and X make a awesome trio and team. I just love how Control Freak got saved from prison, plus that near crash made me laugh.~

All of the Semblances revealed in this story we're great, and they all fit each character perfectly in my opinion.

Seriously all together this was a wonderful story and I enjoyed every second of it. :)
4/17/2019 c12 Aztec 13
This is so awesome megas is here and wipe the floor on the Grimm can't wait to see the after of the wacky race can't wait, please continue
4/17/2019 c12 104Lord Maximus
Nice work on finishing the race. Now all we need to see is the epilogue and we'll-


Oh come on!


X, what do you want now? The theme music challenge is in the main story, not this one! Of course you can have one! Just because you weren't in the list doesn't mean you have been excluded.

Look, X you can have a song and dance number for all I care, just stop accusing me of excluding you. Yes, I know you told Control Freak and thank you. No you can't participate in the Elemental Rescue Arc because you're still on community service for trying to murder Birdman. I don't care if it was a different reality!

X, you'll have a part to play but not now. Go bug Pyscrow or Deadpool. No I do not know if Deadpool made into the GrimmFall verse yet and no I will not you steal Megas. Go find your own giant robot.

Okay, bye now!

*Hangs up*

I swear he just wants me to use up my reviews and make me waste time! Anyways, looking forward to the epilogue and don't be surprised if X demands you write him stealing Megas.
4/17/2019 c12 nightmaster000
Brilliant brilliant simply brilliant! Another great chapter and way to end this. Now we just need the epilogue to wrap things up.

It looks like Control Freak might spending a bit of time in jail, and it figure's Dastardly would sell him out. Though chances are since Control Freak proved his usefulness and worth in this story, it's unlikely Sammael will leave him to rot.

I quite liked the results of the face and who the three that finished first we're. The fights we're of course played perfectly. The fact that Greasepit and Control Freak fell for the oldest trick in the book was quite amusing. ~

Something i'm unsure about though is who was the man that intervened in Porkchop's fight. I mean if I didn't know better I would think Gentle Jim, but that wouldn't really fit or make sense.

Really just have to say this story has been brilliant, and I have enjoyed this entire spin off from start to finish. :)

I also quite liked the addition of Megas XLR in the GrimmFall verse. Though I'll admit there are a few parts there that i'm wary of and worried about. Since i'm worried that Megas will prove too much of a overpowered wild trump card against the Grimm and Fallen. Though considering what Sammael's like i'm guessing he most likely has his own ideas/plans to neutralize Megas as a threat.

Also a part of me can't help but dislike how apparently the Grimm aren't regarded as much of a threat as they are in the present in Kiva's time. Though what helps there I guess is the fact that the future is always in motion and be changed for both good or ill. Heck that's what created the GrimmFall verse in the first place.

Not to mention Kiva most likely came from A future not THE future. Chances are because of multiple factors that her timeline won't be the one that comes into existence.
2/14/2019 c11 Lord Maximus
Part 1 and I am already on the edge of my seat for more! Looking forward to more.
2/14/2019 c11 nightmaster000
EPIC CHAPTER! :) Seriously we see our heroes kicking butt and taking names. I particularly liked how they gave Control Freak and Greasepit a crazy ride to remember.

Coop's entrance was epic and done so perfectly, and now things look Grimm for the villains. Because unless they find a way to even the odd's it looks like the good guys have this situation in the bag.
1/22/2019 c10 Aztec 13
Sorry for not reviewing, school and life was happening didn't give me a the time to review so anyway this preview is awesome and I can't wait to see it come out please continue
1/6/2019 c10 nightmaster000
Epic trailer for your planned future story. I remember watching some of Acceleracers years ago, so i'm curious to see how things will differ/diverge for it in the GrimmFall universe. A part of me is curious if they will have more to worry about than just the Drones.
1/6/2019 c9 nightmaster000
I'm embarrassed to admit I just realized I forgot leave a review for this chapter. So allow to say this was a enjoyable chapter, and I quite like what your doing with Black Velvet.

The peace treaty between Cybertron and Plutark was a interesting twist for sure. But of course it seems the Plutarkian are still scheming for their desire of power in the Galaxy. The mention of the Glorft was great, as is the path you've taken with them.
1/6/2019 c10 Lord Maximus
Awesome trailer. Glad to know that this will be coming after the race.
12/14/2018 c9 Aztec 13
Hey I just thought of four shows that I think that would fit into this world, super monkey team hyper force go, the villain the skeleton king would fit right at home with the fallen and the three shows are the anime cyborg 009, the big O and trigun I think elements from those three show would work here what you think?
12/8/2018 c9 Lord Maximus
Nice job here. So Black Velvet met up with the Sith and got her own lightsaber. That may work given that-


Oh not again!

'answers phone'

What do you want, X? Yeah, I saw the new chapter and I'm reviewing right now.

'phone talk'

Don't complain to me if you are not in it, I am busy with GrimmFall! No, you're not getting a lightsaber.

'more phone talk'

Because you're not Deadpool and I can't afford you slicing yourself and everyone else to pieces.

'phone talk again'

He's Deadpool, he can away with it! And if he wants to hit on Velvet that's his funeral.

'phone talk'

Okay, X. You are tying things up for me so I am hanging up now. Bye!

'hangs up'

Okay and...Dang it, I'm out of time again. Oh well, good chapter and looking forward to the next one. And just so you know, X wants a lightsaber and a giant robot so don't be surprised if he calls you next.
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