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for GrimmFall: Wacky Races

12/5/2018 c9 Aztec 13
I like where this story is going, and I really am curious to see more of the cosmic side of the the grimmfall universe, can't wait for the next chapter please continue.
12/4/2018 c9 13ZAFT Convoy
Love your latest chapter again, and I hope you can continue writing for GrimmFall. :3 It doesn't have to be wacky races, you know. ;3 If you need ideas on what to do next, ask me or Titanic X~! :3
11/6/2018 c8 Aztec 13
I remember this old 90's cartoon call big guy and rusty I think this show can fit in this world like big guy was in a abandoned military facility now who finds him is Rex and agent six, the reason on why they are there is cause they were on a lead that they thought would lead them to van Kleiss but only to find big guy , now big guy could have been built to fight off the grimm , now why he was shut down is cause it was starting to much for it to point of breaking and it was getting expensive to repair him now big guys a pilot, when looking for clues about van kleiss Rex and agent six get attack by giant Grimm monsters during the fight Rex a accidentally fell inside big guy and turn him on by his nanites Rex repair and improve big guy and destroy the Grimm and took big guy to Phil who in turn show to major Glory will Big guy as part of his super team, what you think?
10/24/2018 c8 108Lord Maximus
Nice! I had wondering whether or not to add Megas XLR to the GrimmFall verse and I think you got it better than I would have done.

'I dig giant robots! You dig giant robots! We dig giant robots! Chicks dig giant robots! Nice!'

Considering Kiva's words does this mean the Grimm have somehow been eliminated in the future or perhaps she comes from an alternate time line. Hard to say since I had been toying with the whole time traveling and future concept myself. Looking forward to seeing more.



Hey, I just noticed X hasn't tried calling me again like he does in every other review-


Never mind.
10/23/2018 c8 nightmaster000
Brilliant absolutely brilliant and enjoyable chapter. :)
10/21/2018 c8 Aztec 13
This is going to be freaking awesome, megas xlr is coming that is going to be epic, and the biker mice and the metal maniacs fighting off the Grimm packs off but the main thing is that got my attention is at the beginning with Tezla something tells me this going to get crazy , please continue
10/21/2018 c8 13ZAFT Convoy
Nice! I love the shoutouts to Dimension O-000 and Omnimon as well! :3
9/23/2018 c7 108Lord Maximus
Hey, been meaning to write a review as soon as I saw but I got distracted a bit. I just like to say-

*Phone Rings*

Oh, not again!

*Answers phone*

Hello? What now, X? I know you sent the message, already so stop worrying I'm going to cut you. Huh? Don't spoil that!

Look Control Freak doesn't have to know, all right? Just show him his profile page on the wiki and he'll shut up. It's not my problem if he's worried the Titans are going to find him. Wait, he doesn't know about Raven?

Oh that's not going to end well. Especially when-No wait stop trying to make me spoil my story. Look, you want to make more of a cameo in the Wacky Races talk to Celestial Dragon who is covering it. No, I am not going ask if you could bring Deadpool along as a...singing partner?

I am hanging up now!

*Hangs up*

Sorry about that, X is really clingy. Anyways, nice chapter, look forward to more and if Deadpool asks you if he can make a cameo with X as a singing buddy just say no!
9/22/2018 c7 Aztec 13
This chapter is freaking awesome the team up between the metal maniacs and bikers mice is total epic and the foreshadowing at the beginning I love it please continue
9/22/2018 c7 nightmaster000
Another really enjoyable chapter, I loved the touch with seeing the Detentionaire characters as kids.

It seems Holger is having some kinda of prophec dreams/nightmare, but doesn't realize it. I do wonder the full meaning behind his dreams, i'm guessing the evil cat and snake man was a reference to the current arc in Dragon's rising though.

Great fight scenes for all these awesome Hunter, but the fighting ain't over yet.

Also very nice cameo appearance from Grim who it seems is well aware and really dislikes Gelorum.
sorry everyone had a TEENZY bit of a technical prob, *eyeing someone* but here is the link to the wikis if you wish to tag along and help. its just have spaces from each word and stuff : / grimmfall - fanfictin wikia com / wiki / GrimmFall _ Wiki
9/4/2018 c6 13ZAFT Convoy
Loved the shoutout to Omnimon! :3
9/4/2018 c6 Aztec 13
This chapter is awesome the Black Velvet from the loonatics Unleashed I wonder if they fallow her here, and the metal maniacs that is so freaking metal and finally MacArthur and Sanders from total drama, that is so awesome , please continue this awesome story
9/4/2018 c6 nightmaster000
Another excellent and brilliant chapter.

I really do still love the twist/idea of Black Velvet being a Fallen from the GrimmFall dimension. This makes me wonder if she'll have to deal with any of the Loonatics somehow ending up in the GrimmFall dimensions. Though she might actually jump at the chance for revenge and killing them.

Very nice touch with the apparent rivalry between Skarr and Velvet, it makes since that not all members of Sammaels faction will get along perfectly. There's bound to be some rivalry/dislike here and there with some members, if not outright hatred/disdain in some cases.

Very nice twist on the Police front including not only mobian Bogo from Zootopia, but also including rookie cops MacArthur and Sanders from Total drama. All very excellent touches to the story, and i'm curious if we'll see the two rookie partner play a good role in this story as it goes on.

Finally really do love what you've been doing with Control Freak in this story, as I think he's showing that he's come a long way in skill from his days of fighting the original/true Teen Titans. The new additions/alterations to his quad-saber are great, and i'm quite eager to learn what his Semblance will turn out to be.

Oh also very amusing authors note at the end, and I was honored for the shout out. :)
9/4/2018 c6 108Lord Maximus
Black Viper as a Fallen, huh? That can work and I like it.
Looking forward to more.
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