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8/30/2018 c5 Aztec 13
I have a new idea I was watching the voltron cartoon on Netflix and it got me thinking since you got heroes coming from earth, space and from other dimensions so why not have heroes come from other time, that's where voltron team comes in after fighting one of their villains that resulted in them time travel back in time but here's a both funny and awesome idea each member of the voltron team is a descendants to existing characters here on Earth in fact here's my idea on who's related pidge the green lion user who is the descendant coop the pilot of megas xlr , the rest of them you can decide on who their ancestors are , what you think?
8/23/2018 c5 Control Freak
"Yeah, good news I finally caught that transmission X, so checking it out now. Are you crying or something? Sheesh, must had another argument. Ok, no signs of a wiki but soon I will have one of my own page." Typing away as he was getting the picture clear, listening to some voices. "Wait... Those voices." Watches the transmission continue to clear and a female... Very familiar voice and felt the sweat drops on his head. " way... It can't be...!" Started seeing clear images. "THIS CAN'T BE!" Now the picture was clear and he just realised it was the Teen Titans, the ORIGINALS Titans.

(Can anyone hear us? We think we found a way back!)

The transmission ended and left the villain paled and eyes widened, gulps and picks the phone up to call X. Hey...X, that warning you told me?yep. I got it. And I am so busted." Spoke in a high pitched voice as he was terrified. Started to freak out as its been years since he last fought the true Titans before he accidently rebooted it. "Ok, nothing to be panicked about. So long as they are they are in their own world and I'm HERE then I shouldn't have anything to worry about... Right?"
8/23/2018 c5 107Lord Maximus
Nice job. Things look like they are really starting to-

'phone rings'

Oh hang on. 'answers phone'

Hello? Oh hey, X. You sent the message right? So Control Freaks knows about her?

What do you mean 'not sure'? Does he know or not? All birds have eyes you lunatic! What does Deadpool even have to do with this?!

Never mind Deadpool, this is not about Deadpool. Look if the broadcast isn't cleaned up yet just do a little more work! Stop complaining or I'll have TOM cut you from the story.

...Fine, I am sorry. Please stop crying, I didn't mean it. Look, just try one more time to that idiot know that the Titans might be back and one of them has arrived, all right? Okay, bye.

Sorry about that, X gets emotional. So, nice chapter and hope to see more in the future.
8/23/2018 c5 Aztec 13
the cameos in this chapter are awesome Nigma Academy the mention of Chris McLean being a teacher that is going to fun to read , and the mention of San fransokyo that means big hero six is coming , motor city the biker mice from Mars team up with the burners and finally coop is here o hope to see megas in action please continue
8/23/2018 c5 nightmaster000
Awesome and epic chapter.

I have to admit I do wonder if Control Freak will end up running into Raven later on in the GrimmFall verse. She'd certainly be surprised how much more skilled/competent he's gotten, but would still want to send him to a nightmare world once she find's out the horror he turned their dimension into.

Anyway really awesome twist with making A. Nigma High from Detentionaire a minor hunter school. Been a while since I thought of that show, but it was a favorite of mine when it was running. Though it seems MWF don't have as much monoply/power in this Earth/Dimension as they do in the original one. Which is both a good thing, but could also spell trouble as that could make them sneakier in hiding their actions from dangerous enemies, while also making them more determined to achieve their goals.

As always really enjoying all the cameos that are appearing in this story, for example Team Possible's appearance this chapter was great. It seems the fact Control Freak has no records of any kind in this world, has caught Wade's attention/notice. I wonder how he'd react if he found out Control Freak is from a entirely different dimension.

The mention of Dracon and Omnimon has me curious if we'll see them make cameo's in this story as well?

Kinda of bummed I haven't been able to send or come up with any possible ideas to send your way, like I have for other GrimmFall story writers. Though if it helps I do have a idea for two potential enemies that could give our Wacky Racers some trouble in the story.

The first is the Demon Racer Inferno from Scooby Doo and WWE Curse of the Speed Demon. Though unlike in the movie Inferno could be a actually undead demon. Where in life he was a ruthless rogue hunter and racers, who's only goal was to show was to become the most feared racers known. He could have sold his soul to certain dark forces, which is how he's become the twisted demon Inferno.

The second possible enemy is if you have Satyra appear in the story, or attack the race. Than maybe Blue Monkey from Ape Escape could be one of the agents that are attacking the racers.

Another option are the Babylon Rogues from Sonic, who in GrimmFall dimension could be either members of Satyra as well. Or a wanted team of rogue hunters and mercenaries that are hired to help in a plan and attack.
8/23/2018 c5 29Titanic X
Wow! That was unexpected, seeing a shoutout to my fic! :D Thanks, Celestial! :D And I love the chapter as well! :)
8/23/2018 c4 nightmaster000
Embarrassed to admit I missed this chapter's update when it was put up. But all the same still a brilliant and enjoyable chapter. :)
8/21/2018 c4 X the Eliminator
Hello? Control Freak, you little wacko are you there? I got news for ya! There’s a broadcast streaming the Sky Web and it looks like-static- are back!

You better run man because when they get their hands on you they are going to kick -static- all over the multi-verse. Consider this pay back for the breakout in dimensional prison. Good luck.

...He got the whole message right?
8/5/2018 c4 Control Freak
So what do you losers think of my dramatic entrance? Awesome huh? And for your information LORD Maxi, he was referring to me! If none of you noticed he was partly responsible for the outbreak. Which was not what I saw coming after being saved by one of my favourite comic book heroes! I even got a costume I wore in a comic con. *pulls out a photo of him in a Deadpool costume* and the fight between him and Cable, awesome! *showing stars in his eyes*

So, let's just say I oh him a favour when he somehow got wind of the device, still can't remember who after that virtual fight with TOM, maybe it was from that six fingered old geezer.

Besides what are you guys gonna do, send the Titans? Oh wait, they're not here a and stuck as those lmao versions by me! hahahaha- *stopped and picked his phone up.* hello? Oh hey! Yeah, yeah, besides talk to ya guys on tex later got a job to do.

See ya *blows a raspberry before signing off*
8/4/2018 c4 107Lord Maximus
Come on Dragon! Kick Deadpool's butt! And tell him I don't owe him anything after he tried to...Well, you know. Anyways nice work on the chapter, looking forward to more and tell Deadpool if he comes near me again I'll chain him to an old tank and blow it up and dump his remains into a shredder. See if you can grow back from that, Wade!
8/3/2018 c4 Aztec 13
That mention of total drama at the start of the chapter was awesome I hope that was foreshadowing for more things to come like this world Chris McCain is some kind crime lord or even funnier a hunter teacher at one of the hunter schools I can imagine how he's scarring the students lives who I hope are the distance contestants from all seasons including the spin- off the ridonculous race, anyway Limburger is planning to get the Jewel of Neptune using the racers and having control freak hack the cameras and security systems which will cause the Grimm to attack the Stadium but the real mystery is that message at the end who is sending it and where are they, please continue
5/13/2018 c3 Lord Maximus
An excellent new chapter. Love the cameo scenes and the start of the race. I imagine you got plenty of action coming up and I am excited to see it.

Love it and hope to see more.
5/13/2018 c3 nightmaster000
Another brilliant chapter. I really like the twist with bringing in the Acceleracers been a long time since I've even thought of that show. But I think it would fit great with this story.

Also I hope you had a very Happy Birthday. :)
3/24/2018 c2 Atom king
I got a idea that is epic or wacky, megas xlr alright I know technically Mega's is a giant robot but it has a car for head , I think you make work, what you think?
3/19/2018 c2 nightmaster000
Another great chapter.

I really enjoyed the cameos from our cartoon characters/heroes from GrimmFall. I'm curious what other cameos will appear in the story as it goes on both good, evil, and in between.

I also enjoyed Control Freak's introduction, i'm curious to see what part he will play as the story goes on.
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